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Posted on 6th August, 2019

If you are looking for a family member after having spent some or all of

your childhood in a children's home, please comment below with some key details about you where known - family surname, your location as a child, your age, your parents.


It is these sorts of details that might help someone recognise you and your family if they are related.

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Many thanks. And the best of luck in your search. Let me know how you get on.

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Looking for general information and peoples experiences of the Cardiff Nazareth house. My mother was there sometime after 1939 (Maureen June Gough) when her mother died of TB.

We have been searching for my husbands twin brothers Jack and James Kewley that we were informed were put into a children's home as babies after the death of his mother. He spent twelve years in a boys' home not knowing that he had six other siblings.Hoping someone my know something of them.
Im looking for my step brother vincent Hegarty he was adopted he was at nazareth house in bristol i remember going looking for him with my mum when i was 7 8 9 10 11 years old i am now 58 my mothers name is janie lanigan she sadly passed away recently on the 9th may 2020 my mum had a sister chris butler / morrison who lived at pavey rd bristol vincent would be in his sixtys now please help if you can
I'm trying to find information regarding my maternal grandfather.
I knew him as Henry Charles Williams dob 25/04/1907 born in Hammersmith. He sadly died 1986

Over the years, lots of information has come out regarding his birth. I know Henry Charles was not his birth name as I cannot find his birth details on any website.

One family member thinks he was in a children's home until he was adopted as a boy. unsure of the exact dates but assume it must be around 1907 - 1920

Any help would be appreciated. thanks Sara
Hello My name is Jana Bigras. I am looking for any possible information on my Grandma Florence Theresa Chapman. She was born February 2nd 1908. Her mother died the following April when she was just a couple months old. She was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. We know at some point that she lived in a convent and spent many years there. I believe maybe while her father served in WW1. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Please get in touch with me at janabigras@gmail.com
I am trying to find any information about any member of my dads family or any records. He was at Culcheth Cottage Home in approx 1932/35. He was born Norman Wilson and was adopted in 1935. Any information would be gratefully received. ratcliffe_alison@sky.com
I am not family, but went to Sunday School in the late 1950s with a boy named Alan who lived at a Children's Home in Clayton, Bradford. Alan left when he was adopted and gave me a (rather scuffed!) china bird before he left to remember him by. I have kept the bird all these years, wrapping it carefully each time I moved house and wondering what happened to Alan and where he ended up. This latest move sadly saw the bird broken and I went to throw it in the bin just now - but found that I couldn't! I would like to let Alan know that I kept his bird carefully all these years - and wonder if he remembers at all. I have withheld his last name, but if anybody recognises the story, please get in touch. justlinda52@gmail.com
Lynn Newman tripperwipper@hotmail.co.uk. looking for Lorraine McIntyre in Broomhayes home in Devon in 1970
I am looking for records of my father Frank Plant could be Quoroll was in Penkhull cottage homes Stoke on Trent around 1920 to1930
I’m looking for anyone, staff or children, that were in the Pickering Garth children’s home in Hull around 1977 to 1979. I was in the home for a period of time here before being adopted. Thanks
My mother was born at 19 Defoe Road, Tooting, London on 18 Feb 1911. She was born out of wedlock to a Ethel Susan Baskwill, father unknown. Her name on her birth certificate is Gladys Maud Vincent-Baskwill. No sign of her in the 1911 census. Only clues we have is my mother often said her dad was a London Policeman and mentioned being looked after by nuns. Would love to know who my grandfather was. Wondered where the name "Vincent" came from, was it the fathers name or the name of the nunnery where she was looked after. She somehow eventually ended up in Southampton and married my father Albert Levy. Hope someone can help, many thanks , Chris
email cml333@ntlworld.com
Hello Im looking for any information for my great grandmother Susan Clark and her brothers. They stayed at Quarriers orphanage in 1890 with her older brothers David Clark (Born 1877) maybe known as Duncan Clark it was written wrong on ships log.) and Thomas Clark(born 1883). They lived in Dumbarton, scotland before going to Quarriers orphanage. Their mother was Susan M.S. Park (she had bother Jacob) & Father was John Clark. They were shipped to Canada in 1891 separately. Boys left in March on Hibernian ship landed in Halifax, NS and she left in May on Norweigian ship landed in Quebec on way to Brockville, Ontario
please send any information to jhuberdeau@srsd.ca
Thank you
James Punyer information please send to ratclan@velocitynetworks.ca
Kathie Ratcliff
Looking for any relatives. Grandfather was James Punyer. Born in 1911. Dundee Scotland. Stayed at Quarriers 1923 ish to 1927 Came to Canada on SS Athenia in March or April. Had a younger brother Richard in same home. Richard moved to England around 1929 and lived with sister Mary Punyer married name Adams. Last name was changed to Penner spelling. My uncle Richard Penner wrote the book Stern and Wild.
James and Richard had other siblings (7 I believe) there mother Angus or Agnes died November 1914 during childbirth. Their father was William, known as English Bill.
Hi, I'm looking for anyone related to the following.
Kathleen Burke.... Then became McGuinness in 1935 he husband was Thomas McGuinness.

