Dr Garrett's Home
Dr Garrett's Memorial Home
Conwy, North Wales



In the early years of the twentieth century, Dr Garrett was running a poor clinic in Manchester. Through his own ill-health, he had to move to the fresher air of Conwy in North Wales. Realising how beneficial the move away from the smog of industrial Manchester was, he brought children from his poor clinic in Manchester to stay with him so that they could benefit too.


He successfully raised funds and opened his children's home for Manchester children in 1916.


Sadly, he died only seven years later in 1923. His wife then took over the home and ran it until she herself died in 1938. At this point, the home was taken over by Manchester City Council.


Looking for more information?


This PDF, written by a former member of staff, contains information about the home, memories and photos.

We understand that there is a collection of photographs relating to the home held by Conwy County Borough Archives. Please contact them to check what they have abd waht can be viewed before visiting.
If you are looking for your own records from your time in the home, please contact :

Information Governance
Directorate for Families, Health and Wellbeing 
P.O. Box 532 
Town Hall 
M60 2LA

Email:    cfInfoGov@manchester.gov.uk

Visit this external site for more details about accessing these records.