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Hessle Cottage Homes


Hessle Cottage Homes were opened in 1897 on Hull Road, Hessle. Hessle is west of Hull, by the Humber Bridge.


They initially had 99 places in several cottages and took in ‘all children between the ages of 3 and 16 to whom the guardians grant Institutional Relief.’


While we know very little about these homes, we do know (from memories recorded by the Care Leavers' Association) that they were still functioning in 1962 but probably closed soon after that.




Most records from the homes have not survived. Details of those that do exist can be found here - a copy of Tyson’s collection of letters relating to incidents at the homes, entitled Hessle Cottage Homes (L.362.73).



We are grateful to the Hull History Centre for all the information on this page.