Wavertree Cottage Homes / Olive Mount


These cottage homes were built on what was known as Olive Mount and opened in 1901. Olive Mount was close to Wavertree, east of Liverpool.


Initially, the homes accommodated children of all ages but, in later years, only those aged under eight were taken in at Wavertree with older children being sent to Fazakerley Cottage Homes which, at that time, were also run by West Derby Union[1].


From around 1930, the cottage homes were used as a children hospital. The buildings were ultimately demolished in 1991.


Some records of the cottage homes are held by the Liverpool Records Office. Details can be see here.


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We are grateful to the Liverpool Record Office for the following information and documentation:


The Olive Mount records consist of admission registers (352 SOC 2). The earliest register starts in 1903 to 1923 but is for males only. These creed registers then continue for both sexes from 1923 to 1951. Then we have a mixture of creed and admission registers up to 1985 (incomplete) but these are mostly arranged chronologically and don’t give much information. There are no case papers available.


The registers are closed (ie. cannot be viewed by the general public) after 1912 owing to the Data Protection Act but those wishing for information can obtain it through the Record Office either for themselves (subject access) or for some one else (third party presuming the subject is deceased) for a fee. After 1912 (i.e. 100 years) the search is done by Record Office staff and a transcript is provided of the information.


Before 1912 the registers are “open” and anyone can look at them by appointment.


The Record Office is currently in temporary premises owing to the reconstruction of the central library which should be re-opening in 2013 (see the website for details at www.liverpool.gov.uk and follow the links to libraries and archives).


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Information leaflet about Poor Law Records held.




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[1]. http://www.dhwav.btinternet.co.uk/page66.html viewed 21/6/11