I have only just discovered this useful site. I am trying to find photos of children in the Nazareth Home Pembroke Street off St Clements Oxford. At least that is where the entrance for the Children was. But there was also an entrance on the Cowley Road Oxford. I was placed in this home with my sisters Fortunately, we were not in there for long, according to my elder sisters. Though they do say we were placed in there twice. I was too young to remember. But I do remember things that happened there.
Post 373 what time frame were you in the cuntersthorpe cottages my mother was there 56/57 apparently they are now beautiful apartments
My name is David Reavill & my elder brother Ken & I were placed, by the KCC, at The Leys, Manston in, I think, 1957 when our family broke up.
My maiden name was Doyle . Me and my late brother Peter Doyle .was in the cottage homes in coopersale .epping . Between 1964 to 1968. Looking for any one who might have been there around that time.
St Margaret's National School, St Margaret's Street Rochester. Does anyone know, please when the school closed and was purchased by King's School, Rochester? I am doing research into St Margaret's Parish Workhouse which is the same building.

Grateful for any help, please.

St Margaret's National School, St Margaret's Street Rochester. Does anyone know, please when the school closed and was purchased by King's School, Rochester? I am doing research into St Margaret's Parish Workhouse which is the same building.

Grateful for any help, please.

Wallingford Cottage Homes Berkshire/Oxfordshire.
Anyone with any relatives who were boarded there in 1936 to 1944. My Mum was there at this time.
I am looking for anyone who was in Strawberry Fields in the 60's. around 1961 to 1966. I was part of the Taplin family who spent around 5 years there. There was 7 of us in the Taplin family who were there.
A happy ever after story:-) My husband seemed destined to end up in a home. His mother and her sister were both put into a home as soon as they were 5. His mother had a daughter and she was put into a home as soon as she was 5, then she had my husband and he was put into a home all in Liverpool England. Long story short my husband migrated to Australia, we married and had 3 beautiful children they are all well educated, they have great jobs in Travel, Construction and the Law. The Lawyer married a Lawyer and we now have a beautiful grandson who adores Grandpa. I often say to 'Grandpa" when you were running around the streets of Liverpool as a young lad you.
could not possibly have imagined what a turn your life would take and how happy we would be.
After 65 years we found his sister (who also put her son into a home!) and brought her out to Australia for a holiday, after several visits she died in 2005. My husband is now 83.
I am looking for any photographs of Melrose, special School, Balby, Doncaster. I worked there in the early 1970s as a class room assistant, and would love to hear from anyone else who worked there in the early 1970s who I may well remember.
Heather Graham
I was in a children's home near birmingham, around 1954... I think it was skilts, does anyone have information about this home....many thanks elaine
I was in Shirley oaks childrens home, along with my sister tina and brothers . max, tony, and max. my sister and myself were in cherry cottage, while my brothers in ash, in the 1950s.i remember a few names, there,any one remember, the partridge's.
I am trying to find out about West Kirby Convelsant home for Children. I was there as a child and would like to find where the records would be kept. Can anybody help?
Many thanks
i am looking for david simpson, born 1949 who was in medomsley cottage homes in the 1950's, if you have any info please get back to me at girliegiggles@msn.com, thank you
Susan Richardson cuntersthorpe cottages 1955/56 looking for anyone who knew my mother she is mixed race an was in the cottages from age8/9 till she was 14 I have photos from her time there
My mother was in cuntersthorpe cottages in 1955/56 her name is Susan Richardson she's of mixed race she was around 9 when she went an stayed till she was 14 we have some photos of trips out an a group photo looking for a
Hi. Anyone who lived in Field House, Harpenden, Hertfordshire 1960 -66? I'd like to hear from you. I was there for 3 years.
I was at Broomhays Manor from 10th January - 8th April 1965 I would love to hear from anyone that was there at that time. The Matron's name at that time was M. L. Douglas I still have some surviving photos that were sent to my parents before I departed for Broomhays, also some of the surviving letters, and postcards sent from Matron to my mother, a few other mementos are a sea shell, and a Christmas stocking ornament off a Christmas tree that was given me at Easter when we had a wonderful big Easter egg after lunch, we all said that one day we would all return to Broomhays yet it was only recently that I was able to fine out where it was, although the building still exists. I would love to meet or hear from anyone that was there during this period it often feels so lonely now all these years later as if I am the only survivor although I am sure that there are others out there please make contact, I am currently writing my life story that I hope to get published in the not too distant future.
Forgive me''''''I spent today talking with avery old man who was beft in a carton on a street in Brooklyn, New York...As the Brits say one thing led to another hence this email...I AM NOT PROUD OF WRITING THIS>>>THIS SUBJECT HAS TORMENTED ME FOR COUNTLESS YEARS.
The Downend Homes..The occupants were know locally as the Homes Children....I attended Downed Junior School located next to the church/cricket field in the late 30's. I was not an orphan but the Homes Children were part of the school life. Above I write shame....They were not abused to the best of my child mind but they were completely ignored. At "play time" they stuck togethewr as one and to the best of my frail mind they always sat at the back of the class (again Together)..Sad to say we never said a woed to them...They did not exist. Their clothing was a serge army type horrible shorts , black as far as I remember and a (using the brit word Long sleeved heavy duty cardigan/sweather. I think the girls had long coarse woollen stockings and coursely amde dresses.

