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The Sisters of Nazareth (also known as the Poor Sisters of Nazareth), was a Catholic order founded by Victoire Larmenier (later Mother St Basil) in 1851. By 1878, there were eight homes for homeless children and poor elderly people. Other Nazareth Houses followed.


The homes for children in this country have, as far as I know, closed but some are still in use as homes for elderly people, and area of work which the Sisters of Nazareth still focus on.


This page listes the former Nazareth House Orphanges and Children's Homes that I know about, there are others.


If you know of any other Nazareth Houses for children that I have missed, or you have information and memories (or corrections) about the ones listed, please let me know. Thank you.





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Nazareth House, Lenton, Nottingham

- Demolished 2005

- Some photos are available at The Lenton Times



Nazareth House, Bishop Street, Derry

- Opened in 1880

- News item about its closure in 2000 (when it was perhaps caring for adults?)



Nazareth House, Upand Road, Selly Park

- Established 1910

- In 1954, it moved moved to Rednal

Nazareth Convent and Children’s Home, Lickey Road, Rednal

- There was apparently a shetland pony called Christmas presented by Chipperfield Circus

- You could hear the hum of the Austin factory all night long including the steam shunting engines in the goods yard

- The convent has been demolished and a housing estate is where it stood



Nazareth House, Kilmarnock

- Still going in the 1970s



Nazareth House, Bristol

- Opened 1920s. Closed 1970



Nazareth House, Cheltenham

- Opened 1920s. Closed 1965



Nazareth House, Claremont Street, Aberdeen



Nazareth House,Park Road North, Middlesborough

- Anne Fothergill has written a book called Memoirs of a Nazareth House Girl. I haven't been able to find the publisher but it seems to be available on Amazon and it also featured in the Northern Echo.

Memories and pictures can be found on the Gazette site.




Nazareth House, Gasking Street, Plymouth

- Moved to East Stonehouse in 1931 (building officially opened in 1932)

- Accommodated about 70 girls

- Moved to Elfordleigh Manor during WWII

- In 1971, a new orphanage was built next door to the old one.

- the place has now been completely rebuilt and is run as a care home for adults.



Nazareth House, Great Crosby

Nazareth House, Woolton Road, Liverpool



Nazareth House, Isleworth

- Establishd 1892 at Isleworth House

- Photos here on a history forum.



Nazareth House, Claremont Street, Aberdeen



Nazareth House, Lickey Rd, Rednal, Worcs

Apparently, there was a Shetland pony there called Christmas presented by Chipperfield Circus .The Convent has been demolished to make way for a new housing estate.



Nazareth House, Rectory Rd/Cowley Road corner, Oxford

- Established 1875

- Did this accommodate children as well as elderly people?




Nazareth House, North Road, Blackweir, Cardiff

National Archives hold some records on this Nazareth House

Nazareth House, St David's Convent, Cardiff






Manor Hill, Prenton (we understand it was still open in the early 1980s)




We have received this message (please undertake your own checks before making contact, we are not able to do so):"

"We have set up a Facebook group and managed to connect with many other children who were resident with my sister and I at the Southend on Sea Essex Nazareth House children's home and wondered if you would be able to put a link on your site for the group so that we can find other children there with us
thank you 



There was also:



Nazareth House, Newcastle upon Tyne

Nazareth House, Plymouth

Nazareth House, Swansea

Nazareth House, Scholes Lane, Manchester

Nazareth House, Sunderland

Nazareth House, Glasgow

Nazareth House, Midlothian

Nazareth House, Lasswade

Nazareth House, Aberdeen

Nazareth House, Cardonald

Nazareth House, Lasswade

Nazareth House, Kilmarnock

Nazareth House, London Rd, Westcliffe, Southend-on-Sea

Nazareth House, Dousland Road, Dousland, Devon

Nazareth House, Lancaster

NazarethHouse, Wrexham

Nazareth House, Bexhill on Sea

Nazareth House, Great Crosby

Nazareth House, Lawrence Road, Portsmouth

Nazareth House, Cheltenham

Nazareth House, Ditton, Widnes

Nazareth House, Wavertree

Nazareth House, Prestwich

Nazareth House, Richmond Road, London

Nazarteh House, London Road, London 

Nazareth House, Leicester Road, Northampton

Nazareth House, Aberdeen

Nazareth, Upland Rd, Selly Park, Birmingham

Nazareth House, Lickey Rd, Rednal, Worcs


The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has heard testimonies about abuse in Nazareth Houses orphanages in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Ayrshire and Midlothian. This BBC report tells very upsetting summaries of some statements:



