I am looking for anyone that knew my mum she was born in 1939 her name was Carol Ann Howe I would be grateful for any info
She went to Edgeworth children's home
Hello this is a long shot , my Father was raised in care in surrey , the only memories he has is being in a home that had houses , a school and house for the person in charge, going by the description it might have been Banstead Cottage homes , he would have been there in the 1930s if there is anyone that knows anything or anyone that was in the home at the time I would be grateful my Father was Brian Hackett(he has given me permission to print name )
Thanks Kathy
Looking for anyone who was at fair lawns, kings croft, allestree, derby from 1984 to 1986
I am trying to find out if an Elsie May Nicholson born Solihull in1911 and the born daughter of Elizabeth Nicholson of Brierley Hill, was adopted by a family named Ball. The father Bertrand was a police officer
I cannot find any adoption as it was pre 1926'
Where could I find possible guardianship records or similar
Hi. I was in Druids Cross children's home in Woolton Liverpool from about 1968 till just before it closed about 1970. My sister and I have very fond memories of the home in particular Rene Carter & Sister Mary Gregson.

Sister Mary kept in touch with us till I was about 16. We visited her when I was about 14 in Blackburne House Lancs. At that visit she set up a screen & showed us hours of cine footage of our time in care. Until then I had only 1 tatty photo. What a joy to see those images. She has since died about 20 years ago but I'm hoping somewhere out there her cine tapes still exist. I know she had a brother in America who was a doctor & a mentally handicapped brother in Lancashire.

Maybe you can help..?.?

Would also love to hear from anyone else who was there.

Thank You.
I am an old boy of the former St George's House, Northern Police Orphanage,Otley Rd, Harrogate.
As webmaster I am always on the lookout for other St George's old boys and girls who wish to make themselves known and re-establish contact with some of their former friends - if you know anyone who went to our orphanage would you kindly ask them to get in touch with me via email: stgeorgesharrogate@gmail.com
Thank you.
Peter Taylor.
Hi I am searching for anyone who was living at St Nicholas childrens home in the middle 1950's to 1961. You can contact me at , (pbrown2054@gmail.com) or phone 01952 594488.

Please I was in kyerpark hospital with tb in the 1950my name than was Susan beare do any one remember me iif so please contact me on susanmeek1948@icloud.com thank you from susan
I am looking for two people who would of been living in a childrens home in Wallasey, I think on Union Rd off Seabank Rd, during the early 1970's if my memory serves me right. I have always thought them to be brother and sister named Debbie and Joey. Debbie was the oldest and used to wear glasses. They were my best friends for the time I was there and I often remember them and wonder how they are and where they ended up?

Please get in touch if you know of them or you are Debbie or Joey and you are reading this now.
HI iam trying to contact anbody who was in St Nicholas or St Magarets Childrens home, Kinsworthy Winchester. I and my brother George Brown lived at St Nicholas. between 1952 and 1960. These are some of the boys who were in the home the same time as my brother and me.Jan Burgess, Alan Hovind, Ronnie Smith, Richard Minter, Ian Ford, Mervin Dan, Michael Green, Earnest May, Laurence King.

Regards Peter.
Hi I am trying to trace some family history on behalf of a close friend whose mother (now deceased) was placed in care in a Family Cottage Home at Aldringham, Leiston, Suffolk in about 1954/5. Her name was Patricia Robinson and she was about 8 years old at the time and we think she remained there until she finished school. She also had a sister in care with her called Yvonne.

Any information regarding the Cottage Home itself or the above mentioned persons would be greatly appreciated....

Yours very hopefully

Robert Brathwaite email: robbrath@hotmail.com
My last message contained an incorrect email address., Here it is again.

