Getting your records from charity-run
Children's homes



Barnardos offer a service to help people find information about themselves or their relatives fromt their time in Barnados homes. They charge for searches when you are looking for information about relatives. More details can be found here.

The  Children's Society


The Chidren's Society was initially known as the Waifs and Strays Society.


For case papers and more recent records, contact The Children's Society's Post Adoption and Care Service

Action for Children


Action for Children was initially known as National Children's Homes.


Action for Children has an enquiry service for people wanting to access their records, details of which can be found here.

Nazareth Homes


While not a charity, the Sisters of the Poor ran many homes and orphanages known as Nazareth Houses.


If you are looking for records of your own time in Nazareth House or records of a relative's time there apply in the first instance to:


Nazareth House Hammersmith

160-175 Hammersmith Rd

London W6 8DB

Smaller charities



Records held by smaller charities, particularly those that are not functioning, can be very difficult to access.


Have a search on this site to see if we have already tracked them down click here to search


Secondly, try contacting the archives which cover the location of the home. They may be able to help.

There is a list of archives and reecord offices on this page.


Also make a Subject Access Request to the Council covering the area.How to do this  and a list of Councils can be found here.

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