i was in shirley oaks
from 1960 to 1966 and looking for old freinds
from that period
If someone was in Medomsley Cottage home and was infant school age around 1953, where would they have gone to school? or was they educated at the home? if you can help please can you let me know :) thanks
I too, and my brother, were in St Vincent's Catholic orphanage, Torquay, but after WW2, from about 1952-1954. We were not orphans, but our parents were temporarily separated at the time.

Earlier (1946-1948) we were both at St Marist's orphanage near Stroud. I can find no record that this place ever existed. Where can I look to find information on WW2 Catholic orphanages?
Hi I was born at loreto house bembridge villas bayswater Kensington London. Run by the nuns looking to contact birth mother. Or any one who was in that mother and baby home . I was there in 1957 thanks
Hi I am looking for a girl I met at Torpenhow Liverpool late 60 early 70s her name Tina R we wrote to each other a few times I thought it was an hospital I was visiting at the time have only recently realised it was a childrens home any info tinaspeed@live.co.uk
Hi, I am trying to contact Ann H who was living in Nazareth House, Northampton about 55 years ago. If anyone has any information about Ann or where she may be I would be very grateful. At that time my family lived in a little village called Clay Coton in Northamptonshire and we had the village pub there, The Fox and Hounds. We used to visit Nazareth House frequently and at one time Ann came to stay with us. We lost contact when she left Northampton and I often think about her. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Maureen
I am desperately trying to locate a childrens home/Home for troubled girls possibly run by Nuns circa 1930-1960? Possibly in the Cramner Street area of St Annes Nottingham? Or Anyone who may remember a Sister Green? 1940-1960 Nottingham. PLEASE can anyone help me??
Anybody out there who went to ST VINCENT'S ORPHANAGE, MILL HILL, LONDON 1959-1965?
My husband will be 70 next March and he is curious to find out more about a period of his life in the late 50s when he was sent away to a convalescent home in Cheshire called Great Morton Hall. We have tried to find out more about Great Morton Hall at this time, but the only information we can access is its family history. We went on your site, but Morton Hall is not listed there either. Perhaps some former residents may have some information, or if someone could give us some advice on how to find out more information.
Brilliant concept. Our CC denied the past existance of the home and until I visited the hall their records made no mention of its past use. Now they have updated their records. Positive result for me. Found out why I was put in home. Found and made contact with sister after 55 years and am in contact with 4 other recently rediscovered half bros/sis. Even got photo of birth mother. I've no bad memories and life is good. I had the best adopted parents anyone could hope for. But more help is needed when people try to trace their roots after having made sure that they have a realistic view on possible outcomes. Personally , I found the search and discoveries quite amusing what with a double bigamous marriage and the family secrets.
hello i lived in stevenson house in 1971 ish, at edgeworth in bolton, i remeber some freinds and the teachers that where there at the time i was,
Freinds i remember are : stephen m
: robert s
: patric s
: neil w
head teacher : mrs saddler
teachers : sister janet
: miss gainer
: mr breverton sports teacher
the names might be spelt wrong.
if you remeber please comment or contact me on my daughter email: kazy2005@hotmail.com
My Great Aunt worked at a home for unmarried mothers in Wales, possibly Swansea between 1920 and 1930 I am trying to find out more about her. Her name was Janet Dorcas Rhodes
I am looking for people who was in nazareth house from 1977 to 1979 I was there with my brother and to sisters maria Michelle and Kevin hopefully to here from you soon
Trying to find the home that Robert Melia [deceased]was placed in when his mother Sarah Melia died in 1933 in Liverpool. I know that it wasn`t Barnardos. Robert was born in 1922 in Woodchurch, The Wirral.
My grandmother had a nanny to look after her 4 children. I believe the nanny who stayed with the family until she died in 1975, long after the children had grown up. She became my grandmother's housekeeper and later companion. She died 16th Jan 1975 in Exmouth, Devon.
The nanny was ELSIE JOHNSON born 5 th March either 1892 or 1893 in Birmingham. I believe she had a brother who became a sailor and I believe she came from a Barnardos Home.
Obviously because I am not a direct relative, although she was so much part of the family, I cannot obtain information from Barnardos. So any info would be great. My family would love to be able to find out more about Elsie who was such an important person in our family.
Hi there, what a wonderful site, looking for anyone who spent time at Ivybank in Godalming, circa 1958 - 1962..Thornchase in Merrow, or Woodrough in Bramley...would love to catch up with any children who were here..