I belive they had 2 children but not sure if that was before or after they married.
I have no idea which orphanage the children were put in, and I have no name for them.
I just thought if anyone was searching their roots and recognise any of the information iv added here to please get in touch.
Looking for my dad's family. He was born in Newcastle up on Tyne in 1921 in a laying in hospital. His mother's name was May Anderson. He ended up in an orphanage, so assume his mother died!
I would love to find his family.
I was in a Reception Centre The Hermatige in Solihull in approx 1967-1968/9 I had a younger brother with me. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Moved to Children's Home 18 Charles Street Rugby Warwickshire 1969 again would like to hear from anyone who was there then.
I do remember two girls in particular but won't give more than first names in case of causing distress.
Ann(e) L & Megan F (who later joined me at school in Kenilworth). Think the people who ran home where called Howard and Doreen but not certain & can't remember their surname. The were Salvation Army officers and everyone went on a holiday to Bridlington one year.
My name then was Vashti Mycroft and brother was Hassan (both of us changed our names in adulthood). email me at talespinnerwordweaver@gmail.com Thanks
Im looking to find anything on Hazel and Raymond Pringle they were put in a childrens home in Newcastle Upon Tyne after there mother died in 1942,by my uncle George Pringle who was in the army

Hi searching for my twin sisters in care from 6 weeks old Edith Margaret and Susan Agnes Jones born either 1/11/1958 or January 1959 Liverpool to Henry and Helen Jones nee McGhee Walton area of Liverpool I have been searching a long long time

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Hi Yvonne, you haven't provided any contact details.If you would like to, please make another post. Thanks
Hi, i am looking for anyone who has information on a Roy Worthy who went in to an all boys children's home around 1947 to 48. They were Manor Park born family, London. There were three sisters, but he was separated from them. He would have been around 8 years when he entered in to care. I know he didn't have an easy time, he left services at 16. I don't even know if he is alive, he is my Uncle. Please can you e mail me on merfairy@hotmail.co.uk if anyone knows Anything. Thank you
Hi there I am looking for info on a Peter & Walter Vernon who were at Fazakerely Cottage in 1939
We don't know how long they were in there for or why they were in there,. Any info would be great
My parents either fostered or adopted a boy in ( I think) the Spring or summer of 1957. I remember being taken to Fazakerkey Cottage Homes when my parents collected him. I was made to wait outside, aged 3 and a half! He lived with us for 3 years, I was only 5 months younger than him. There’d have been one older boy and a younger boy bird in 1959. I have forgotten his last name, I’ve wracked my brains but cannot remember, only the name Peter. I believe he left in 1960 , and I know his birth date was in April or May 1955. I was never told why he left, I’ve always wondered what happened to him. If you recognise your story, please contact me. I’ve not put my real first name on here for personal reasons, so don’t pay any attention to that.

Contact: hello@formerchildrenshomes.org.uk
Am trying to locate children of the PODESTA family in Southampton. Nicholas Podesta and Mary Gill who were never married. in 1891 they had to give up their six children the girls Margaret, Alice, and Mary Ann went to Nazareth house in South Sea and the boys Peter, George and my grandfather Nicholas were sent I was told to Abbey homes Romsey. I need to narrow it down to where they possibly were sent to do further research if need be. The first two children were born in Poole, Dorset and the rest in Southampton living mainly at 6 Simnels street near Bugle street.

Contact: hello@formerchildrenshomes.org.uk