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St Patrick's Open Air School


This was a Roman Catholic Open Air which was open from at least the 1930s, possibly earlier. It was based on Beach Road, Hayling Island (an island off the south coast of England, in the borough of Havant) and seems to have had a convent associated with it. It certainly had a chapel - a model of the stained glass frontage of the chapel was on display for a time at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre in Havant (


The Open Air School closed in 1972 and the buildings have since been demolished. The photograph above shows the entrance to the School off Beach Road when it was still open.




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Do have memories of St Patrick's Open Air School? We'd love to learn more about it.


We have been sent these memories from Simon: "Your site mentions the open air school in Hayling Island - I have today been talking to my Mum who attended there for her health at the age of seven or eight. She has very strong memories of the nuns who looked after them and of the fire in which the school was destroyed resulting in the death of Mother Superior and the subsequent move to St Patricks." 


Do you remember the fire? Do you know when was it?


There are some great photos on the Friends Reunited website here.











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