I was at torpenhow open air school in early 1950s.would like to hear from any one who has any photos of this time,thank you.
Looking for Graham Papson (foster brother)-last known to be at Cosham Southwick Rd
HI, Im looking to find anyone who lived at Nazareth house- children's home in Northampton between the late 70s and mid 80s when it was closed down.
hello looking to trace anyone who spent time at countesthorpe childrens home in around 1950 and who new ted beryl and mary warner would love to here from anyone kind regards
Hi wonder if anyone can help me Im looking for a place I use to go in the 1970s summer hollidays it was for boys and girls up to the age of 12 i think I use to come from Nottingham we use to meet the bus at Huntingdon school we use to go for 2 weeks it was in Skegness im sure it was a long yellow one story building I cant seem to remember where it is although i go skeggy quite alot anyway thankyou hope we can sort it as I would like to visit the place again thanks again Tony
i was in the cottage homes in bridgend happy time miss you loads uncle petter jan hascle
hi im looking for some of the girls I was in a childrens home with in the 70 it was called summerlands in southsea run by the salvation army if anyone can help.
hi iam trying to find edith leeson who was in cottage homes countesthorpe in the 1940 if anyone knows her or known of her
I was placed in children's home called poachin house in southport around 1972/3 , just trying to find out if anyone else was there at that time, also I vividly remember 2 wonderful members of staff called Thelma and Roy , does anyone remember them?
Reply to Post 137 21 April Ann Lawrence. 1955./1974
Yes your quite right Ann! The Old Building is still there. The newer buildings were to the left, built possibly 1970? But the Old home was around 1860? And was used as Schooling on grounds younger kids. Its still there. The social must be confused. I Know because I use to paint birds and eyes on the building, Grafiti artist. There are Metal old Fire escape. If Johanne is reading this, Please forgive me for kicking that chair at your head, our teacher said something negative, But hope your Okay?!x Mandy.
I was at school with two girls from here Doreen Bradley and Margret o neil at green writhe lane school Carshalton in the 1962 time ofen wonder about them
enjoyed reading comments i was in erdington cottage homes home 12 windyridge with my two younger brothers
I am looking for a James John Wharton of Gateshead, born approx. 1895 and was the son of Henry and "Polly" Wharton (this information I retrieved off of his marriage cert. I have it on good authority that he was turned over by his mother to the Middlemore Emmigration Home in Birmingham and in 1905 he left Liverpool for Halfax, Nova Scotia where he was "adopted" (of "farmed" which was on the passenger list) by a Samuel Hoyt of Bright, New Brunswick. Later on he married my husbands biological grandmother, Ruby Ella Allen in Lower Hainesville, New Brunswick.
So you can see why I am interested in this particular James Wharton. I also understand that the spelling may have been changed Wharton/whorton/worton etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for norris
I am looking for details of the childrens cottage homes in Tavistock Villas. Tavistock Road, Yiewsley Middlesex. The foster mother was Rose Northern in the 1911 census. it appears on the census that my father's half sister was in this home. Her name was Alice Neal, she could also had been known as Alice Butler born in 1907. if anyone knows of Alice and what happened to her and can tell me that would be great. Thank you for your time
Re post 169
I was in Wellington cottage with your father and his brother
Hi. I am trying to find any information I can find about my grandfather HARRY HAYWARD. He died in Melbourne Australia in 1963 which was just before I was born. We believe he was born in about 1902 in the Aston and spent a number of years in orphanages. We haven't been able to find any birth details or which orphanage he was in and when.

The first official record is of him joining the Royal Marine school of music in 1916. We have found in the 1911 census a Harry Hayward who was 9 years old who was boarding with the Neal family in 5 Upper Sutton Street, Aston. I was wondering if he was there as a foster family. Was this house near any cottage homes or orphanages? Maybe Asron a Union (Erdington)? Any help would be gratefully received!