Other articles about allegations of abuse at Nazareth Houses:

1998 Independent article

2003 Guardian article

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If you are looking for records of your time in a Nazareth House, please try, in the first instance, the Sisters of Nazareth HQ -


The archivist there is Christine Hughes To make any request about records, you will need to pu your request in writing to her at:

Sisters of Nazareth ArchiveNazareth House

169-175 Hammersmith Road

London W6 8DB.


I have heard mixed reports about the sorts of records they have kept. If you have experience of applying for your records from them, please let me know so that we can let others know what they might expect.


We have received this message from H who was looking for records from her time at Nazareth House in Bristol:

"Hi. I was in Nazareth House Bristol in 1960 prior to being adopted. I applied 2 years ago to Nazareth House Hammersmith for my records and they told me they had no records of me at all. However I tried the Catholic Children's Society Diocese of Clifton and they had all my records. So this information might help others in the same position."





These memories have been sent in by visitors to ths website. We have had to remove some details to avoid individuals being identified.


Nazareth House, Stoke Bishop, Bristol
"During the 60s I was a member of the City of Bristol Young Farmers' Club. In 1965 we arranged with the nuns at Nazareth House, Bristol to take 20 children to the seaside for the afternoon.

"We would collect the children after lunch and drive them, 2 or 3 to a car to Berrow Sands. Most were aged between 5 & 10 although a few were younger than this. I don't think any had seen the sea and sand before so many of the children made a dash for the sea fully clothed. we gave them a picnic lunch, drinks, ice creams, made sand castles and played games.

"We all enjoyed it and I like to think we gave them a happy day out that they would remember. We didn't know their surnames and I only remember a few of the christian names, I do have 2 or 3 photos.
"It was so successful that it became a regular event for the next 3 yrs, normally held the first Sunday in August."


Nazareth House, Lancaster


"I was raised by the Sisters of Nazareth at Lancaster. They don't care for children there any more but care for the elderly. I believe that they have a day care centre for children as well. My twin and I were put in the care of the nuns when we ere wee babies until we were 17 years old when we left Engand to live in Australia. We were very lucky as we were well cared for and had a good life with the Sisers of Nazareth and a very stable upbringing to which I am very grateful for to this day. Just recently I visited one of the nuns who raised my twin and I at Lancaster. She was ever so thilled to see me a I was thrilled to see her. To me, the sisters of Nazareth did a wonderful job and gave up so much to look after all the children, What would my twin and I and all the other children have done and what woiuld have happened if it hadn't been for the sisters of Nazareth? I will always love the Sisters that cared for myself and my twin.


Nazareth House, Swansea


My name is Peter and I have a twin sister. We are 57 years old and have been in the United States since 3 years old. My Mom told us we were born in Cardiff in 1961 and then came to the US. All of our life we thought our mom had us in England where she met our father during WW2. But what we found out 7 years ago changed all that. Our Mom told us we were adopted from Nazareth House on Swansea and from that point on we started searching for records. My twin sister contacted the Nazareth House in London and I then contacted the Bishop Brown House in Cardiff and spoke with a case worker and they said that they had a lot of information on my adoption. Through this, we found a brother we never knew we had who had been searching for us for over 45 years. He told us we had another brother and two more sisters. There are 6 of us all together 4 of them are in England and myself a twin sister are in the U.S.



Narareth House, Birkenhead


I was adopted from Nazareth House Birkenhead in 1959. My mother and father adopted seven children. At the time the head sister was Mother Frances and a priest called Canon MC Huge. My father setup flag selling for the orphanage three times a year for years in Birkenhead and Liverpool. I remember the orphanage very well and often think about it as I used to stay there while my family and friends went flag selling.



Nazareth House, Liverpool


My mother lived in Nazareth House in Liverpool from 1917-1924. She always remembered her time there as a period of great joy. She particularly spoke of Sr Mary Peter with great affection due to being taught the Catholic Faith so well by her.


Nazareth House, Dousland


I was put into the above orphanage back in 1952 at the age of 3 years old.  I have never forgotten the experience for the time I was in there. I would like to know more as to why I was there.