Cyril Smith abuse allegations

Posted on 15th April, 2014

Cyril Smith


The Daily Mail is currently serialising a book (Smile For The Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith by Simon Danczuk and Matthew Baker) about the abuse allegations against Cyril Smith, the former Liberal MP. In the latest extract, abuse at Knowl View - a residential school in Rochdale for children with learning disabilties - is discussed and victims tell their stories.


Knowl View opened in 1969 and was closed in 1994 when it was demolished.


In a story echoing that of Jimmy Savile, it was only after Cyril Smith died in 2010, that abuse allegations (relating back to events in the 1960s) were investigated. Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service both found that Cyril Smith should have been charged with these crimes. One of the places in which these crimes were said to have been commited according to the BBC was a children's home in Rochdale called Cambridge House - a privately-run hostel.


The allegations against Cyril Smith are undoubtedly horrific and it must be devasting for the victims that Cyril Smith was not brought to justice before he died despite three investigations.


I have chosen not to use Smith's 'sir' title here.

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