Erdington/Aston is where I live and I have studied the children's homes and cottage homes that were here. My best guess is that the address is that of a foster family as it is not the address of a children's home. Have you tried contacting Birmingham Archives and Heritage (email me and I'll send you the details) as they hold adoption records?
I am looking for my cousin, he was born in 1959, his name when he was brought to the home was Micheal Day, his mum Jean Evans or she could have used her maiden name was Hallam, his fathers name is Bill Day, they came from the Heanor area, please email me if you have any information at dawnmerrett@sky.com
Thank you for reading
Dawn Merrett
My husband was at St Vincents orphanage for boys Torquay from 1942-1953, He would like to hear from anyone who was in the home around that time.He remembers the names Kevin Norris and Michael Kennedy. He has been unable to get hold of any documentation about his background.can anyone help ? Mary cassidy
My husband was at St Vincents orphanage for boys Torquay from 1942-1953, He would like to hear from anyone who was in the home around that time.He remembers the names Kevin Norris and Michael Kennedy. He has been unable to get hold of any documentation about his background.can anyone help ? Mary cassidy
I was in Torpenhow Open Air School for about a year when I was about 8 (1967). I found it a very tough environment, lacking in care or warmth. There was no real education or nursing - my asthma actually worsened and eventually I went back to Alder Hay Childrens Hospital (Liverpool). I remember bullying from staff and other children, also that the girls' dormitory was very cold and cheerless and that I was often hungry! Pretty grim, but I survived! I wouldnt go to a reunion because I dont have good memories of the place, but I would be interested to see the building again. I dream about it sometimes. I also often wonder what happened to the other children.

I was in the Homeleigh orphanage in Horncastle, from the age of 5 or 6 and stayed there until I was 12 years old. After staying in the receiving home for a while I was transferred to Home 10.

It would have been 1952/53 whenn I entered Homeleigh Orphanage in Horncastle and i remained there until I was 12 years old in 1959.

There was about 10 of us lads in there.

Life was really tough for me as I had a bed wetting problem and was punished alomost everyday, but.. I had a strong spirit and I just loved going to school and getting away from the orphanage for a few hours everyday.

I excelled in every sporting activity at school and had the authorities scratching their heads as to why someone so healthy and energetic would wet the bed so often.

There are a couple of lads that I still remember their names, but you ask not to mention names, so I weill respect that request.

It would be really nice to hear from any of the lads that were in Home 10 with me during the above period.

I have lived abroad since 1975 and we are now settled in Bali Indonesian.

Fingers crossed!! Thank you.

Kind regards

Don Spencer
Hi- Reply to Hilary Allen Re The Holt.Birstall Leicester. 1974.
I may have been there then, around that time. Girls block House Mothers were. Janice Meadwell & Dave lived upstairs.(They still live in Birstall Now?!) Then Penny & Louise?. Other girls were Twins Gwen& Peggy. Micheal, Sharon T and Sharon Football mad!. Boys Block. Hedgehog. Pinny. Sean, cannot remember all. But Vary lovly death&Dumb girl she taught me sign language,&Hair Spray,id never had hair spray before. Anyway Hope this Jogs your Memory,Hope they were Happy ones!
I would like to hear from Moira O'C a scottish girl. We were child Inmates at NewField (A Pycology Services.meaning Domestic Services, Live in with school. 5 Dormatarys, Scrubing floors and Laundry. I was no 23 aged 11. And we were in Group C. you slept nxt bed to me! And I thought you were a goast one morning, but it disapeared!. The large house was on Newfields Road, Folshill area of Coventry in 1973. You were always, an ace Rounders player moira, and you never missed a ball!

If anyone Knows of Newfield, or moira Email millianda@googlemail.com
I am writing on behalf of my grandmother, Sheila North nee (Birkenhead) who lived in the Shenley Fields Cottages from 1939 to approximately 1955, give or take a year.

She was brought in as a baby by her parents Ethel Maude Downes & James Birkinhead. Although she is aware of some extended family being in the homes around the same period, she never found out what happened to her parents.

If any one knew of her parents, or of Sheila please contact the email address provided as she would
love to hear from you.

