I have been aware that my late Aunt was a bit of a 'wayward child' and gave birth to a son sometime in the 40's or very early 50's. She was unwed. She gave birth in a 'Correction Centre' (?) or similar either in or near West Kirby on the Wirral. That is all I know. Any pointers as to the name or location of any places I could start looking?
Do these names ring a bell with anyone? Mrs J. Wallen, A. Wheatly, E. Taylor, D. Stanmore, "Mother"? I think they are staff members at a home but don't know where during 1930-1934. I have an autograph book belonging to my Grandmother with lovely verses in from the people above. Do you have a relative with any of the above names who possibly worked in a home somewhere, or do you have a relation who was put into a home/institution where these people worked? I would love to hear from you. Kind regards, Julie.

EDIT: Please email hello@formerchildrenshomes.org.uk and I will pass messages onto Julie.
Hi, my aunt,Sheila Dickinson, was born in 1925 in Errol, outside Dundee and her mother, my Gran died when she was born and with 5 other siblings, my Grandfather had a difficult choice to make and I think my Aunt was placed in an orphanage but I am having difficulty finding out which one. She was never adopted, that I know and she was never married, and died aged 66 yrs in a vehicular collision in 1990 and was living in Dundee and I knew nothing about her. I was born in 1948 and years later when I asked where my name came from, I was told by my parents that my Dad had sister and I was named after her. I assumed that I was named in memory of her but in fact she was alive until 1990 I am anxious to find out her early start in life. If anyone can help, it is most appreciated, Sheila Dickinson Jones
I am responding to a message posted by Ella on 14-12-16 regarding 33 Etchingham Park Road. I worked there as a volunteer in 1973 if this of any interest.
My bother was called john Bradley from Glasgow born around 1953/54 mixed race mother Agnes Bradley. she abandoned him and he was brought up by my grandparents until he was seven and then he was put into The orphanage in Glasgow Nazareth can anyone tell me what happened to him.
Hello to June Rankine & Helena Trey Feretti, I just wanted to say that I too stayed at Lenzie in the late 50's while my mother was in hospital. Thinking of the place these past couple of years I tried to Google it and could find nothing. I do remember having to in a circle with these so called sun lamps from time to time. It's as though it's disappeared.
St Mary's home of compassion for girls Beckenham Kent
I was in this home from 1946 to 1958 if anyone has any information or how I can access records from this time would be very grateful
Trying to find out which Home/Orphanage my Aunt was placed in Dundee & Angus. This would be in 1924/1925 Her name is Sheila Dickinson, I was named after her. Her mother, my Gran, died when she was born and I was never told anything about her. Can this information be found out?
Trying to find out which Home/Orphanage my Aunt was placed in Dundee & Angus. Her name is Sheila Dickinson, I was named after her. Her mother, my Gran, died when she was born and I was never told anything about her. Can this information be found out?
Hi my sister had polio in the early fifties and was sent to a girls convalescent home in Biddeford Devon it was an all girls with blue green and pink dorms. They had limited education and at the moment Webbery is looking an option can anybody shed any light for me or pics maybe that I could pass onto her as she would really like to find out many thanks in advance Mandy rice
was in preswylfa from 1955 to 1960 was a great place to be anyone know the name was in cottage number 3
Anyone who was at meadowcroft c.h.e. I. The 1980s . also any staff. Especially miss black. Or miss Sutherland xxx
I was in Windmill Lane Castlecroft Wolverhampton 1970>77 - also Braybrook House Wednesfield - 65>70

Would love to hear from anyone

I am looking for the sunshine children's home that my mum was placed in about1933 it could be in Hertfordshire she has no adoption papers her mother was Charlotte liversage but I think my mum was born in Hounslow
looking for Lorraine Povey from cobridge stoke on trent adopted
Hi, I and my brother were in the Derby Borough Childrens Homes in both Clarence Rd and Porter Rd between 1954 and 1958. I remember all the names of those in with me during that time and would like to hear from any of you that are still out there. Please leave a message on this site if you would like to reflect on those years.
Harry Hanshaw
I am trying to locate my grandmothers sisters named Dorren or doreen and dorothy who were in penkull homes born in the late 1920s 0r early 1930s

thank you
Hello looking fir children's home I went to whilst court case to decide my future 1970/71
My uncle was born in a mother and baby home in Hammersmith, my grandmothers name was Margaret Archer, (not her maiden name, that's unknown to me) the baby boy was born between 1947, and 1950, I know he was alive and well in the 80's as he searched out my mother who has since died. He was raised by a vicar I believe, but as I don't know his name, or his exact date of birth, I'm stuck. If anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it greatly
Hi I am looking for anyone who was resident in alderton house walmer in 1980 81 like to hear from them .
Hi I am trying to find as much information regarding my late mother. Her name was Joan Grace Carter and she was in the Erdington Cottage Homes after the passing of her mother in February 1941. Unfortunately we have very little information but would really love to find out absolutely anything. Thank you in advance.


