Please note: We cannot answer questions about individuals who were in Homes, we have no access to any records. Sorry! If we know where there are any records, it will be on the page of the Home concerned. Thank you. 

If you want to report historic abuse, or find support, please see these contact details

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We are unable to help in these matters - there are organisations listed on the links above who are far better able to help you. 


Sharing information


Our aim is to build up a comprehensive encyclopedia of what life was like for the thousands and thousands of children who lived in the cottage homes and in the children's homes that took their place.


If you have memories, stories, photographs of the homes - whether you lived there, your relatives lived there, you lived nearby or you worked in them - we would love to hear from you.


Please email or complete the form below.


Please note:


- Don't forget to tell us the name of the home you are talking about and the approximate time you are referring to.


- If you want to change anything after you have sent it, or after it has been put on the website, please just let us know.


- Please ensure that any photographs and other contributions you send are your own.


- Let us know if you would like your contribution to be included anonymously or if you are happy for your name to be published.


- You can tell us whatever you want (we know that life in the homes was not always good) but please avoid accusing named people of crimes or malpractice - as, unless it has been proven in a court, this could be considered as libel or slander.


- Only tell us what you are happy to be published on the website or any other publication based on these submissions.


- We reserve the right to edit any submissions.


Please note: If we have any infomation about a home, it will already be listed on the website.