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We have had lots of messages recently from people looking for a children's home on the internet that simply dont seem to exist.


We want to be able to help so, if you are looking for a home you cannot find, please email us as much as you know, and we will put it on this page. We get thousands of visitors to the site each week so hopefully, someone will know about the places being searched for.


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Colebrook Row, Islington


Ally is trying to trace her great grandfather's roots. He was one of those sent to Canada under the British Home Child scheme. She knew from the Census records that he was in a home in Islington in 1901. We are thinking that this was probably a home run by the Parish on Colebrook Row as part of the workhouse provision. What we are now looking for on Ally's behalf is the records from this home at this time. has anyone managed to track them down?



Childrens Home in Dorney, near Windsor and Lockeridge in Wiltshire


Barbara has contacted looking for these two places. Specifically, she would very much like to know where there might be any surviving records:


A. Children’s Home operated at Dorney, near Windsor, Bucks 1920’s. Privately managed and premises rented from the Palmer family owned Dorney Court of the area.  It may have been referred to as the Dorney Children’s Home, or Children’s Home Dorney.


B. Children’s Home operated from South Farm, West Overton, Lockeridge, near Marlborough, Wiltshire 1915-1923. Housed illegitimates from London. Privately operated and managed.


Both institutions were run as charitable purposes and I am told were free from the Infant Protection Act because of this.


A Committee in London managed the operations of these institutions.


I have been searching for 30 years trying to find records from these homes as my father was a resident in both of them.


He was subsequently emigrated to Australia under the child emigration scheme and died not knowing who he was – due to lack of proper recordkeeping.













Nazareth House, Newcastle upon Tyne


We've had a message asking about this home for someone who was there in the 1970s. Does anyone have any memories of what it was like there? Has anyone been successful in getting their records of their own time in the home?




Derby School for the Deaf


We've had this message from Brenda. Does anyone know this school?


"I've been doing my family history for some years and accessed the website trying to find some information of the Derby School for the Deaf, my Grandmother worked there in the early 1900s"

Holly Bush Children's Home, Hampton

Denham Children's Home, South Bucks


"My father's mother and father went to prison when he was about two years old. He keeps saying he was in Holly Bush children's home but when we try to do any surch or find old pictures we don't get anything. As my fathers parents could not be law abiding people he spent rest of his child hood in this holly bush children's home then went on to denham children's home. Do you know what the holly bush home would have been called and what schools the children who went there and to denham would have been called? Thank you." 




Surrey Roman Catholic children's homes


Does anyone know of any Roman Catholic children's homes in Surrey in 1917, run by nuns?




Monks Barn, Caversham
Oakfields, Wokingham
Murray House, Wokingham


Just for a change, we have homes to add to our site, rather than someone looking for them.

"I would like to add three homes to your list.
"Monks Barn which was in Caversham/Reading - this was a nursey home. There is a estate there now. Oakfields, Barkham Rd,Wokingham - this closed in about 1956 and became a home for the elderly. The building is still there. I was there from about 1953 to 1956 and was then moved around the corner to Murray House,Oxford Rd,Wokingham. This too eventually closed and became a home for the elderly." Many thanks!


Hornsey Institution



"Hi, I'm trying to find out about a place in Florence Road Hornsey London England that had a lot of young girls including a relative of mine, that seemed to be a training institution for Domestic Service. 

My relative was an orphan aged 10, and on the Census return for 1891, it had at least ten girls from the age of 5 to 17. The parents died poor so I'm an assuming that it must have been a public institution. Can you help me find records for this place? Thank you"





Dewsbury Open Air School


"My mother went to an open air school somewhere near Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, in the late 1920s/early 1930s. Do you know where this school was? She had TB."


Note: There was Moorlands Open Air Special School in Dewsbury which was certainly there in the 1930s and 1940s. I wonder if this is the one.

The National Archives hold some papers about it:

And there is also this article ( about the land.


London County Council Residential School

LCC Residential School, Essex


"My Mum was born about 1920 and her Baptism Cert states she was baptised in 1932 at Chipping Ongar with her abode as LCC Residential School. Would there have been one near where she was baptised and what actually is an LCC Residential School?
Any help would be much appreciated."


It is likely that LCC stands for London County Council which ran many schools and homes. Does anyone have any information about this one in or near Chipping Ongar? 






Marple Home, Station Road


"Do you have any info on a private children's home in Marple Cheshire from 1938 thru 1940s ( the time my father was there).
I believe it was called Sandra on Station Road


Milton House, Bournemouth

Suffolk House, Bournemouth

Mount Stephen House, Tiverton


We are looking for any information on these places, understood to be children's homes, particularly in the time periods given:


Milton House, 53 Wellington Rd, Bournemouth 1949 - 1951
Suffolk House, Suffolk Road, Bournemouth c. 1955-6
Mountstephen House, nr Uffculme, Cullompton, Tiverton, Deveon 1955-57


Penylan, Cardiff


"My mother has told me about a place she calls "Penylan training home, Cardiff". She recalls that she went there before she started primary school, so this would be sometime around 1938. However, she is now 82 and a bit forgetful, and may be getting her dates wrong, but never forgets the same name of the establsihment. She could have been there any time between birth and aged 16, so 1935 - 1951."



Group Home 30, Manchester
Royle Green Nursery, Manchester


"I would like to know about two places I was in, that I just cannot trace. One was called Group Home number 30, the other place was called Royle Green Nursery. Assuming both places were in Manchester because everything else was in Manchester area. I just cannot find any info at all about these places, can you help please?"



Unknown children's home, Irvine


Jane asks: "I am wondering if you have any details of a childrens home that was in irvine in scotland in 1966/7? Do you have any information about the possible name and whether any records from that time have survived. I have no idea where to start in seeing if records still exist. Any help would be fab."




Grove House, Harrogate


"Hi, i hope you can help, ive tried to find information on a childrens home in West Derby Liverpool called Grove House. I do know it has been pulled down. If you could you help me it would be fantastic."