Sheila eventually went on to marry the son of the caretaker, William North who worked at Shenley Fields at the time.

Have you tried contacting Birmingham Archives & Heritage (at Birmingham Library)? They hold the surviving records and your grandmother can apply to see if there are any that apply to her.
I have recently received my late grandfathers care records and he was in a number of children's homes- none of which are listed on this website.
After spending time in St. Marylebone home and St. Mary Abbots Institution as an infant, he was 'adopted' by the LCC and sent to SHIRLEY RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL, CROYDON (later known as SHIRLEY OAKS) in 1934. He was here until being evacuated to Maidenhead in 1939.
As an 11 year old in 1941 he was sent to MILE OAK APPROVED SCHOOL, PORTSLADE (fotrmally Portslade Industrial School) where he stayed until age 14 in 1944.

If there is anyone out there who was in these homes/schools around this time or who have relatives who were, please contact me on mrs_ruberto@hotmail.co.uk
I would like to build up a picture of what his life would have been like as his care records only provide so much. Any photographs would also be great, although I know unlikely.

Hi to Kathy Mason post 200 And Carol Grimer post 199. Hope your keeping the faith! to let you know your not alone, re painful spiral of previous family members in homes. At forteen I must have had some 23 different RIC,s Life was confusing. After a few month on the run, sleeping rough Birmingham and loughborough. I made it to Devon to Live with my mothers sister. I had four Brothers, 2 in Leicester care, Tony and Carl. 2 other brothers Adopted. But I started to learn My Grandmother had been in Orphanges in Jersey FCJ Catholic convent. My Great grandmother Died heart failour/ But she didnt know anymore. She had also a son from rape she had to leave behind(David) Illegal adoptions. But she was lucky to get married in 1936. Moved to England re World war2. Life seemed Okay, Dodging the German Bombs. But it was my Grandfathers 20yr Secret affair with Evacuee, that made my mother go a bit, Wayward, she ran off. So thats how My Brothers and I all ended up in care.
Hi I would like to contact any one who was at St Edwards Orphange Liverpool between 1943 and 1950 ,I am trying to trace a relative who was at the orphanage at that time ,many thanks
I wonder if anyone out there can help me? I was born Veronica Lancake in 1950 in Denton lancashire and spent the first year and a half in a home probably in the Ashton under Lyne area but I don't know. Is there any way of finding out. I have met my natural half brother once and I am sure he knows something but refuses to say as he was sworn to silence by mum and even though she had passed away he is sticking to it. Have I a right to press him to tell.
Post 205 Maxine Sherrard Arrington-
Sorry not sure I know Danny W. But Cindy K sounds familular, If the years were around 1969-1972 We were in no 1 The Cottages, at Countesthorpe on the Drive Leicester?. There was a Diane K, I know she had a sister called Cindy, Then there was Mick. Phill. Vik. Wil. Hope this is of any help. Diane now lives in Exeter Devon.
I looking for former children from Coppersale Children Home near Epping.
I was there from about 1973 until 1978 but my brother was there until about 1985 ish .
I anyone know any children or staff from any year form coopersale would be great email me pjbryant1000@gmail.com thanks Paul Bryant
I have some photos of children living at Aberdare House, West Wykham, Kent ( now London Borough of Bromley). They are unnamed but are good group photos from 1951 I think. I am wondering if they are of any interest to anyone or if somebody can direct me to a place where I might contact people who might be concerned.