EDITOR: Please contact Birmingham Archives at the Library of Birmingham. They hold the records from Erdington Cottage Homes and so may be able to help you. www.libraryofbirmingham.com
I am researching the Harris Orphanage, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire where my Grandmother Clara Gillett and her sisters Bessie and Margaret were from 1910 until 1922. Lancashire County records hold some records but have a 100yr. hold on them. I am looking for any photographs from that time of the children who were at the Harris Orphanage. I have some of the buildings and a couple of the children which I found on Bing and Flickr.
Having found this website, I can only hope that there may be some person able to help me solve the mystery in my life.
I am seventy five now, when I was three in 1945 I was ' sent away' for five months.
From May to November 1945
I have always understood the ' home' was somewhere in Devon. It was certainly in the countryside.
It was a grand and large mansion with sweeping lawns and a cedar tree, with a conservatory across the back of the house.
My name was Elaine Seabrook.
My father Frank E Seabrook had a persuasive and difficult personality. The Seabrook family had strong links with St Bartholomews Hospital and I have always understood that it was through this link that I was sent to a children's home.
However, there are no records of my childhood in the Barts archive, in the London Metropolitan archive, or the local authority Lewisham archives.
Both my parents were secretive people and I learnt not to ask questions as they would never be answered.
I am still, now, at this age unable to resolve this mystery.
If I could only see the building it would help me.

If anyone has any knowledge of where this home was I would be so grateful to know.
Thank you for reading.
My email is : elainefletcher.no5@gmail.com
Liverpool orphanage files 1930s and 1940s are held in Carlisle ,Cumbria Archive.The children were in the Lake Disrict during the war.The case files survived because they were left behind.I have recently accessed records .Permission obtained through the Liverpool Diocese .There are 57 case files.
I was in a childrens home in Hastings mid 1950's. I just remember a big double fronted house up a hill. Does it ring any bells with anyone? They took me to a barbers & had my long plaits cut off l remember being upset at my short hair. The school l went to was a walking distance (as everything was in 1950's) but l recall old red brick. Can anyone give a a clue as to where l was? Trying to lay my unhappy childhood to rest! X
I was in a children's home named Maryland or Marysland somewhere in the U.K.. I was there from 1948 - 1951. I was born in Reading, England and have since relocated to California U.S.A. I can only remember two first names of children that were there during my stay, the names are, Tony and Evilyn. At that time most kids called me Bobby. If any one remembers being there at the time frame mentioned please contact me by email.
I was born in Sunnyside Maternity Hospital, Cheltenham in January 1950. I was placed in St. Catherines Childrens Home, Berkeley Place, Cheltenham shortly afterwards and then adopted in April 1952. I am seeking information regarding my mother Gwyneth. At the time I believe she worked at The Fleece Hotel in Gloucester. Also there was a Mrs Price who had some connection with the orphanage.
I have recently found out I have a sister like me she was adopted from birth. My sister who I am searching for was born Andrina Mary Cheape she was born in Clements park unmarried mother home in Lochee, Dundee in `1965. Does any know how to search for there file.
I'm looking for a childrens home near to Honiton, Devon that may have taken in my Grandma around 1930.
Also another home for girls in Dulverton where she would have gone around 1936-37.
I would appreciate any help anyone could give.
Many thanks.
is there anyone who has any recolections of Woodvale childrens home West Norwood London
Beecholme Survivors and Justices Group on facebook.

Were you abused in Beecholme or beaten. If you were,Please contact us on


We need all ex Beecholme residents to contact us
We are looking for any child who was placed in either Beecholme Childrens Home or Gayfere House from 1955 until it closed in 1974.Please get in touch as we are building up a record of persons who were abused and beaten in Beecholme. The councils who used Beecholme a lot were.

