The Story of US Orphanages






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The orphanages are listed by state and include, where known, the organisation which founded the home (in brackets), and the date the home was established.

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Belle Lenox Nursery, South Tejon Street, Denver (City Temple Institutional Society) Est. 1897


Colorado Children’s Home, Raleigh Street, Denver (Colorado Children's Home Society) Est. 1892


Colorado State Home for Dependent and Neglected Children, South Clarkson Street, Denver (State of Colorado) Est. 1895


Denver Orphans’ Home, Colfax Avenue, Denver (Denver Orphans’ Home Society) Est 1873


EM Byers Home for Boys, West Alameda Avenue (EM Byers Boys’ Home Society) Est 1873


Home League Orphanage, Fifteenth Street, Denver (Home League of America) Est 1897


Pueblo Children’s Home, Lake Avenue, Pueblo (Associated Charities of Pueblo) Est 1893


Sacred Heart Orphanage, Sprague Avenue, Pueblo (Franciscan Sisters) Est 1902 See photo below


St Clara’s Orphanage, Champs Street, Denver (Franciscan Sisters) Est 1891


St Vincent’s Orphan Asylum, Highlands Station, Denver (Sisters of Charity) Est 1882


The building which formerly housed the McClelland Orphanage, East Abriendo Avenue in Pueblo, Colorado. The building is currently used as a school. Photographer: Jeffrey Beal. Source: WikiMedia Commons



The former Sacred Heart Orphanage, Sprague Street in Pueblo. Photographer: Jeffrey Beal. Source: WikiMedia Commons