My name was Dorothy May Laker, I do remember Jessica at Ivybank with the glorious red hair...and Auntie Bonnie, Auntie Kath, Auntie Jane...
Hi . I am looking for anyone that was placed in The Holt, Birstall in the late 70's and earlier 80's or know of any staff that worked there at the time. I remember some Staff Tim Andrews, Alistair Hilton, Sue Jennings, and the owner Tony Stamped. I would like to Thank the staff for everything they did for me whilst I was placed in their care it was the most safest place I ever felt throughout my childhood. I also remember a few of the kids there Alex Drummond, Jody,Nicola. If any one can please help then PLEASE contact me mariabott71@hotmail.co.uk
Trying to contact Kenny Bell. He was at St Albans Church of England's Home for Boys Knebworth between (i think) 1971-1973.

I think he stayed around the Letchworth , Hitchin area. Would be overjoyed to have any news.

I was sent to Kimpton House in Southsea in the late 1960s.
I am trying to find out any information about it.
I was only there for a short-time and went home at the weekends.
I am looking for any information about the Birkdale (Nr Southport, Merseyside) Reformatory institiute where my husband's great grandfather was sent as a 12 year old in the early 1890's.

Hello, my first book Christmas at the Ragdoll Orphanage was published by Penguin Books December 2013. I was left at the orphanage only a few days old and was brought up by the Nursery Nanny who worked their at the time. Her love for the children and the inspirational stories she told me were why my book was written. I had a wonderful childhood and my book is about the best in people and my own experiences in the orphanage. The book turned out to be a Sunday Times bestseller and I am now writing a second book based on the stories of the children who spent time there. I am most interested in finding out information regarding what happened to the children in Nazareth House in Newcastle upon Tyne during the second world war. Mum told me she was not sent out as part of the war effort as she had to stay and look after the young children in the Nursery so they must not have been evacuated. There was also a time I think in the 60's when the laundry house was concerted into a Mother and Baby home. Any information at all on the above would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Susan Lambert
I am trying to find information on a family member who left us in Sheffield in the 1940s to live in a home in the Exeter area run by / called the Church of the Holy Innocents. Billy had cerebal paulsy and we are trying to find his grave to pay our respects. Anyone know of this home or have any ideas / leads? Thank you. Stephen. nicouls@globalnet .co.uk
my mother ivy sly was in the coventry childrens home in 1935 onwards any information would be very helpful
Does anyone have any information of a Childrens Home in Lisson Grove, Marylebone in the 1920s. My mother spent her childhood here, but can't remember the name of the home. She does remember one of the guardians, who worked at the home, was called Mr Sutcliffe. Any information would greatly appreciated.
my mum patula brimson was in Shirley oaks home with her brother Michael brimson in 1950s
I was evacuated during WW2 at the age of 4 to The Liverpool Orphanage, in the lake district.
Hi Mary cassidy
Just to let you know although I can not remember your husbands name I was there from 1948 to 1958 if it is of any help and have many memories of the place.
I am trying to find any records of my grandmother Josephine Richards at Nazareth house in cheltenham or bristol? She was sent there in 1923 when she was 2yrs old.
Looking for information on my great grandfather Adam Badger, believe to have been born around 1858 in Islington. Last known to have living in Islington as per 1871 census and his mother a widow. Immagrated to Quebec Canada, leaving Liverpool May 7 1874. Spoke bitterly about the family.
Forgot to add a contact - I was looking for a Susan Ann Bryant (birth name) who was born at 44 Lordswood Road late 1952 (Lordswood Maternity Home) and adopted before end January 1953 - I think she had been placed at the residential nursery close to the Meternity home. Her birth brother - who was also adopted - is looking to contact. Thanks
Hi - looking for a Susan Ann Bryant (birth name) adopted late 1952 early 1953 from Lordwood, Birmingham. She was born at Lordswood aternity Home and then - I think - placed in the nearby residential nursery. Her blood brother is looking to contact,
i spent a short time in middlemore home selly oak when i was 5/6yrs 1951 and then was sent to shenley fields childrens home (merriland) with my sister jean and later my sister ajaune and brother walter. We had houseparents of Mr & Mrs Platt whoo were truly horrible people with their son Micheal. I was fortunate and went to Bartley Green Girls Grammar school so was really privelidged and cared for . Mr & Mrs Griffin were extremly kind and took me to see my parents and on outings for my education. I was also able to help their son Adrian with his maths for the 11plus exam. My best friend was Christne Cloudsley (nee Bateman) and her parents Frank and Nellie were superb. They looked after the boys in The Trees. Auntie was also their with them. People in Merriland as i recall were Edna Pedley and her brother (Edwin i think) Edward Smith, Irene Woodfield, i can't recall other names at the moment. I was also friendly with Peter Savage, his sister and Elaine Higgins who were in Home 1 I think.When the Platts went we were happy to have Mr and Mrs Sadler with Yvonne and Robert their children. I recall Miss Stallard who bought me a new satchel for my first day at Grammar school and was a lovely dance teacher.
i am wondering if anyone has amy information on Harley road childrens home in Nottingham in the late 1940's to 1955 also the red roof childrens help ome and beechwood all homre are in the Nottingham area information is for my mum patsy ann Irvine she was in these homes from 1947 thanks if anyone can x
Hi, I wondered if anyone attended Strawberry Fields orthanage and maybe one or two more in Liverpool during the late 40s and 50s, my late Mother attended orphanages during this time and I just wondered if anyone out there remembers her, her name was Elizabeth Woods. I am her son and one of the reasons I am posting this request is that I am thinking if someone knew her then they may have been close to her and therefore remember her relationships with the men inher life,I.e. My Father, his name I believe was Jim, Irish decent and already had his own family, my Mother had a fling with him and I would like to know anymore information that someone may be able to give me. I look forward to any replies. Thankyou David.
I'm looking for anyone who lived at the Nazareth House in Plymouth from April 1970 - November 1971.
This is a message to post 294.... My dad was in that home in 1952 his name was john burton does his name ring a bell to you?
On clearing my late mother's home I found a silver cup inscribed on the front with "The Ford Cup. Leopold House School. Reading." On the back it has "Presented by Mr & Mrs W A Ford. Tilehurst. July 1932". Does anyone know anything about this school in the 1930s, please?
trying to trace a former girls home for unmarried mothers in herefordshire in the 1945-50. the home a former convent was in walniut tree avenue, one picture found of a small brick wall where it once stood nothing else, family tree searcher, for my elderly mother who would love some info to add to her memories. she was the very last girl in this home before its closurer many thank .
I was somewhere in Surrey (possibly the Camberley area) during the middle to late 1950's called The Red House, but haven't been able to trace it. I can only remember that I was looked after by either a nurse or nun who wore a white shoulder length cap. I was born in 1954 and went back to North London by the age of 5. If anyone has any information, or ideas on how to find out where I was, and why I was there, please email me on mhpjp@aol.com
Hi I would like to get in contact with anyone that remembers myself and my brother Keith Usher who was taken into olands reception centre in 1965 , 1966 I was about 2 at the time and my brother was 4 . I was the youngest one there at the time and I can remember being in a dormitory in a cot.
Hi I am looking for any information about my Grandfather who worked at the Cockett Homes in Swansea in the fifties and sixties his name was Percy William Clarke .i would be most grateful for any information
Many thanks atc250958@aol.com
I was in erdington cottage homes from approx 1950 to 1953.
I was in a children's home in Kent from 1944/45 until about 1947/48. It was at Cudham Hall near Biggin Hill and subsequently moved to Gillingham in Kent. I am looking for any information about this place and the organisation responsible for running it. I would be very grateful for any help with this.
I was in the North Devon Children's ConvalesentHome at Lynton in 1938 . It was run by Robert Living and a think was Charity home. I still have a Bible signed by Robert which he gave me for playing the Piano each morning for hymn singing.

