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Posted on 10th December, 2013

A request has come in for any information about St Mary's Home, Tudhoe Village, Spennymoor and St Joseph's Home (for RC girls) Carmel Road, Darlington. Can anyone help?


Please comment below or email


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Darlington Town Centre (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Darlo_town_centre.JPG)


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Myself my twin sister and 3 other sisters were in St Joseph's orphanage about 1962 while our mom give birth to our baby sister I remember at the time there was another set of twins but can't remember their names ... I loved being in that home but my twin sister hated it ..but I was upset at the nuns as they separated from our younger sisters but after 3 days they let us all together after they had cut all our baby sisters hair off it was all curly she cried for days they didn't separate us any more !!!!
I was born in 1956: My sister (RosieGray) and I were moved from Nazareth House Newcastle to St Joseph's circa 1958 I eventually went to St Joseph's in East Finchley at the age of 11 just before the home closed and I spent the night in the empty home as a stopping off point to spend the holidays with Rosie at St Vincent's home in Newcastle... which is now the catholic care offices for the diocese.

I am mid way through my autobiography which reflects both the cruelty and the good funny memories I still have.
Hi, I was there from 1957-1960
I was there from 1957-1960
Hello Joanne,

My mam is Ann Roy and she was in St Joseph's from 1948 - 1958 - perhaps your mum knew her? You can contact us via the website we made about the home (www.stjosephshomedarlington.weebly.com) or carolmasip@gmail.com

My mother went to st Joseph's from 1942 - 1955 approx.
She often talked about how cruel the nuns were and how she was kept away from her brothers
hi I was in st josephs home darlinghton 1960 to 61 then returned 63 to 1965 there were 4 of us sisters what year were you in wendy our surname then was Nolan thanks margaret
I was in St. Joseph,s for 3yrs & absolutely loved every minute of it.It gave me a great start. I was 11.
Was in this terrible home for 7 years. What I remember, among many other things eas although my two brothers were in st? Marys home for boys, which was only a bus ride away I never saw my two brothers . They are both dead now. I am 76 years old. Please, if anyone knew themother
Ould you please e mail me at menzelirene@gmail.com I live now in usa thankyou inadvanceby the way their names were sydney (changed to vincent and thomas