Bankfield Children's Home


The opening of Bankfield Children's Home was part of the Lancashire County Council's Children's Committee's work in the aftermath of the Second World War to close it's large institutions for children and replace them with smaller, more 'homely' children's homes.


Bankfield, opened inthe early 1950s, could accommodate 28 children.


The home was situated in Ainsworth and had been a boarding school before becoming a children's home in 1952 with Mr and Mrs Kinmont as the live-in houseparents. They were followed by Mrs Haigh and Mr and Mrs Booth.


Ainsworth is between Bury and Bolton.


It appears that the home closed in the late 1960s. 


We've had this following message from a former resident:


"I was in a childrens home called Bankfield in Ainsworth near Bolton along with my brother and sisters. It was in the mid 60s I think, and was run by Mr and Mrs Booth. It was run very well -we had lots of holidays and nice memories. Have been trying to get any more information on it. It's now a old people's home"


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Does anyone know who to approach for former residents to apply for their case files? Please let us know.


There is a website dedicated to the home at [external site]