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The orphanages are listed by state and include, where known, the organisation which founded the home (in brackets), and the date the home was established.

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Bell Home, Franklin Street, Washington (Episcopal Church) Est 1901

Children’s Temporary Home, Howard Avenue NW, Washington (private association) Est 1899


District of Columbia Industrial Home School, Wisconsin Avenue, Washington (District of Columbia) Est 1872 What is an industrial school?


German Orphan Asylum, Goodhope Road, Washington (German Orphan Asylum Association). Est 1879


St Agnes Industrial Home, O Street, Washington (Sisters of the Epiphany). Girls only. Est 1901 What is an industrial home?


St Ann’s Infant Asylum, Twenty-fourth Street, Washington (Sisters of Charity) Est 1869.


St John’s Orphanage, Twentieth Street, Washington (Church Orphanage Association) Est 1871


St Joseph’s Male Orphan Asylum, Tenth Street, Washington (Sisters of the Holy Cross) Est. 1855


St Vincent’s Orphan Asylum, Fourth Street, Washington (Sisters of Charity) Girls only. Est. 1814


Washington City Orphan Asylum, Fourteenth Street, Washington (private corporation) Est. 1815


Washington Hospital for Foundlings, Fifteenth Street, Washington (private corporation) Est. 1887


Working Boys’ Home, Washington (Working Boys’ Home and Children’s Aid Association) Boys only Est. 1886 What is a working boys' home?