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Worcester Cottage Homes


The homes stood between Stanley Road and Midland Road in Worcester on Wyld's Road and were opened in 1894.


The cottage homes were, in fact, a very small affair. There was a single home for boys, one for girls and one for infants. Each home could house around 20 children in dormitories.


According to, the homes changed name twice - in 1931 the homes became known as the Municipal Homes and in 1947 they were renamed again, to Perryfields. The homes closed in 1961.


A history from the perspective of the Master and Matron can be found here.


Do you have memories of the cottage homes, or the Munical Homes or Perryfields? Share your memories here.





We are grateful to the Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service for the following information:


We have numerous records relating to cottage homes in Worcestershire although many of these deal with administrational matters rather than the children's individual records. Under the Data Protection Act these records are closed for a hundred years. If a member of the public would like to read any records that relate to themselves and their time in a cottage home they must make a subject access request via

If a member of the public wishes to access information concerning a relative that they know to have been resident in such a home over one hundred years ago they are free to visit the Hive to look at the documents.  To do so they will need a CARN reader's ticket which, if they do not already possess one, we will create for them upon production of a piece of identification with their name and address printed upon it.  Please inform such an individual that it is best to email us before their visit, to see if we have any records for the home that they are interested in, so as to avoid a wasted journey.  Our email is


Please also see our section on Accessing records.