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Posted on 15th January, 2014

Since the beginning of November 2013, Google Analystics has been running on this site so that we can see how many people are visiting the site and which pages they are looking at (that is all we can see - we cannot see or store any personal information). We hope that this information will ultimately help to develop the site according to what the visitors want.


Although it is early days, the analysis is already proving interesting. One interesting finding is that the most popular search is for Nazareth House. There are currently two pages on the site about Nazareth House (one general and one for Nazareth House in Hammersmith). Of all our unique page visitors since the start of November, 5% are going to these pages. The next most visited children's home page is that for Fazakerley Cottage Homes which saw 2% of our visitors.


So, in just two and a bit months the Nazareth House pages have been visited nearly a thousand times. I wonder why so many people are looking for information about these particular homes? The answer could, of course, simply be the coverage and longevity of the Nazareth Houses.


Whatever the reason for all the visitors, I hope that our pages have provided visitors with the information they are looking for.


The Nazareth Houses page

Nazareth House, Hammersmith page

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