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A warm welcome to the Former Children's Homes website. Having started in 2011, this is the first dedicated encyclopaedia of life in former children's homes and orphanages. 


Over the years, thousands and thousands of children spent time in these homes and yet we know very little about what life was like for them.

The idea of this site is to share our memories and our family history research to build up a picture of what life was really like for people in children's homes so you are very welcome to contribute any information and photographs to the site and, of course, please feel free to tell us when we have got something wrong. This is a complicated topic and we may very well make mistakes.


We've just had our millionth visitor!! Many thanks to everyone who has supported the site


Gudrun Jane Limbrick




Having had lots of messages from people recently asking how they can locate their care records, I have sought details from every council in England, Scotland and Wales, and come have up with a list of how to contact each one.


It is a huge task so I am still working on it but it will be finished soon. I promise!


The Scotland list is up and running - you can find it here

England and Wales is near completion here.




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This site has grown and grown and is now loaded with information.


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Did you know?


Jelly babies were created by Fryers of Lancashire in 1864. They weren't known as jelly babies then but were called 'Unclaimed Babies' after the orphaned and abandoned infants which were all too common at the time. 


Whats new?





Details of about a hundred children's homes
in Birmingham just added.






The Smack Boys Home added





A new experimental section about helping
people to contact family members
they lost through their time in care





A School photo from Josiah Masons Orphanage
just added





Limpsfield Grange memories added


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