l am looking for information about my mother phyliss maude goode born aug 16 1918 in abergavenny wales. she was in a orphanage there. her mothers name was ginny gowen.
I am looking for any information about my deceased grandmother whose mother was put in the Ormeau Rd, Nazareth house. Names are Phyllis Penhale born 1935. Mothers name possibly Mar Elsie Spencer Penhale.
Does anyone have photos from Barnardos in Birmingham in the mid sixties. I am looking to replace a lost photo of someone who was in Barnardos at that time.

My email is: johnnyboy7772016@outlook.com
SHirley Oaks. Responding to Jo.

I have some information regarding this home in the 20's and 30's as my father was in there.
anyone remember me at the grove 1968, left for America with my dad??
Im trying to look for info on a childrens home in chelmsford I think called lionsmead around 1978,any info pls help as was tild I was there
hi, I am looking for anyone who may have passed through Marshfields mother and baby unit (southport) between may 1941 and june 1942. I am looking for my mums birth mother Kathleen Dorrington from Cleckheaton in Yorkshire and would love to hear from anyone that may have known her. many thanks
Does anyone know of a convalescent home in Walton on Thames back in the 1950's? I stayed at one but can find nothing about it.
Hi looking for anyone who was in channelview childrens home that was in lawrence weston. Staff use to be jane matthews and i think delroy was there as well. Other people were ingrid,louise and darren
My mother was admitted to a Children's Home in Lisson Grove aged two in 1924, following the death of her mother. Unfortunately she can't remember the name of the home only that one of the guardians was named Mr Sutcliffe. Does anyone have any further information? She stayed in the home until she reached the age of fourteen.
I was in the holt birstall in mid 1960,s and in the early 1970,s would like to hear from anyone there at this time...also any one who was in hemp pit hill house woodhouse eves in the late 60,s thank u I can remember some names but not sure hoe else to find people thank u
I'm looking for anyone who knew someone that was resident, at a home in the chinley area of gloss op by the name of rose field it was in the 60 s that I visited, another that my sister attended was chinley hostel, these were homes for people with learning difficulties
I'm looking for anyone who knew someone that was resident, at a home in the chinley area of gloss op by the name of rose field it was in the 60 s that I visited, another that my sister attended was chinley hostel, these were homes for people with learning difficulties
I'm looking for anyone who knew someone that was resident, at a home in the chinley area of gloss op by the name of rose field it was in the 60 s that I visited, another that my sister attended was chinley hostel, these were homes for people with learning difficulties
Anyone know anything about Aigburth Residential Nursery Pond Lane Mile Path Hook Heath WOKING. IT was run by CC.When did it close? Why were infants put there? Etc -----anything anyone knows . Thank you
I spent many years in muller homes between 1957-1974 and only thank God for the home,.this year I am having a family and friends get together to celebrate 30 years of marriage so I must use this chance to thank God for his provision for me and so many others who have been blessed by spending time in the care of Muller;s.
thank you all who continue to help others in need.
hello me and my 2 sisters was there from 1958 to 1966 shenley field was our home for about 8 yrs it holds fond memories i was split from my sisters i new 2 brothers who became my friends but can.t rememember their names all i know those times was hard times we all had jobs to do my 2 sisters names was anita and denise bryant i wonder if any one remembers us...........
Hello. I spent many years in Sir Josiah Mason's Orphanage in Erdington, Birmingham prior to being removed and placed in the National Children's Home. I would very much like to hear from Violet Green, Anne Weeks, Nadine Higginbottom (and her sister) and anyone else who may remember me in the orphanage. I have vivid memories of my years in the orphanage and clearly remember the cold dormitories, ablutions, huge dining room, long corridors, sick bay, staff rooms, church and swimming pool. In fact I remember the complete outlay of the inside of the orphanage and reminisce about it often. I spent about 7 years incarcerated in there. There were 4 Houses within the orphanage....Johnson, Edward, Jevons and Tangy and I was in Jevons House - (sorry if I haven't spelt them correctly but I can't remember accurate spelling). I hope there's someone out there that remembers me....I wore spectacles because of a convergent squint and had to constantly listen to taunts from my peers. I eagerly await a communication from someone who shared my life in the orphanage. Kind Regards, valerie
I am looking for my two Brothers peter and robin Metacalfe we were in Beechholme surrey in the 1950 I was about 6 yo they left and i just stayed till i got fostered out to a family when I was 12 I now live in Australia if you can help please email
Kathleen Puskunigas/Phillips was placed in an orphanage ran by the Nuns of Nazareth in or around Liverpool in 1937. I am guessing it is Crosby. If anyone has any information it would be most helpful.
Thank fully, I was relocated from private Foster care @ 39, St. Georges Cresent, Aycliffe, Dover Kent to Eastry Childrens Home, Nr. Sandwich @ age 8.

