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Newland Cottage Homes


Newland Cottage Homes differ from most of the other cottage homes on this site as they were not established by one of the poor law unions and they were open only to a very specific group of beneficiaries.


The cottage homes were actually established and run by a philanthropic organisation, The Sailors' Orphan Institute. Started in 1837, the Institute ran a number of smaller establishments for the orphans of sailors but decided to build cottage homes in 1893. By the turn of the twentieth century the cottage homes were operational. The homes were built on Cottingham Road in Kent.


There were twelve homes in all arranged around a large square green together with other buildings including the St Nicholas' School and the Joseph Rank Sanatorium.


During the Second World War, the population of the cottage homes reached a peak of 360 children.


In the years since the War, fostering has taken precedence over residential care and the function of the cottage homes has gradually changed. The buildings of the cottage homes were finally sold in around 2006.


We are indebted to the Sailors' Children's Society for the information about Newland.


We have received this memory from Gillian:

"I can remember coming to visit my Great Aunt Miss Hannah Austrin who worked at Newland for some time. I would be grateful for any information regarding her employment. I do remember I think that she was awarded on MBE for her work there."


Hannah Pickard funded one of the buildings in the orphanage in 1895 and it was named after her - Hannah Pickards House.




The Sailors' Children's Society have sent their old records to the Hull History Centre for safe keeping, if anyone would like to access details they can contact them directly on


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