I have been searching for the birth record of my Great Grandmother, Laura Matthews, b about 1857. The 1861 Census says she was living in Hillingdon Middlesex, living with a family called Jones as a "nurse child". Would you have any information on how I should find out more about nurse children? Thank you Lesley Wyer (Brisbane Australia)
Hi would like to know if anyone one was in Brandon home in County Durham in the 70, s as my brother Ian kell was there at around 1977 to 1979
My father just passed away.
I am looking for a lady called jill Simone Jeanie surname unknown.
She lived in a big white house in Ollerton Nottinghamshire. She took in my father and his two younger brothers. Unsure of name of house or home
Can anyone pls help.
i would like to find out where my mum was fostered throughout her childhood. she was born in 1953. her name was marjorie margaret mitchel. she was one of 10 children who were also placed in care. if anyone knows any inform please email me. vickywarren242@yahoo.co.uk
I was in hessle homes hessle, Selworthy close Bransholme hull, Coldstream close longhill, spring cottage off ings road i think hull from 1970s to me leaving when i was nearly 16 anyone remember me or the homes ive been to see most of them but have closed now the best one was hessle homes my brother was there and we met 2 brothers who became friends with my brother
hello i was in shenley field cottage homes i was there from 1958 to 1965 i was there with my 2 sisters which they was placed in another house as we could not stay together duz anybody out there remember me
Hi,hart sleep nursey,odium,Hampshire.i'm trying to trace relatives of residents of the area who fostered children out at the week-ends here in 1956-7.
hi,does any one remember lady well nursey,London in 1953-1955,would love to know more,may be photos of the place,thanks.,
braybrook house was part of the cottage homes wednesfield it was the reception /home
you were assessed here and placed into one of the other cottages it later was the last one in use till the homes closed in 1977
I am looking for infromation from anyone who remembers me or my brother, as I believe we both stayed at the cottage homes during the 40s and/or 50s. Unfortunately I do not know the exact home's name.
Fingers crossed - Tony Featherstone Email: stonearch2423@gmail.com
My husband was adopted in about 1943. He was born at St Teresa's in Salford in 1941. We think he might have been transferred to Claughton Hall before his adoption. Is there any information about this place having been used as a "STOP-GAP" for children waiting for adoption and where will records be stored? Thank You.
Hi we are looking for my Nans missing sister who we believe was in the cottage homes in fazakerley liverpool, my nan would have been Eileen Payne and she believes her sister was called Mary Payne, my Nan was born in 1939 and believes Mary was a few years older than her. My Nan thinks she was around 8 or 9 years old when she met Mary at the cottage homes and Mary was around 16 or 17 at this time so maybe around 1947. If you have any information at all please email me fayej14@hotmail.com Thankyou
i was in lane cottage childrens home walton on naze in the late 50s,anyone remember the willsher family
was at southveiw what was part of erdington cottages homes i was at southview from 1970 to 1972 when in 1972 to 1980 i was sent to went number 8 glenedth the staff was pauline hawkins the head aunte rose aunte arm strong aunte lorrine aunte zita anute liderate . i still rember the childrens home only like i was there yesterday i can still see the dinning room leanding in to the kitchen then the long hall way from the front door to the toilets and bath room and the stairs lending to the girls and the boys dormentrees aunte pauline bedroom was in between the two main dormentrees in the bath room was a ba th and a shower in the line was about six bathroom sinks and next door was the toilets the was 4 toilets and the shoe cabinet was oppiste the toilets the kithchen floor was red bricks by the back door was a long brick shed oppisite was a boiler room and the back yard was long and wide with a big wooden fence seperateing the back yards we had a taxi party lucas party on formams road in sparkhill by coach we had the cross keys party at the cross keys pub in erdington on station road at the back the the cross keys was a big stage we had day trips our own wooden hut for weekend discos the church we went to every sunday and we had to go to church on christmas day befor we could open our christmas presents at the cottage homes i learnt to cycle on a chopper push bike what all the boy and girls at number 8 had to share the push bike beening in care was the best time of my life if i could turn back the time i will live my life agin at 8 clenedth we had our own playing feilds where we had a big swing called the wiches hat it was fun to be on and now new homes has been built on the playing fields if any staff who are working at number 8 please dont be scared to e mail me i be happy to talk about great
My father and his two siblings were in this facility cira 1926 for around 10 years. His place of birth unknown. I am trying to trace his family tree. If anyone could supply me with any information regarging entry register to the homes I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
I am looking into the history of my mother boRN in Hampstead Belize London in 1939 I know she was put in a care home and I know she knew Shirley Ann field who went to edgworth children's home my mothers name is Carol Ann Howe would be grateful for any information
I am looking for my cousin John Fleming born 3rd May 1964 in Portsmouth Hampshire, I have been told that he went into The Cottage Homes but not sure where, I would love to get in touch with him.
I'm trying to locate details of Nor House in Bristol which was where some children from Downend went to after it closed. I can find no reference to it at all. Can anyone help please?
Looking for info on the Victoria Orphanage, Shirland Road, Paddington or where I could find records for children who were in this facility

