Searching for family


It is a desperately sad fact that some people who went into children's homes experienced separation from their immediate family - separation from mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who stayed in the family home, and even separation from siblings who also went into care. For some this separation was temporary, for others, it was permanent and they were never to see their families again.

I am delighted that this site has been helpful for some people finding their lost family members. It is my hope that this page may help more people reunite with those they have lost.






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Are you looking for someone? 


While the search for a lost family member is very difficult, particularly when children's names were changed through adoption or details such as the names of children'shomes have been forgotte, this site has proved that sometimes even hopeless cases can bring some joy.

If you are looking for someone, please send us some details - such as a family surname and a locaton so that someone who is looking for you, might recognise themselves.

Please be careful that you don't give so many details that the person is immediately recognisable as they may not want their story to be made public.


Please add your appeal to our page


Harry's Story


The first step in looking for lost family members when children have been taken into care is to request your own care records. There are times when these may offer some clues...


A few years ago, I was contacted by Harry who knew nothing about his family and believed he was the only one left.

It is amazing what he discovered within the leather-bound covers of an old worn-out, handwritten book.

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I am sharing just few stories here on this page as I believe sharing information helps to learn about the impact of separating families and
the efforts needed to have any hope at all of reuniting people.

The stories are real but some of the identifying details have been changed as not all people what their stories
to be made public.


If you would also like to share your story here to help others, please email me at


Please come back. I'm still working on this page. More memories will be added soon. Thank you.