I’m looking for information on a children’s home in Nottingham my Mum may have been in the 1940s she moved up to Nottingham from a home in Hertfordshire back to we think her adopted parents that had moved up to Nottingham the history is very vague.
Birth name Daphne Winifred Mussared or adopted name Daphne Joan Hart

I am looking for my sister! Mixed race! Not sure of her name now.. Maybe Camille! Was placed in a care home in the early 70's in BRADFORD Our father was Alan Saidy! She will be about 48years old now!
Hi, I am looking for anyone who was in Parkend Childrens Home, Middlesbrough Cleveland from approximately 1960 to 1971?.
During our 10 years there was Tony Naughton, The Parry Family, The Allen family, The Muntinga Family and we were the Naylor Family. House-parents were Jean and Neville Carrick (both now deceased) who had a Son John, and a daughter Janet.
If you know any of these families or people, I would love to hear from you at this address jaa140854@gmail.com
Kindest Regards,

Jacqueline Austin (Nee Naylor)
Hello. Eastry Children’s Home 1961 - 1967
Matron Aunty Betty, superintendent Jeffrey Adams, Local Vicar Cooper (St.Mary’s)
Eastry Headmaster named appropriately ‘Mr. Fright’ we kids were hated.. remember ?

Life moves on now at end stage due to Cancer in California USA.

We shall remember- goodnight x
Looking for info on the Tavistock Villa Cottage Home in Yiewsley from around 1903 to 1913. My grandmother was in the on the 1911 census. Has anyone found any records anywhere?
hi am looking to try and find a childrens home in manchester. my sister who has sadly passed away went in to a childrens home in the early 1970s for 5 years she was in there for. it has came to lite she may have had a baby while in this home. does any one know if she would have had the child in the childrens home or would she have been moved some where else to have the baby and then back to the childrens home any information would be a great help her name was angela robinson dont know what home she was in.

Note from the editor: it is really difficult to say where she might have been when the baby was born without knowing what sort of home she was in. Is it possible to get the birth certificate of the baby which might give mum's details? Perhaps try to contact Manchester Council to see if they can help (these are the details I would usually suggest to people trying to find out information about themselves...) Write to: Information Compliance, Democratic Services Legal Team, Legal Services, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester M60 2LA or email informationcompliance@manchester.gov.uk Let us know how you get on.
My father (Michael Bryan Kiney) and his brothers (Terry and John and possibly Joseph and Christopher) were taken in by the Sisters of St Vincent de Paul in Newcastle after his father abandoned them after the death of their mother (Mary Kiney, nee Connor) in 1929.The boys were about to be sent abroad as part of the child emigration programme.I have been unable to find any more information, can anyone please help?They may have lived at 58 penn street/water street
Please email me on elswick1926@gmail.com

Note from the editor:
Have you tried writing to the Sisters? Have a look at this page for details: http://www.formerchildrenshomes.org.uk/st_vincent_de_paul
I was in an adolescent home in Harrow Road, Lindon in the 1970s, around 1974. There was a documentary made about it while I was there as it was experimental in placing together young people who had been in trouble and others who had not. I am trying to track down the name of it and if possible even the documentary. Please contact me at lizjeffries@me.com if you know anything about this place which was at the Kensal Green end of Harrow Road. Thanks
Hello, I was in St Vincent de Pauls orphanage, Fulwood, Preston, in the 1940s. The nuns were the Sisters of Mercy. I would like to get in touch with anyone who was there at that time, who might remember me? I was there in the mid 1940s, when I was about 5yrs old. It would be great to hear from anyone who was there, thanks Danny. Please leave me a message, zshenton@gmail.com
My 2 brother's Jack & Clifford White were put in the Harris Orphanage round about the late 1920's & I was put in at 4 yrs old 1939.to 1945,i was brought out aged 11 yrs old because I was physically abused, my name was Dorothy White. now Mathieson, can anyone out there remember me & that incident?
Hi, I was born in 1956. My parents, Sylvia & Charles Lewis fostered a baby in approx 1954/1955. His name was then, Adrian W. He was mixed race. We lived at 45 Richland Road, Liverpool 13 in my grandmothers house. Her name was Mary Fairbrother. I have a brother who is 6 months older than Adrian. His name is Neil Lewis. When I was approx 4 years old Adrian was returned to a children’s home in Liverpool. He was around 6 then. He ran away I remember and came back ‘home‘ because home with us was all he knew obviously. I think about him always, I never got satisfactory explanation from my parent as to why he went back to the home. I was told that his mother wanted him back because my mum wanted to adopt him. If anyone has any ideas.....?
Just to add amto my previous post anyone from ponteland cottage homes from 1947-1956 that knew Eleanor Graham please contact me beclouisemorgan@bugpond.co

