Hook Heath Farm, Pond Road, Woking Surrey. Anyone on here that was in this Home between 1957 to 1962 ?
Hi.i was in broomlands assesment centre in middlesbrough cambridge road from 1985 until 1987. Im trying to find anyone who remembers me (M.A.K). I have good and not so good memories whilst there
Anyone know an orphanage in/around Preston Lancs names Borough Bank? I was in there in the 1960’s
Did anyone go to a children s home in Norfolk in the 50s?

Margaret Brider
Paul Brider

My mum and uncle were there and suffered trauma that they will not talk about.

Trying to understand more.

I was at thornchase hostel from 1969 - 1973. I am looking for information about my admission to the hostel is there any way I can find out please.
John Wallace (macapaca1961@gmail.com)
Carmen re: Mandale Rd Centre. This appears sometimes in old copies of the Social Work Today Jnl. In 1978 it said that it could accommodate up to 21 children, aged between 5 - 18. I think it might have been run by the Dorset County Council. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Hi Jackie Spence,
My eldest brother was in Whinney Banks home from being approx 8 years old, and stayed there till he was 18 and possibly later. He really liked Anne Coverdale. Other than that I can ask him if he knows where Anne Coverdale is.
Hi . I'm trying to piece my past together. Looking for information on children's home in Carnforth Bolton Le Sands. Big old building across from the river 1969 till mid 70s can't remember name of the place just remember it was pretty scary and old full of wood paneling inside. I'm sure it had white walls and black beans in the outside could be wrong though...
Looking for Jonathan Taylor who was in broomlands assessment centre in Middlesbrough also auntie Anne Coverdale who ran Whinney Banks family group home in Middlesbrough
Hi I'm trying to access my father's records from St Leonards Children home, Essex. He was there from 1939 until 1952.
Hello all,
Am wondering if there is anyone who may be able to help me trace a relative. I'm trying to trace a RAYMOND CEDRIC NAPPER, born 1921/1922. He grew up in an Orphanage, most likely in the Liverpool area but never revealed the name. I have no record of his birth or existence until 1936 when he set sail on the DRAMATIST as a Deck Boy. Any advice or tips on where to start would be gratefully received !
Contact: georgiC@hotmail.co.uk
hi all. i would like to hear from anyone who was at eastry childrens home in the late 70's
This is likely a long shot as I am struggling to find any record of this child having existed but I am determined to answer the mystery which has been on my mind ever since my Granny told me the story. My Granny's cousin, who was older than she was by about ten years or so, had a sibling that my Granny remembered meeting only once. The child was put into a home due to being disabled but my Granny was too young to have remembered anything about the disabilities. I say child although I am sure it was a girl my Granny spoke about.
My Granny was born in 1937, she passed away five years ago now and still talked to her cousin, named Mary Dick, who was in her 90s and in a home in Montrose, Scotland at that point. I have checked the historical records available via various sources and found Mary Dick to be the only child of her parents Elizabeth and James. There is a possibility that the mystery cousin wasn't Mary's sister but perhaps another cousin although I have struggled to find much information on any second cousins. Elizabeth Dick, the mother of the mystery child, had the maiden name Seraphina - a name which I think stands out and might be the key to unlocking this mystery - particularly if this little one was not the sister (or possibly brother) of Mary Dick.
Does any of this mean anything to anyone? There don't seem to have been many places that a disabled child would have been sent to in the 1940s (Time is an estimate) in Scotland but my information is too limited to really start searching within archives.
Does anyone have any advice on how I could begin to narrow my search, does anyone have any records or memories of a child in a home for disabled children with the Surname Dick, or Seraphina? The family lived between northeast Fife and the wider Montrose area for generations on either side of this person in case that is of any use. I would be really grateful for any information, Thanks,
email: abbiewilkie96@yahoo.com
Looking for a mr loft who was in for years but ended up living in gatehouse xx family history many thanks..loft family loads of them from woolwich xx
Hello looking for girls who were in Milton House Remand Centre, Croydon between 1976-1978. The Home housed girls who were under 16. Email Fatti at messageme1976@gmail.com.
I was at laleham special school Margate kent around1955.mr punch was headmaster.and I believe a mr day took sports.one of the special people I met was a Joan Hart who came from Dartford kent. I would love to hear from her or indeed anybody who stayed there around the mid 50s. My stay there was special I was well looked after .i will be forever grateful to all who made my stay an experience I will never forget forget. Regards ken 07384470889.
Hello, I'm looking for some information on a children's home that my father was in around 1970-1972. The home was in the Malvern Hills on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border. It was a large house on Upper wyche Road. I have had no luck finding any record of the home online and wondered if there was anyone who had any information. He passed away in 2021 and I'm just trying to gather some information on his younger years. Thanks
Where are the kids who went to the orphanages at Lockeridge, West Overton, Wiltshire and the Dorney Children's Home in Dorney, near Windsor, Bucks? The kids from West Overton near Marlborough were brought over in the early 1920's to Dorney. These orphanages were run by a philanthropist Mrs Headlam, wife of Sir Cuthbert Headlam. Many kids were returned to parents, some were sent overseas as in my father, Bertie Powell, born 1919 and arrived in Western Australia in 1927. I have been researching these details for more than forty years. Please, where are the kids and their descendants today?
Hello I am looking for girls who were in Milton House Remand Centre, Croydon in the 1970s. messageme1976@gmail.com. Fati
Does anyone have information of Cardross Park Home, Dumbarton, Myself my brother & Sister were there late 50s early 60s
Hi I’m looking for anyone who remembers or lived/worked at Richmond Street mother & baby home/Enville place Ashton-Under-Lyne October 1982-January 1983. I can’t seem to find any trace of it anywhere and I was removed from my mother at this home (I have my social service records) if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. strett1010@gmail.com if anything Thankyou so much