Hi Ken
If you send scans to hello@formerchildrenshomes.org.uk we will preserve them, catalogue them and let people know that they exist.
Headcorn Local History Society are trying to find out details of a Children's Home that was accommodated in Headcorn Hall. Formally known as "The Hall" Headcorn , Kent. Children at this home attended the village school in Headcorn during the 1950- 1960 period. Any feedback would be most welcomed..
i was in st marys home in 1959 i am trying to find out why i was there as my parent never told me why
Acording to info from my very elderly mother, at the time I was born (Dec 1957)she became homeless and we and my older brother and sister apparently stayed at some kind of communal home in or near redhill Surrey. I also understand that my mother had to leave after about 6 months although me and my siblings remained in care for a further 9 or so months.
Does anyone know where this home might have been ? The name, location etc ?
As without this we cant begin to hunt for any surviving records.
I had a family member in the Eden Orphanage in Bolton Lancashire back in the later half of the 1930s.
I was told it was not a nice place, I wondered if anyone else had heard this, My family member would have left about 1942 ish. I would like to find out what date my family member entered the Orphanage is there any way I can find this out?
Thank you for taking the time & trouble to read this.
I was at the GTTA Orphanage, known earlier as Marion Park, Green Street, Sunbury, from about 1938/40 until about 1946/47. I would like to contact others who lived there at that time.
I was in nazarth house homes in Swansea back in the 70s I was 5 at the time and my brother robin was 10 just wondering if anyone can remember us we were in there for about a year or two cant really remember any names only a girl who was called agnus if anyone thinks they may know me or my brother please get in contact would be nice to hear from you many thanks sherrie
Hi i was sent to an open school at Frimley,it was in a wooded area,we lived in army huts,from1945 to 1947.I would like to hear from anyone who was there.The teachers names were ?,Mr Robertson,Mrs Adams,&Mr Tangy the headmaster.
nazerath house childrens home in the uk lancaster,i was there from 1978 to 1984.would be interesting to get intouch with anybody also there during these years..
Previous message should read Post 239 John Pryce etc..
my name is gary, i was in a childrens home ; hornchurch essex ,iwas in nelson cottage , between 1977- 1983 ,if any one who was in nelson or the childrens home during the time i was in childrens home this could be fomer residence and staff [social workers] .
Re - post 238 message board,,Plea from John Pryce who was in Kyre park hospital..John i was in Kyre mid' 50s,would that be the same times as you..If indeed so i may have a picture/photo with you on taken in the 'big ward with about 10 of us other boys,,im sure i knew a John Pryce/Price whilst there + i remember many other names also..Please get in touch.. a.pearsall43@btinternet.com ..
This is in return to paul mcpike...trying to get a hold of your brother Corum...please can I have his phone number or his email address...important. thank u.
Our late Mother was taken into temporary care on 14th March 1925- 15th April 1925 to St Margaret's Home, Ferndale Road, Woking, Surrey. Does any one know if the home still exists, if not when it closed, and what number Ferndale Road it was.This was a temporary placement and Mother was sent on to St Andrews children's home, St Simon's Road, Southsea. We can not find any reference to St Margaret's any where. Hope some one can help.
i was in care from birth 1948 and stayed in HONICOTE NURSERY MINEHEAD
WHITEWELL BOYS HOME FROME L would like anybody who was there
contact me thanks ELLISON HOUSE LONDON
Please I was at kyre park hospital for 13 months and I wonder if any one can remember me
Hi my name is John Swanson I was a resident in the nazareth house children's home in the late 1950s I am looking to be in contact with anyone who was also a resident at the nazareth house children's home at the same or around this time . Please feel free to contact myself on valswanson@hotmail.co.uk. Would be really glad to hear from any other resident
Do you know of anybody who resided in Medomsley Cottage Homes Shotley Bridge Consett Co.Durham between 1895 - 1918
The reason I ask is for the last two years i have been searching for soldiers named on the roll of honour board in Medomsley church.Lads who joined the colours and took part in the great war.Can you help any stories or photos you may have.My aim is to to prove that the listed soldiers are not forgotten.This request is on behalf of my father Jimmy Clarke.
On behalf of my mother Sheila Graham who was brought up in Nazareth House Lancashire.then moved to Nazareth House Yelverton Devon as a Nursery Nurse. I am trying to find Ernest one of her babies she cared for around 1954/55. I believe he went back to his birth mother possibly Torquay area.. As my mother is 85 now any leads on Ernest E---- or his family would be of a great help.mother just wants to see Ernest one more time. Thankyou.