Fazakerley Cottage Homes, Longmoor Lane

 To the left of the photo can be seen the central hall, the site also had schools, swimming baths, an infirmary and workshops.

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Fazakerley Cottage Homes


These cottage homes in Liverpool were built in 1888 and opened on 27th March 1889 by the West Derby Union. They continued to function as children's homes until, according to archive records, 1964.


Fazakerley is an area near to University Hospital Aintree, to the north of Liverpool.


There were 24 cottages in the complex each of which could house up to 25 children - a grand total of 600 children. At the top of the drive was a large clock tower. At some point, perhaps in the 1950s, the cottages were no longer known by their numbers but were given names after flowers or plants - perhaps suggested by what was growing in their gardens[1].

A quote from a former resident of the cottage homes (from the Liverpool History Society blog[2]:



"I was in the Fazakerley Cottage Homes in about 1961 or 1962. It was the first time my siblings and I had been away from our parents. My mother was ill in hospital and my father couldn't cope with us. I was 7 or 8 at the time and I was placed there with my brother and two sisters. We were looked after by two old ladies (I can't remember their names) who were very strict. I had a birthday shortly after being sent there, they did a bit of a special tea for me, but we were not allowed to talk at the table, we ate in silence. I remember my brother being sick because they made him eat tinned spaghetti which he hated, then they shouted at him for being sick! Then said "he couldn't have his cake either" as punishment. I remember being forced to wear shoes that were way too small for me as they didn't have any to fit me, and they wouldn't buy any, as the place was due to be closed. I subsequently ended up with deformed toes (hammer toes, I think they're called).The only positive memory I have of the Homes is that one of the ladies taught me to embroider. I used to sit at her feet while she taught me different stiches."

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We are grateful to the Liverpool Record Office for the following information and documentation:


The Fazakerley Cottage Homes records consist of admission registers (352 SOC 1). There are no case papers available.

The registers are closed (ie. cannot be viewed by the general public) after 1912 owing to the Data Protection Act but those wishing for information can obtain it through the Record Office either for themselves (subject access) or for some one else (third party presuming the subject is deceased) for a fee. After 1912 (i.e. 100 years) the search is done by Record Office staff and a transcript is provided of the information.


Before 1912 the registers are “open” and anyone can look at them by appointment.

The Record Office is currently in temporary premises owing to the reconstruction of the central library which should be re-opening in 2013 (see the website for details at www.liverpool.gov.uk and follow the links to libraries and archives).


For general information about accessing cottage homes  records please see our page on this.

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