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The orphanages are listed by state and include, where known, the organisation which founded the home (in brackets), and the date the home was established.

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Allendale Farm, Lake Villa (Allendale Association) Boys only. Est. 1895


Amanda Smith Industrial Orphan Home, East One Hundred and Forty-Seventh Street, Harvey (Private corporation) Est 1899 What is an industrial home?


Angel Guardian Orphan Asylum, Devon Avenue, Chicago (Angel

Guardian German Catholic Society). Est 1866


Bethany Protective Association, Rock Island (private association) Est. 1899


Bethel Home, Ornaga (Western Seamen's Friend Society) Est 1885


Bluff Methodist Deaconess Orphanage and Epworth Children's Home,

Lake Bluff (Methodist Episcopal Church) Est 1894


Cairo Children’s Home, Twenty-fifth Street, Cairo (Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society). Est. 1902


Central Baptist Orphanage, Maywood (Baptist churches of Chicago) Est 1890


Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans, Sixty Second Street, Chicago (Associated Jewish Charities of Chicago). Est. 1893


Chicago Industrial Home for Children, Woodstock (Free Methodist Church) Est. 1889 What is an industrial home?


Chicago Industrial School for Girls, Prairie Avenue, Chicago (Sisters of the Good Shepherd) Girls only. 1889 What is an industrial school?


Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan Asylum, Burling Street, Chicago (private corporation) Est 1865


Chicago Orphan Asylum, South Park Avenue, Chicago (private corporation) Est. 1849


Czech Home for Old People and Orphanage, Chicago


Cunningham Deaconess Orphanage, Urbana (Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church) Est 1895


Danish Lutheran Orphans’ Home, North Maplewood Avenue, Chicago (Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church) Est. 1881


Diocesan Orphan Asylum, Metamora (Sisters of Charity) Est 1880


Dover Deaconess Home, Dover (American Congregational Deaconess Association) Est. 1902


Edgar County children’s Home, Paris (private corporation) Est. 1897


Englewood Infant Nursery, Perry Avenue, Chicago (Illinois Children’s Home and Aid Society). Est 1888


Evangelical Lutheran Orphans, Malone Avenue, Peoria (Evangelical Lutheran Children’s Friend Society) Est. 1902


Evangelical Orphans’ Home, Hoyleton (Southern Illinois District of

Evangelical Synod of North America) Est. 1895


German Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Asylum, Addison (German Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Society). Est 1873


Girls’ Industrial Home of McLean County, Bloomington (Girls’ Industrial Home Association). Girls only. Est. 1888 What is an industrial home?


Guardian Angel Home, Buell Avenue, Joliet (Sisters of St Francis) Est 1897


Home for Destitute Crippled Children, Park Avenue, Chicago (private corporation) Est. 1898


Home of the Jewish Friendless, Ogden Front, Chicago (Associated Jewish Charities of Chicago) Est. 1901


Hudelson Home, Ewing (Baptist churches) Est. 1903


Illinois Manual Training School Farm, Glenwood (private corporation) Boys only Est. 1887


Illinois Masonic Orphans’ Home, Carroll Avenue, Chicago (Masonic Grand Lodge of Illinois) Est 1884


Illinois Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home, Normal (State of Illinois) Est 1865


Juvenile Detention Home, West Adams Street, Chicago (Juvenile Court Committee) Est 1899


Larkin Children’s Home, South State Street, Elgin (Elgin Children’s Home Association) Est. 1895


Metropolitan Children’s Home, Franklin Boulevard, Chicago (Metropolitan Church Association) Est. 1903


Middlesworth Home, Shelbyville (Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society) Est. 1900


Mission ofour Lady of Mercy, West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago (Catholic Bishops of Chicago) Boys only. Est. 1888


Mt Carmel Orphanage, Morrison (private corporation) Est 1900


Nachusa Lutheran Orphanage, Nachusa (Illinois Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church) Est. 1904


Newsboys and Bootblacks’ Home, Wabash Avenue, Chicago (Newsboys and Bootblacks’ Association) Boys only. Est. 1868


Norwegian Lutheran Children’s Home, Irving Park Boulevard, Chicago (Norwegian Lutheran Children's Home Society) Est. 1899


Odd Fellows Orphans Home of Illinois, Lincoln (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) Est 1889


Orphanage of the Holy Child, East Adams Street, Springfield (Episcopal Church) Girls only Est. 1880


Rantoul Children’s Home, Rantoul (Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society) Est. 1883


Salem Orphanage, Flanagan (Defenceless Mennonite Church) Est 1896


St Aloysius Orphans’ Home, Twentieth Street, Quincy (St Aloysius Orphan Society). Est. 1865


St Anthony’s House, Green Street, Danville (Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart) Est1896


St John’s Catholic Orphanage / Glen Addie (Sisters of the Poor Handmaids of Christ) Est. 1901


St Joseph’s Catholic Orphan Asylum, Prospect Street, Alton (Sisters of the Precious Blood) Est. 1883


St Joseph’s Orphan Asylum, Lake Avenue, Chicago (Sisters of St Joseph) Girls only. Est. 1864


St Joseph's Bohemian Orphanage, Lisle (Sisters of St Benedict) Est. 1899


St Joseph's Providence Orphan Asylum, Belmont Avenue, Chicago (Sisters of St Joseph) Boys only. Est. 1889


St Mary’s Home for Children, Jackson Boulevard, Chicago (Episcopal Sisters of St Mary) Girls only Est. 1894


St Mary’s Training School, Feehanville (Brothers of the Christian School) Boys only. Est 1882 What is an industrial / training school?


St Vincent’s Infant Asylum, La Salle Avenue, Chicago (Sisters of Charity) Est 1881


St Vincent’s Orphan Asylum, Hamlin Avenue, Chicago (Sisters of Third Order of St Francis) Est 1899


St Vincent’s Orphan Home, South Walnut Street, Freeport (St Joseph’s Church) Est 1896


State Industrial School for Girls, Madison Avenue, Peoria (private corporation) Girls only. Est. 1892 What is an industrial school?


Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Orphans' Home and Industrial School, Rowell Avenue, Joliet (Illinois Conference of Augustana Synod) Est.



Swedish Lutheran Orphans’ Home, Andover (Illinois Conference of Augustana Synod of North America). Est. 1867


Uhlich Evangelical Orphan Asylum, Center Street, Chicago (St Paul’s Evangelical Church). Est 1868


Vermillion County Children’s Home, Logan Avenue, Danville (Private corporation) Est. 1894


Whitehall Orphans’ Home, Whitehall (Whitehall Orphan Home Society) Est. 1902


William Raymond Champlin Memorial Home, West Adams Street, Chicago (Protestant Episcopal Church). Boys only. Est. 1896


Woodland Home for Orphans and Friendless, Main street, Quincy (private corporation) Est. 1853



NEWSBOYS Newsboys were the children who sold newspapers on the streets, bootblacks were the children who polished people's shoes, again on the street. These boys would earn a few cents for each job and would live, quite literally, from hand to mouth. The Association aimed to give them a bed for the night.



The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was founded in America in 1819 as a benevolent fraternal organisation. It became the first fraternity in the US to include both men and women when it was joined by the Rebekahs in 1851. The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs were the first US fraternal organisation to set up orphanages.