I have been trying to find a children's home - 'Burnbank (house short stay) Children's Home on Burnbank Road, in Belmont, Any information after 1970 or really any information about it at all would be very helpful. It is nowhere to be seen online. Thank you for your time. Andy
I was at Broomlands Cambridge Road middlesborough in 1975, I was in unit 2, Mrs mcardle who ran the unit, there were 3 units. I was there january 1975 for 3 months, broomlands was good happy there, moved onto a different place which was he'll on earth in April 1975. Remember a few kids I made friends with I enjoyed Broomlands.
Hello, I am trying to find people who were resident in a children’s home in Normanby, near Middlesbrough in the 1970’s and 80’s. The home was called Eston House and situated on Normanby Road in Normanby. I’m pretty sure that it was run by the Middlesbrough Catholic Diocese.
Be great to hear from anyone who lived there during this time. Thank you.

Hi I am trying to find the name of a children’s home/orphanage in Hornsea, Yorkshire. I visited this home for 2/3 weeks with my two sisters Carol Goodwin15 and Gloria Goodwin 10 in August 1963. My name Jacqueline Goodwin 12. We had recently lost our mum at a young age and our health visitor arranged for us to visit to allow our dad some space as there were six children.
I remember the home having a huge dining room with a huge table seating about 16-20 children of all ages from 2-10. The eldest girl was the same age as my youngest sister Gloria. Carol and myself were the eldest. I had a large bedroom to share. The kitchen had a washing rail across the whole length of the kitchen constantly full of drying washing. We were taken out often with older children in the mini bus and remember being taken to Bridlington. We spent many hours playing with all of the children.
I remember the staff at this home being very caring and made us feel very welcome and I always thought we were there to stay, until one day they took us to the railway station for our trip back to London. If anyone can throw any light on this home I’d love to hear. Thank you… jacoleuk@aol.com
I am searching for a friends I made in the mid to late 70s. We met as st michaels house in ditchingham near Bungay. I’m looking for Pauline and Christine. Forgot last name but they are twins and Pauline was my best friend. I think they came from Derbyshire I think. Would luv to hear from her.
Hi I'm looking for some friends I meet while
In a childrens home called balgores 1985-86 it was in balgores lane romford Essex, sue was her name also friends from Woodstock childrens center harold wood cheryl and donna. Cant remember their surnames but any info would be good
HI i,m trying to find more information about my stay in the Railway Orphanage Woking Surrey between the years 1951 -1956 i was there along with my brother and sister ,any information would be grateful .

EDITOR: Hi Raymond - have you had a look at this page ? - https://www.formerchildrenshomes.org.uk/woking_railway_orphanage.html
Hi I'm trying to find the name of a children's home run by nuns in Prestwick Scotland in the 1960s which I was in and is there any forums on homes in Scotland in the sixties I can read online thanking you
Me and my brother went to copse house,copse cross street,Ross on wye in 1952
I'm trying to find out about a children's home in Aldershot in the 70s I was there about 73 to 79. The head nun was sister Stephanie does anyone have any information about who owned it and what happened to it. Thankyou
I am trying to find the orphanage or care home near Thames Ditton in Surrey, where my son-in-law’s father was put into care from birth.
I believe he was there until he joined the merchant navy. He was Ian Graham Gordon born in November 1939.
Any suggestions will be welcome.
Thank You.
I’m looking for any information about Boothville children’s home in Sandbach. I was a child in care there in1976.I remember all of the children who were there when I was and a lot of the staff.It would be amazing if someone saw this add and answered. Here’s hoping!
Answering Jackie Jone,
I'm sure the place your talking about is Fornethy house in Angus, I also went there.
Is there anyway i can trace David Howard. Mr. Howard made an enquiry in 2020.regarding my father James Neeham (Jim). My father was an orphan as a child with his sister and brother in Styal. My father's name was also mentioned in the book A Visitor for Jimmy Brown. The book an autobiography written by James Stanhope Brown. Any leads would mean so much to me. Thank you.
I am looking for Angela Perkins or Higgins who was in Winchester children’s home St Giles hill in 1958 ish, she was foster with my aunt up until them, my aunt moved out of county so Angela was placed in the home until my aunt could reapply. My mum and dad tried to adopt her but was told too old, although they had a child (me) of the same age, Angela came to us every week end and school holidays, until at the end of school holidays my mum asked the social worker Mrs Enrigos when to take her back, she said Friday but matron said Sunday evening, mum and dad took her back on Sunday, but when we went to collect her on the following Friday she had been moved and we were not told where. So I would love to contact her and her “brother” Christopher who my aunt adopted would too,

