Marston Green Cottage Homes in the late 19th century


Marston Green Cottage Homes 

aka Birmingham Union Cottage Homes


Three sets of cottage homes were built in what is now Birmingham, Marston Green Cottage Homes were the first, built in 1879 by Birmingham Union. When the complex opened in the following year, there were 14 cottages - seven for girls and seven boys. Each cottage housed around 30 children which made for a potential total of 420 children. A school, workshops, an infirmary and a swmming pool were also included.


In later years four more cottage homes, a church and an assembly hall were added.


In 1930, the cottage homes at Marston Green, along with those at Erdington and Shenley Fields, came under the control of Birmingham Council and it was decided that all three were not needed. As a result Marston Green was closed in 1933.


While most of the buildings have been demolished, a few still exist. The lodge, the chapel and two or three of the cottages now form part of Pinewood Business Park on Coleshill Road.


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