Hi Raymond

I would be very interested in hearing more as I am writing an article on this home. Could you contact me please?
Many thanks.
Hi I was living in a children's home in Crawley Ifield, in 1971-1972 The home was called 23 Kirdford Close, It you was there at that time you can message me through my face book page please,

Kind Regards Dean
Hello I am searching for my friends sister named Mary Teresa (TESS) nee Johnson born May 1945 in Birmingham Uk, There mother Glady's Johnson died in 1950, we think Mary may have been in a childrens home in Norfolk during the 1950's.

Regards Christine
If you were at Stonepound House in the sixties and seventies and would like to talk to others who were there you can find us on Facbook. Just type Stonepound House in the Facebook searchbar.
I would to obtain the register of children and pictures who resided at Nazareth in Jamaica Plain mass during the years of 1959 - 1963. This may include myself.
Reply to post 249, my mother and her brother were in the temperance orphanage at the same time as you, their names were Patricia and John Collier , been trying to obtain details or records of home been unsuccessful can you help?
I was involved with nazareth house babies home Lancaster in 1956/7. or thereabouts.i am 75 yrs now, and names are a bit vague. I was courting a nurse called mavis grimshaw, and the children called me daddy Gordon. I remember 2 children in particular. one was a 4 yr old coloured boy called alan. I saw him again 10 years later at Lytham nazereth house, and he remembered me. the other was a girl called angela, she had been scalded badly on her legs by foster parents. mavis and I used to take her everywhere with us. isle-of-man, to the lake district. I would be about 17/18yrs at the time. but I will never forget my time up there.