I am looking for information about the Stanton Iowa orphanage. My grandma Marie Wombolt and her two brothers Henry and Charles were there around 1910? Their mother passed away and when there father remarried he took them out.
Thank you!
omaterry1962@ gmail.com
Hi. Absolute long shot but I’m trying to find the name of a children’s convalescent home (I think it was all girls but unsure) which was operating in Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland in the early 1970s?
I was sent there from Glasgow in 1973 due to issues within the family and stayed for 6 weeks.
I can only remember a little West Highland White Terrier called Kirsty, a rather severe teacher/staff member called Miss Corbett. There were several girls per dormitory and my main memories are LONG walks each day, an old film (on projector) on Saturday nights and playing records in the recreation room some evenings. There was also a tiny room, almost like a cupboard, which was used as a tuck shop on Saturdays. I don’t expect anyone to recognise this but if you don’t ask….thank you!
Hi I'm trying to find information on the time I spent in Baskerville open air school i was there for some months in the late 1940s any info would be fantastic any records would also be great. Photos maybe. Cheers
Hello, I was in The Cygnets, Shelley House and Barrowgate Road children's homes (London Borough of Hounslow) between 1986 and 1988. Would love to hear from anyone who was at any of these during that time. tracy-nutrition@outlook.com
I’m trying to find information on a Childrens Home I was in from 1980 for around 4/5 years, it was in Mandale Road Bournemouth and was at the time called Mandale Road Observation and Assessment Centre. It’s like it never existed and is not even in the list of Dorset childrens homes.
I’d be very grateful for any information anyone has.

Carmen January 2023
Hi looking for anyone who lived or has information about Brondeg, 320 Stoke Poges Lane, Slough.
Looking for anyone that was at Riverside Assessment Centre or Starfield between 1982 and 1985. Specifically with Riverside, information about one of the staff there called Gordon. I was also at Cleeve House from 1984 until it closed, am in touch with a few people from there and would love to hear from others.
My mum Joyce Hetherington and her younger sister, Barbara Hetherington were in Fulwood Cottage Homes, Lodge Moor, Sheffield in the late 1930s until the early 1940s. I would like to hear from anyone who knew either of them. My mum told me bits and pieces about her experiences in the homes but she has died now and I would like to find out more. Thank you.
I was at Warleigh Manor from 1988 until 1994 and there are some great memories and have friends from there today. However I was physically and sexually abused over a 4 year period. If any other warleigh boy suffered the way I did please contact me as I am putting a case together...
This was not Les Alderman who was a Saint of a man a only wanted to help children lost in a system....

I'm trying to find out some information about an Open Air school that my Mum went to. I believe it was in Whitegate, Cheshire. My Aunty referred to it as Marstons but I don't know what the actual name was and I cannot find anything referring to it. My Mum's maiden name was Mary Badger and I believe she was prefect for some time. Her date of birth was 8/4/32 and I understand that she attended the school perhaps in the early 40's. I understand that she really enjoyed her time there but when she was alive, she didn't really ever talk about it. I'd be really grateful if anyone can help with any other information, if not about my Mum, just about the school itself.

Thanks in advance


Dawn Boyle
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i was in the beeches leicester mid 70s not nice but justice pravailed in the end rip my old mate simon
I am looking for anyone who would have been at Colinton ( Woodfield Hall) from 1951 to about 1965. My mom, Frances Henderson, was there during that time span. She the joined the RAF and married an American serviceman. I have a few pictures of her from when she was there and would love to meet any old friends of hers
I Lived At 74 Aldersbrook Road London E12 In The 1970s It Were A Childrens Home Then Would Be Great To Catch Up With Anyone From That Time.
Hi I'm trying to find info on a children's home 1950s in / near Hornby & Wray Lancashire. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe it could have been council run. The building is now in flats I think.