Im looking for anyone who might have known my nan Eleanor Graham. She was in Ponteland Cottage
Homes from about 1947 until 1956. She mentioned some of the following houses, and people. House no.8 with Mrs Jackson and Mrs Poles. Then house 3 with Mrs Hall. Dorothy Willey, Margaret Wallis, and Jean Nugent. She also mentioned that the cottages would put you up with a dig at age 15, was just wondering if anyone else experienced this. Also trying to access records any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks Bec
Hi I was in the cottage homes Portsdown Hill Portsmouth Hampshire late 50's early 60's. I can remember some names Lea Prosser who I think was Mr Prossers grandaughter. Other names I recall are John Lavery Tim Phelps Barbera Hales Ade Egerton. Any contact from these years would be welcolm many thanks Malcolm Copus. Contact sandra.malc1@gmail.com
I was at Princess Mary Village Home, Addlestone from 1964 until 1967. Anyone know me?
I have read about historical abuses at homes but when I was at Dr. Garrett's home in Conway. I never experienced any of that. Not once - it was a fun time, a great time, a time to be a person in one's own right and to be told you are worth it. The staff there was great - for the first time in my life I was treated with respect and dignity. I had good food, good clothes, and was well looked after. I did not want to go home, back to a broken family. back to misery and poverty and violence. I never got hit once at Dr. Garrett's,

I never got told off at all, well I do not remember it. Oh now do - we were told off for arguing amongst our selves to be an effective football team, that was around 1979 I think. But it did not stop me from winning a trip to Conway for good behavior, where I and few boys picked up a cup for some kind of award for the home. That was great stuff - oh and we went to see Bed knobs and broomsticks at the local cinema as a treat. Of course, all dates could be jumbled up as time does have an effect, but I do know it was not in the early 70s as I would have been only 3 -5, etc.

Good times for all and I wish kids could experience that kind of love and compassion today. I do know my Mum stayed there a child, as she was sickly at times. She went in the 1940s and 1950s and was known as Elise Joan Briggs at the time.
l lived in harris children home preston 1970s-1980s the popular bolton newby road and deepdale all in bolton my name is stephen mather had 2 brothers darren mather and adrian mather all in childrens home to anybody remember me get in touch be nice to hear from you

I am looking for information regarding GARTH (possibly CARTH?) Institute in or near Dublin in 1940s, specifically or a person called Mary Collins who will have been around 8 and stayed there for about a year in 1943ish. Very vague, sorry, I am going off a handwritten note! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My Dad and his twin brother were in the Fazakerley Cottage Homes from the mid 1930's. Just wondering if there were any photos available or class lists or records to access. They also went to Barlows Lane Jnr school so would there be any class photos at all? Their names are Alfred & Ronald Hughes.
Thank you.
I was at begbrook children's home 1979-1980 and can find no records of the home or anyone who was there at the time. It was based in Bristol and I was hoping someone, anyone knows something of the place and what happened to it. My email is mrocdman@yahoo.co.uk
would anyone have any knowledge of Pandon Bank Refuge for Boys in Newcastle upon Tyne?
I am looking for anyone who was at Three Ways children's home during the early 60's
Please email me if you were
Thank you
I am looking for anyone who was at Three Ways children's home during the early 60's
Please email me if you were
Thank you
Hi I am looking for anyone that was at Nazareth house children’s home in Bristol, Stoke Bishop between 1953 and 1970 . Particularly a person I know called H koloski
Hi, I’m currently trying to help my Grandad access his records from when he was put into the care system. He lived at Three Ways Children’s home in Combe Down (Bath) and Sunnyside Children’s home in Long Ashton (Bristol) in the late 1940’s early 1950’s. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

Hi, I’m currently trying to help my Grandad access his records from when he was put into the care system. He lived at Three Ways Children’s home in Combe Down (Bath) and Sunnyside Children’s home in Long Ashton (Bristol) in the late 1940’s early 1950’s. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance
Anyone on here go to or work at Teddington Children’s home, 69 Kingston lane with Jean Scouse? If so email me franjdni@aol.com
Anyone here go to Teddington children’s home, 69 Kingston lane and know Jean Scouse?