Although the Eastry School Headmaster - Mr. 'F' was wicked and cruel to us Boys 'from up the Hill' the Childrens home / Orphanage was a blessing. Mrs Betty Harris (RIP) was like a Mother to us. jwb
Hi i'm looking for a home that my late father was in between 1931-1946 all i know about it is its name 'White Rose Boys Military School' He lived / born in Brighton so am asuming it wa somewhere in London, have tried various conetations of the title but can find no matches please can you help?
kind regards
Fazakerley Cottage Home Merceyside Liverpool Cottage # 13 to age 14 1941
House Mother: Elise Ashcroft-Taylor
Looking for anyone who was also there at this time.
I was a house mother at the cottage homes(the gardens) erdington birmingham. From 1969 to 1974 if any of my children need information or photos and I can help, I would be very willing to help if I can. My home was sunny side.
I lived in suncrest in 1975 1980 my name is Scott carpenter when I left they did me a life book with the other children in it if you was there I would like to contact you and share few words if you want to
This is a brilliant and informative website. I am trying to put together the picture of children's homes in Islington where I exposed the child abuse scandal in 1992. If anyone has any information about these homes from the 50s through to the mid 90s I would like to hear form you
Please email; l.davies@londonmet.ac.uk
I am looking for a boy, born about 1935 in the Leicester area. He was taken as a baby from his ailing mother whose maiden name was Waterfield and married name Roberts, probably by a Dr. Barnardo's person. He would be my half brother.
Fazakerley house Number 13 between the 30's and 40's.
Anyone who remembers myself and my siblings William, Henry & Edna.
I am foster child having been in southampton in former childrens homes bteween 1946 to 1952/3 I am searching for the homes I was in when My mother gave birth to me in Shirley after this she had me for a shrot time and then I went to live in children's Homes onewas Nazerth house , otehrs I am unsure I was born with the name Marie Maloney My Motehrs name was kathellen Maloney she lived in Russel street southampton. I am searching for people that knew her, and also the home/ or homes that any one might have see me there she went on to have 5 children in total.Marie Maloney ( spencer)
i i am the granddaughter of beryl ALESBURY AND I AM LOOKING FOR ANY ONE WHO WAS IN THE WOKING CHILDEN RAILWAY ORPHANAGE WITH HER AND WHO CAN SHARE WHOT IT WAS LIKE LIVING IN THE ORPHANAGE AND whot beryl was like as a child or any one who has pictures of beryl when she was at the orphanage which you can share with me thank you
Hi I was living in a children's home in Crawley Ifield, in 1971-1972 The home was called 23 Kirdford Close, It you was there at that time you can message me through my face book page please,

Kind Regards Dean
I was born on June 3rd 1944 and was adopted in March 1947. Where I was in those trhee missing years I have no idea. The name on my origional birth certificate is Hazel Paul, but `Paul` was taken off when I was adopted. I have tried everything I know to try and find someone, anyone as I have spent over 60 years with no relatives except my 3 children.

My Mothere`s name is Dorothy Burd.
Message for Sheila Graham mentioned in post 236. This is a long shot, but I am trying to trace anyone who lived, worked in Nazareth House, Yelverton in the early 1950's. I was there with my twin Antony David from 1952-1954. Antony died at 5 months. I would like to know what kind of treatment the children received there, I have no recollection of it. If you can help I would be tremendously grateful.
I was in the holt birstall in late 60,s early 70,s then moved to hemppit hill house in woodhouse eaves.. for a while id like to get in touch with anyone who was there at the same time...just be nice to no how ur lives have turned out....I can b reached at pknowles69@talktalk.net thank u my name then was Pauline stanway...
I am looking for any information at all about my grandfather Frederick John Gillott, or Gillett. I've heard he may have changed his name when he immigrated to Canada. He was born in Chiswick, England in 1896 and lived in Horton Kirby Kent, England. My goal is to learn more about his family before he was an orphan. I also know he immigrated to Canada in 1907. Please, any information at all would be helpful.
I am looking for information about my grandfather, who was born in England in 1896 and immigrated to Canada when he was a boy around 11 years old. His name was Frederick John Gillott, or Gillett. Ancestry.com says he was born in Chiswick, England and lived at Horton Kirby, Kent England. Any information at all would be helpful. He died in 1975 - the year I was born. Also his wife and my father have been deceased since I was very young.
I was sent to an Open Air Boarding School in Broadstairs, Kent, at Fairfax House, about 1957/58. I was there for about a year I believe. My best friend was June Chadwick and when my parents visited once a month from Essex in their car. I used to take June (and sometimes others too), out for the day with us in the car, as many children didn't get any visitors.
I would love to track June down to see how her life panned out. Any leads would be very much appreciated, thank you. I now live in Cheltenham, Glos.
My mother, Jean Evelyn Wilson, was at Clacton On Sea during the was with her sister Freda. She then went to a War hostel, got married to Julian Patrick (Pat) White and moved to Australia, then America. Trying to find my roots!
Nazareth House, Hammersmith. I think my mother may have spent her early childhood there. She was born in 1923, adopted in 1933 but possibly left the home around 1930. Her name was Louise Fauste. It was subsequently changed by her adoptive parents to Patricia McCabe. She had no birth certificate and possibly spoke French. I am anxious to know where she spent her formative years. She seldom spoke of them (shame) and was what we would today call 'damaged'. Any guidance would be gratefully received.
any body that was in Nelson cottage dorking in the 1960s get in touch reunion! wood be good idea.michael
Message for Sheila 261

