Church Missionary Society Children's Home, Limpsfield

Also known as St Michael's


This was not a children's home for children in need in the traditional sense but a home to which Christian missionaries working abroad could send their children. The home, set up by the Church Missionary Society, enabled the children of missionaries to get an education in England which was considered important to the Society.


A contemporary description of the home is given below:

"One of the great ties between married missionaries and the Home Base is their children, whom they have probably had to send home to be reared in a better climate and for education. It is for those that the Children’s Home was founded in 1850 by means of a part of the Jubilee Fund. After many years at Highbury, it was moved in 1887 to a large new building on the Surrey Hills at Limpsfield, partly provided by the generous kindness of Mr and Mrs Wigram. It has proved a blessing indeed to hundreds of boys and girls, not a few of whom have followed their parents’ steps to the mission field. It now has a name of its own, St Michael’s."

Source: Eugene Stock, Church Missionary Society, 1916.