Maureen McKillican
i am looking for information about staff an children in cranbourne cottage home during the 1950/1960 s
Hi,I see your interested in nelson cottage,Dorking,I emailed my help to the link on here but the message came back on my iPad,can't conect to subscriber?
Hello I'm looking into my late mothers family history and have just found her father John Sumner born circa 1906 was in the School at Hartley Road, Nottingham according to census he was approx 4. Why were children out in here and where did they go as rumour has it he ended up in Canada? Any help/comments appreciated. Thank you
nelson and Hampton cottages,Surrey. was any one in there 1961 through the 1960s,would like to be in touch.also I have a lot of information today on these homes if you need help.
My Grand Father was in a home called Middlemoore home I noticed the children all had ther pictures

Taken If so His name is James Gilbert Moore If you have a picture of him as a Child could I see it Thank You so Much Nancy
Hi I am looking for information on the old children's home that was Strawberry Field in Liverpool . I have found the usual photographs from the Internet of the old building but no more . I would be interested in the running of the home etc and any internal photographs..
Thank You
My mother was an inmate at the Princess Louise home for girls at Kingston upon Thames. Her name was Winifred Ann Steward she was there from about 1920 and left in mid 1929. Cannot find any of home records. but do have other information
anybody else out there thatwas at shawbury school between 63 65
I was brought up in a childrens home in counterthorpe in leicestershire. i was just wondering if the house i lived in as a child is still there
I have tried to e mail Rinaldogozdek@aol.com many times after reading your message. I would really like to make contact on my husbands behalf. Not sure how to go about it ?
can any of the readers of this site give me any information of Hartley road childrens home in Nottingham in the 1940~50's ,my mum and her brothers and sister went into it got split up all avenues we go down inform us everything was burnt
hi i am seeking info on homes think catholic for ilegitimate! babies in glos 1950s - i was in 1 in 10952 but no further info ..thanks liz i was known as jane hobbs .
Trying to find information about Footherley home, Shenstone near Lichfield, date 1957.
This is a message to Anne Willdridge I have tried to send you many emails but it will not send. Can you please send me a contact email address to Zoestallard@outlook.com. Thanks
would you know anything about violet bowden admited about 1917 until1925 at styal homes hope you may be able to help ilive in oregon usa
Looking for anyone that resided in fairlawn childrens home derby in 1989/90.
I remember colne cottage in cromer when i was 5 years old when a Mr and Mrs wallace ran it with a copper stick.
Hi I am trying to find out how I get access to some care files from Fazakerley Cottage homes. My friend Peter Hargreaves was put here when here was found in Liverpool in 1945. Peter's parents just left him by the hospital and he wasn't registered as a baby so we are trying to get him a birth certificate for a passport. We need to know who to write to for the records about his so called parents because he is only believed to be Peter Hargreaves and his parents are believed to be Anne Hargreaves. We are trying to get the records to try and get him records to prove to the registry office that he was found at the hospital and then put into the cottage home. I would be very grateful if anyone has any information about how I get the care records. I have been on the internet and read loads but still got nowhere. Please contact me on zoestallard@outlook.com
I have a general question. The parents of my ancestral family in Birmingham died in 1839 and 1841 leaving seven children. I have been able to trace most of the older children but not the two youngest aged 5 and 3. The family was not poor as the father (William) had been part owner of a brass foundry. However, the rest of the family appeared to shun William and his descendants became labourers living in back-to-backs. I searched the censuses, BMD indexes, Ancestry, Findmypast and everywhere I could think of. A problem is that the surname is very common.
Can anyone comment on the practices of the 1840's in Birmingham of dealing with orphans in the situation described above and suggest what records may be available. Thanks for any help.