I am looking for my nan's children who were taken to Fazakerley Cottage Homes in the late 50s early 60s. Their names are David, Lilian and Derek Ockleshaw. Sadly she has Alzheimer's and never knew them for many different reasons and I am trying to locate them. If anyone can help please just send me an email Kieranf10@yahoo.co.uk
Hi, did anyone here go to or work at Teddington Children’s home at 69 Kingston lane and know the house matron Jean Scouse?
Hi. In 1950 was in Bourne House, Dawley Rd., Hayes, Middlesex. I would love to have any information, photos or to be in contact with someone from that time. My name then was Wendy Carter
I am endeaviouring to find out any information regarding Crownwell Hostel a home for so called maladjusted children. I was placed there in August 1945 and gratefully left in November 1948. My email is kewpies2003@pac.com.au. FYI I have lived in Australia for most of my adult life.
Hi I'm looking for anyone who was at Whitwell house Frome between 1977 1980 please email me at my email address rachelcoles065@gmail.com
Hi, looking for info about The Scottish Childrens Convalescence Home in Mugdock, Milgavie, Scotland.. myself, brothers and sister were in this home 1970/1974
My home for a while was at lower wick children home middle 70s and then moved to Droitwich
Hi I’m looking for anyone at NAZARETH HOUSE CARDIFF 1960-1966. I was there as a child during that time and I’m trying to piece together my early years Before I was adopted. I have a few memories.
Dales8808@gmail.com posted 17 July 2020
Anyone who went to Convent of the Good Shepherd Windlesham Surrey 1967/69...
Anyone that went to The Convent of the Good Shepherd 1967-69....sueatsimplyIdo@yahoo.com.
Would love to hear from anyone.
any people from childrens home in beckenham kent here
Walmer house south Norwood. Looking for pictures please
I am looking for my uncle Thomas Mellor (could possibly be known as Thomas Edward's) who was nicknamed Tommy. He was born in 1947 in Bessimer street liverpool 8. From what I've been told he was put on a childrens home when he was around 6 and the home was not far from Sefton park around Ullett road (possibly a barnardos home). He was seen once the day he left the home and he hasn't been seen since. Please if you knew Tommy or have any information on the home he would have been in or where he went afterwards up until now please could you get in touch. I have found a birth certificate for Tommy but cant seem to find any further records of him. Any help would be appreciated. Miss.e.jones@live.com
My mother, Veronica Eileen Martin died when I was seven years old and I am tracing her early life. She was born in 1910 and raised in Liverpool. There is an E. Martin shown as having travelled to Brisbane, Australia as a group from Nazareth House, Hammersmith on 26 March 1926 on the ship Themistocles.

Could you provide any background information on this E. Martin to see if she may be the Mother we are tracing? Many thanks for your help.

My email address is: mctreacy@hotmail.com
West Kirby Childrens Convalescent Home: Searching for anyone there between January 1950 and January 1952

I forgot to leave my contact details:
I am looking for anyone that may have been at West Kirby Convalescent Home between January 1950 and January 1952, My dad was 6 years old at the time and sent there, but was never told why. He would love to be able to connect with anyone that may have memories of being there at that time.
I know it is a long shot as my dad is 76 now but it would be amazing if we could get some answers for him.
He has been back and visited the home as an adult and remembered rooms and the staircase, unfortunately the staff that are there now have no record of him ever being there, but he definitely was there.

I am trying to trace where my Great-Granddad is originally from. His name is George Edward Cooper, born 1896 and he was adopted from a children's home in Portsmouth by a Mr & Mrs Cooper. Would anyone know the best place to look? Should I look at libraries, Councils, or any other resources? We think he was originally born in Scotland, though that's not confirmed.

My email is sea.cooper@hotmail.com

Any help very much appreciated! Many thanks - Sarah
margaretdonohue@55yahoo-com. any one remdber Margaret obren from Northampton area
Hi,my wife and i were married for 48 years untill she died 21/4.Iknew she grew up in care but she did not talk about it.Iknow Angie ,her brother and sister were abandoned in a caravan in a layby and found by passing police.They were taken into care and Angie at least went to Allerton priory.Angie left in june 1965 to go to Father Hudsons homes in Coleshill Birmingham.If anyone can help with any information or photographs i would be extremely happy.In those days her name was Angela Staddon,she went into care with Sonia and Trevor Staddon.Thankyou.Maurice.My email is suttonchedd1@hotmail.co.uk.
Looking for any information regarding the Cardiff Nazareth House. My mother June Maureen Gough was in there sometime after 1939 when her mother died??
Does anyone have any information about an Angela Sutton or a childrens home in Castle Vale,Birmingham.I believe it was operated by a Mr and Mrs Saunders.Thanks,you can contact me at suttonchedd1@hotmail.co.uk.
Hi,could anyone help me with any information about Allerton priory,liverpool.This was home for a while for Angela Staddon and maybe her brother and sister Trevor and Sonia.They were left in a caravan on the side of a motorway when they were kids,I have tried to locate newspaper story,but I have lost my clipping and cannot trace it in online archives.any help would be appreciated.