Other children's institutions


There are many other types of institution meant for children which have been developed over the years. The following list has been put together primarily to assist those researching their family trees who discover, through Census rescords and other documentation, relatives in particular types of institution.

If you are not sure in which category the home you are looking for might fall, try our search facility.

> Working boys' homes



> Service girls' homes


> Reformatory schools


> Industrial schools


> Orphanages


> Open Air Schools


> Charity-run institutions


> Convalescent, holiday homes & homes for sick children


> Miscellaneous homes:


Church Missionary Home, Limpsfield


Middlemore Emigration Homes, Birmingham


Nazareth House - there were many Nazareth Houses throughout the UK


If you would like to add information about other homes, please just let us know.