Please do you remember a mary teresa ( tessa ) johnson who was there the same time as you. Her brothers are searching for her.

Thank you, christine
Hello, My brother and myself was placed in Pickering Children's Home in Yorkshire in 1952. Our mother had died. Mother & Father were separated at this time. Would like to know if there are any photos of the building? And if the building is still standing? Appreciate if anyone has this information would be brilliant. Thank you, Susan

My grand father, Gustav Richard Rudolph HAÁG's sister, Mary HAÁG, was shown as the next of kin on my grandfather's brother, Albert Edward HAÁG's military records. Mary's address was given as St. John's Orphanage, Ramshall?? or maybe Vauxhall? - very difficult to decipher the writing. We aren't sure of the date of this notation but it would have to be post-1974 for her to be in an orphanage.

Mary was born January 6th, 1866, at Irby Place, Boston. Her father, Theodore HAÁG, was a concert violinist and so they lived in quite few cities in England.

At age 9 in March 1874 Mary was baptized in Surrey not long before her father's death on Sept 1st 1874.

On January 15th, 1875, Mary, by then an orphan, was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital in LONDON with knee disease, and on April 22nd, 1875, Mary was admitted Cromwell House also in London for with a knee injury. Thus the St. John's Orphanage, Ramshall?? or maybe Vauxhall? could have been in SURREY or LONDON.

On the other hand, Mary's brother, my grandfather, Gustav Richard Rudolph HAÁG, was in St. Phillip's Orphanage on Oliver Road in Birmingham according to the 1881 census. Could the St. John's Orphanage, Ramshall?? or maybe Vauxhall? be in BIRMINGHAM?

Would appreciate very much any information about ST. JOHN'S ORPHANAGE, RAMSHALL?? or MAYBE VAUXHALL??

Thanks for this interesting website.

Marcia Cuthbert cuthbert@total.net

Hello I would like to communicate with anyone who knows anything about the Maryhill Industrial School in the 1880's.
I have been trying to trace Thomas croft from ashtree house Dewsbury we meet at a children's holiday camp in Skegness in the 70's I have never forgotten him and even though it's 40 years later I would still like to know how he is . We wrote to each other for a while after the holiday but then the letters stopped, I hope he's okay and has had a good life . Anyone who knows him can you please show him this, he might not remember me but I still have the copy of the song he wrote me sealed with a kiss x
I'm looking for any records of a Rose Mary Hills who was put into John Grooms orphanage at the age of 5 ( 1919-1920) she remained there for approx. 15 years. Her mother had died and her father was unable to look after her. She had 2 older sisters - Sarah and Henrietta (Hetty). They did not enter the orphanage as they would have been teenagers at the time.
Rose is still alive and well and hails from the East End of London. Now living in Dorset she is keen to see if there are any girls still around.
TYIA Maria
I am trying to trace Angela Perkins who was living in st Giles Childrens home in Winchester in 1958/9.
she was born 3/06/51. my mum wanted to adopt her but was told too old - later 40's although she had me at the same age as Angela. she was foster by Rosie (Irene) & Fred Blackman who had another adopted son Christopher

I would love to be in contact again
Hello. I am looking for where my Mother was raised. She was born in Cornwall. Her name is Barbara Mary Gunn Born October 1928. I was told today she was raised in a nunnery. But I don't know which one. Any information would be very welcome. Thank you.
E mail address. gillianolsen@aol.com

We have been searching for information on the birth parents of our grandmother and our great aunt. Our grandmother was Mary Agnes Archer and her sister, Rose Archer. Mary Agnes was born about 1876 in London and her sister Rose was born in 1879. Both Mary and Rose appear on the 1881 census as living at the orphanage run by the Sisters of Charity in London, England. The Sister I communicated with there states they have no record of the girls being there. They also are shown in 1882 as coming to Canada on the ship Peruvian with apparently a group of children from the Cardinal Manning party. We know the people that adopted both girls although the information is rather sketchy.
Both girls even though they were adopted by parties a distance from each other used the last name Archer in most documentation. Would very much like to know who the birth parents of the girls were and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Nelson cottage dorking,I was at this place through the 1960s can I get in touch with like minded.i give my permision to be contacted michael