Countesthorpe Cottage Homes 


These cottage homes were opened in 1884 in Countesthorpe, Blaby, Leicestershire, not far south of Leicester itself.


A couple of interesting recorded interviews about the homes can be found on the Leicester Villages site. Mr Gregory, recalling his time in the homes from 1916, remembers there being 11 cottages (homes no. 1 to 5 for boys, and no. 7 to 11 for girls). Each home housed between 15 and 20 children. As well as the cottages, there was also an infirmary on site and two farms on which the children did some work.


Some of the pictures and plans held by the County Council can be found here.



We are very grateful to Paul Shipman for adding the following information:


"Originally (1884) there there were ten Cottages. A further Cottage was added 1886 and the school building was enlarged. There were plans for an Infant Cottage but it was never built. The drawings are in the record office. The Infirmary and Isolation Block were built 1892, the original wooden design was turned down by the LGB. Two semi-detached cottages for the Head Schoolmaster and Engineer were built in 1914. A 1914 cottage later became the Infant Cottage No. 12."


The homes closed in 1972.



The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland holds some records including, for the years 1885 to 1972, committee papers; accounts; medical records; diaries; diet, log and punishment books.