After I acn out of the army I asked around and the general concensus was they had been shipped to Australia.................Treatment metted out in Au has been well ducumented. I have personal friends whose parents and their friends took in these innocent children....Enough on that subject.

My brain is very, very rusty and I am old with too many medical problems to be able to pin point more concisely or precisely.....I believe the Homes were still operational when the plane went down on Bromley Heath road, not too far away.....For the past 50 years I know nothing whatsoever about Britain as i have lived in South America so bear with any shortcomings.....Regards juan
I was in lane cottage children's home from 1999 till it closed and we moved to the lodge in little clacton, I have been trying to reconnect with the guys that were there around the same time as me (Ross, Wendy, Charlotte, Lisa, Sam, Shaun, Steven, Christina) I know it's a bit of a
One shot :)
i was in the cottage home in the late 50.s but cannot remember where it was please can someone help
I am trying to find more information about my grandmother, known to us as Lilian Carling. We do not have a birth certificate for her but believe she was born about 1910 in the North of England. We have no record of her parents or other family and cannot find her on the 1911 census.

She told us that she was in some sort of residential dance school from the age of 3 until she was about 12 when she moved to live with a family in Southport and started at St. Marie's School there. An attack of rheumatic fever had apparently scuppered her chances as a professional dancer.

I would like to find any record at all of a 'dance school' operating as a children's home, particularly in the north west of England.

Has anyone else come across such a place?

I am trying to find the name of a children's home in the Dingle area of Liverpool in the 1920's if anybody knows anything I would be really grateful
Thank you
Sharron x
I am trying to find the name of a children's home in the Dingle area of Liverpool in the 1920's if anybody knows anything I would be really grateful
Thank you
Sharron x
Any info on the Royle,s in the Fazakerly cottage homes liverpool
I was in skilts home around 1951... From birth ...not sure for how long.........
My mom and other children....Lived in nechells birmingham 99 Willis st
I worked as a Community Service Volunteer at a privately run children's home in Finchley, North London in 1973. I have trawled the internet but can find no mention of this home. I'm fairly sure the address was 33 Etchingham Park Rd. The people in charge were a Miss Cook and a Mr Bartlett. Do these details ring bells with anyone?
I was in a children home in Enfield in the 1960 cannot remember the name of the home would like to talk to anyone who was in there when I was thanks
Sorry the childrens home he stayed at was called Shenley Fields Cottage Homes
I am taking my dad Cedric Dent who was a resident here in the 1940,s back to Birmingham on monday tuesday the 1st 2nd november to visit some of the places he lived as a child .we are traveling from Portsmouth so if anybody remembers him and a fancies a cup of tea and a chat please contact me on my mobile 07867 526771 or email mickeydent44@aol.com ,we can travel to you no problem
Thank you
I spent time at saint marys broadstairs kent in 1956-57 and would like to meet my friend who gave me chicken pox, I have thought of him through my life and would love to contact him again, I know I am asking for a miracle. so I will leave it in gods hands,
I am looking for any information on my grandmother Alice Osborne who was sent to Canada in 1905 on the Dominion at the age of 11 (Barnardo Home Child). She may have been traveling with a sibling/relative (male) W. Osborne aged 15 ... she passed away long before I was born and I would love to find out where she came from, why she was sent to Canada, who her parents were etc

Thank you
Hi I was in Channel View Children's Home, Lawrence Weston in 1983 and 1984. I am looking to see if anyone remembers me. Viv was the manager. Kevin, Sarah, Debbie, Michelle and Dean was there with me. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

I was placed in Florbrow, Stapleton, Bristol around 1984. Carol, Tanya, Sharon was there with me. Jean was the manager at the time. Again as above would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

I am looking for any information regarding the Wright - Kingsford children's home in Finchley in the 1900's. Any info no matter how small would be very much appreciated.

kind regards


email stjohn100@hotmail.co.uk
hi.. Im trying to find any information about the Wright-Kingsford Childrens Home in Finchley in 1900's.

