Secondhand books about children's homes



As books about children's homes can be hard to find, I thought I would make available some of those that I have collected.

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Each book listed is in good condition.





Workhouses of the Midlands


Peter Higginbotham's detailed history of workhouses in central England. A great reference for anyone interesting in the workhouses of the time. 



ISBN 978-07524-4488-8

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A Place for us: a study of a children's home and children who have lived there


The story of Mill Grove children's home and mission, which ran from 1899 until 1975 in Woodford in London. Written in 1976, this is a detailed history, published by the home itself, which includes a few photos.



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The stolen children - their stories


This is a very powerful collection of stories of people

who were affected by the forced separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families in Australia.


The book results from the Report of the National Enquiry

which was publishd in the late 1990s.


ISBN: 978-0-09-183689-1

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