Wandsworth,Lambeth and Islington
Does anyone know anything about Woodvale children's home west norwood
Im looking for any records pertaining to Emma Stirling,,, I understand everything was lost in NS, Canada,, due to a fire but when she had the Childrens Aid of Leith society,, Scotland,, there has to be other records for children in her care,,My home child John Alexander was sent over abt 1887,, to NS,, & adopted in New Brunswick by my grtgrfather,,,
Im looking for any records pertaining to Emma Stirling,,, I understand everything was lost in NS, Canada,, due to a fire but when she had the Childrens Aid of Leith society,, Scotland,, there has to be other records for children in her care,,My home child was sent over abt 1887,, to NS,, & adopted in New Brunswick by my grtgrfather,,,
Looking for Keith Richards, born Surrey South Eastern, at Surrey County Hospital Redhill, 13 April 1942. Parents were Matthew Henry Richards and Alice/Ellen Richards (later Davies) nee Toogood. Keith was most likely placed in a children's home as he was not adopted and did not go with either parent. Parentshave passed away now and other siblings didn't know of him. Please help! We have his birth cert and a photo of him as a baby that his father kept all his life.
I was fostered in 1957,I was told about a place called Joyce green i was wondering if anybody knows if it was a children's home or if it was a private hospital .I was born to an Olga beyrl Stevens of quaker street Stepney london 29/09/1957
I am looking for more information about The orphan asylum which was in Penn road in Wolverhampton The dates are.are 1891 when my great grandad was a resident there. Wondered if anyone has any more details on this time period. Many thanks
Trying to locate the home or institution my mother was placed in with her 4 sisters ( surname Beaton) between about 1932-1938-40. It was in Kent. I don't even know the type of institution it would be. Her mother was mentally ill and her father couldn't afford to look after them and he was out of work. He used to visit them so it wasn't a typical orphanage. Can anyone help with anything? How do I begin to find the home and any details about the place?
I am trying to find out about my father and I think 2 sisters that were put in an orphanage in Malden in about 1915 the surname was Bundy.
Hi please could anyone help?? I was in a children's home in bamberbridge in 1978?? I can't remember the name. I had my 5 birthday there I got a tea set!! My social worker was called Mrs fisher. Please give any info at all u can I really need it for my mental health. I can't continue the way I am. Your help could be life or death. Thank you for your help xx. Yvonne. Nee Slater.

EDITOR: Hi Yvonne, your email address is not working. Was trying to send you the following message:

Could the homes have been the reception centre on Brindle Road?
To confirm this and hopefully find your records of your time there, please contact:
Lancashire County Council
Access to Information Team
Lancashire County Council
PO Box 78
County Hall
Preston PR1 8XJ
Give them as many details as you can and ask to see your records. They have a duty to give these to you, should they still exist.

If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact me. hello@formerchildrenshomes.org.uk
Hi, I am looking for anyone that was either housed by or worked in the Dr Barnardos home in Barkingside from about 1945 - 1960.
Looking for Rev Richard Wilson Jones last known in 1918 in Olive Mount Cottage Homes.He was a Chaplain in the home. His address, as of 1900, was 63 Kremlin Drive, Liverpool.
Please send email sdjl22 at hotmail dot com.
Rev Jones was from N Wales. A distant cousin married in 1908 to the Jones Family. This is nothing to do with info about the Children or Childrens home just about family of Rev. Jones.
Any guidance or clues to finding what became of him most appreciated.
Anyone from park view children's home from 1981 upwards ?
Hi I was in park view children's home Darlington 1981 onwards was anyone else there at this time?I was with my sister Caroline
Looking for information/photos of a children's home in Weston Super Mare called GREEN LODGE
I was there from 1964 - 1970
I am looking for anyone who may have been in Nazareth House, Bexhill on Sea from around 1966 to 1971.
I lived harris orphanage preston with my 2 brother adrain and darren mather we lived ther from 76 until 81 some great times i live in the house near the barn next to the swing if anybody remembers me get in touch
I am looking for information about my mother, Kathleen Ellen Radbourne (Oct 8, 1917). She is going to be 100 years old this year and is trying to find out any information about her birth parents. She was raised in an orphanage in London her entire life. Once she left the orphanage she went to nursing school. She was a nurse in London during WWII. She knew a lawyer, Alex Tee and his wife. I think she may have stayed with them. He told her once that is best to leave some things alone. I think he had information about her birth. I would love to give her something before she passes. email me at wwilliams3@comcast.net
I am looking for anyone that may have known Kathleen Ellen Radbourne, born 10-8-1917. She was raised in a London orphanage run by the Sisters of the Church. She will be 100 years this year and we have been trying to find out anything about her childhood or birth parents. After she left the orphanage she went to nursing school and lived in London. In her adult years she knew a lawyer, Alex Tee and his wife, and I believe he had information regarding her parents. He told her once it is best to leave some things alone. Any information can be sent to me at my email address: wwilliams3@comcast.net