Any information however small.. would be very much appreciated.
I am trying to find records of two of my mother's cousins. They were Frederick Evans (b 28 Jul 1910) and Winifred Evans (b 20 Mar 1912) - their parents Ellis Evans and Sarah (nee Price). Fred was born in Ellesmere Port, which is where Sarah's family lived. Winifred was born near Newcastle in Emlyn, Carmarthenshire in south wales, which is where Ellis's family was from - although latterly they lived in Toxteth, Liverpool.
Sarah died on 1 Apr 1915 in Warrington. Their father Ellis was away in WW1.
I have found records relating to Fred in Nova Scotia, Canada and it is certainly him, details of marriage etc, there are records of emigration of boys including a Fred Evans in 1920 and another in 1924, not sure if one or neither is the right fred but he certainly went to Canada. I believe that he was in a party of boys when he emigrated as a farm worker - and I believe that the home was an "Annie Macpherson' home. Do you have any details of these homes?
Secondly in the case of Winifred i have no idea what happened, i have not found a marriage or a death but family history has it that she did not go to Canada. The home that Fred was in seems to have been a boys' only home. Would there have been an equivalent home for girls in Liverpool - Winifred would have been three in 1915 when her mother died and so probably would have gone into a home at that time. I am still shocked that Sarah's family did not take in the children - especially her two sisters who were married and lived nearby when she died - anywhere there we are - I wonder if you can help.

many thanks
I and my three brothers and sister,were at Nazareth house,Preston, in September, 1964. We were the only Asian looking family there. Do any staff members/ everyone have photos of us, from this year. Are middle brother died recently and we have no photos of are younger years.

Thank you

Anthony,Philip,Roseann, Margaret & RIP-brian
My 1st cousins once removed, Edith Joan Vallentin, and Howard Fitzwater, both went to the Middlemore Homes in Weoley Park Road, I have since made contact with Edith Joan's son, Gordon, in Canada.. The ironic thing about it, is that did not happen until I came to live here in Turves Green, and for nearly twelve years, I lived in Weoley castle, 1999-2011, I often wonder how many times I passed that building and never knew what it was, before it was knocked down...it should have been made a listed building...what a lost opportunity.
am trying to trace any details of Brentwoods School Southport in 1935.Are there any lists of residence at all. My Uncle married Abigail Morgan living at Brentwoods School Southport in 1935 in Wigan. Am trying to trace any details of her this is the only clue we have. Can anyone help at all .Any help would be appreciated
I have a copy of my Uncle's marriage to Abigail Morgan in 1935 in Wigan Lancashie.On it she states she is from Brentwoods School Southport .Her father was henry marriage does not state if he is deceased .Can anyone inform me of any details of this place or if she was likely to be working or livng there.Are there any kinds of list for that time that I could view and find out more information.
Anything at all would be appreciated
I was in a childrens home in Hornchurch about 1946 to1950 and I went to bush elms school but I cant find any info on them can anyone please help thankyou
I am looking for my great grandmother Clara Lillian Selenger who was put in the Roman Catholic Orphans Asylum in San Francisco when she was 15 approx. in the year 1900-1901 I don't know which home it would be but it was in San Francisco.
Thanks so much
We are looking for Marjorie and Franklin Down born we think in Derbyshire whose mother was Evelyn. Marjorie was in a Children's home for a while (3 months ?) between the years 1941 and 1946 with our step brothers, Alan, Arnold, Nevil, Reginald (Reg) and Peter.

If you know Marjorie and Franklin or any relatives we would be so pleased if you would get in touch.

With thanks Julia and Susan EMAIL: sdsmd19@gmail.com
I was at Hunters Hill 1948/49.Can't recall teachers names,but can still see their face. Left a big impression on me.
Anyone out there still alive and wants to reminisce.
Hiya my name is Nicola and I think you may be able to help me. me and my housemates are currently residing At 24 Salisbury street wa1 3as and we've all been experiencing strange goings on. We've seen a woman walk the downstairs hallway and we've heard children talking and laughing. Please could you help us find out some background information and weather any deaths or tragedies happened here. We understand it was previously st George's home for boys but this is all we know.
Look forward to hearing back from you. Any information or photographs would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards.
Please email me on nicfletch89@hotmail.com.
Thankyou in advance.
hello, i am looking for any information on my great uncle john gould (could have been jack), born 1923. he was born in the west bromwich area to ann marie gould (nee powell) to an unknown father. although my great grandmother was married to a joseph gould. i have some info that he was shipped to australia on the Ballarat ship on 13th April 1934 when he was just 10 years old. but i would like to know which cottage home he was in before that. thank you. jackie
I was a resident at Starfield children's home in Holt, Trowbridge between the year of 1960 - 1969. I'm trying to find any information, records, people during these years. Can anybody please help me out. mikmik129@hotmail.com
I was in Colne Cottage Cromer around 1960 for about 2 years and always wondered what happened to my friend Freddy and an older girl called Valerie. I am happy to have hear from anyone that may have been there when I was there terryhicks5@sky.com
I'm trying to find Matthew Dorset.
The son of Mary Theresa Lee- My brother-
Long shot- Browning Street.Bermondsy SE1
Please help- He would be 49 yo.
I was adopted which led on to abuse...
I just want to find my brother.