hi i am seeking info on homes think catholic for ilegitimate! babies in glos 1950s - i was in 1 in 10952 but no further info ..thanks liz i was known as jane hobbs .
Trying to find information about Footherley home, Shenstone near Lichfield, date 1957.
This is a message to Anne Willdridge I have tried to send you many emails but it will not send. Can you please send me a contact email address to Zoestallard@outlook.com. Thanks
would you know anything about violet bowden admited about 1917 until1925 at styal homes hope you may be able to help ilive in oregon usa
Looking for anyone that resided in fairlawn childrens home derby in 1989/90.
I remember colne cottage in cromer when i was 5 years old when a Mr and Mrs wallace ran it with a copper stick.
Hi I am trying to find out how I get access to some care files from Fazakerley Cottage homes. My friend Peter Hargreaves was put here when here was found in Liverpool in 1945. Peter's parents just left him by the hospital and he wasn't registered as a baby so we are trying to get him a birth certificate for a passport. We need to know who to write to for the records about his so called parents because he is only believed to be Peter Hargreaves and his parents are believed to be Anne Hargreaves. We are trying to get the records to try and get him records to prove to the registry office that he was found at the hospital and then put into the cottage home. I would be very grateful if anyone has any information about how I get the care records. I have been on the internet and read loads but still got nowhere. Please contact me on zoestallard@outlook.com
I have a general question. The parents of my ancestral family in Birmingham died in 1839 and 1841 leaving seven children. I have been able to trace most of the older children but not the two youngest aged 5 and 3. The family was not poor as the father (William) had been part owner of a brass foundry. However, the rest of the family appeared to shun William and his descendants became labourers living in back-to-backs. I searched the censuses, BMD indexes, Ancestry, Findmypast and everywhere I could think of. A problem is that the surname is very common.
Can anyone comment on the practices of the 1840's in Birmingham of dealing with orphans in the situation described above and suggest what records may be available. Thanks for any help.
I am desperate to contact anyone who knows of or was in Woodstock Children's Home, Harold Wood, Essex.
I was in this home during the sixties and was quite content there. But I have hunted the internet for many years to try and find some reference to this place but have never found anything about it, it's like it never existed!
It was run by a lovely couple called Jack and Joan Papworth and had a mixed population of about 32 kids, ages ranging from about 8 - 15.
We went to different schools around the area, I along with a few others went to Redden Court SM School in Harold Wood.
I anyone can help, please contact me - mail@michaelpope.co.uk
My name is Alan Moore Parkinson and I was living in Farningham in 1955
my mother Phyllis Alice Margret Parkinson was a house mother there ,
I am looking for anyone that may have been here or remember myself or my mother around that time
l was in a childrens home in bamber bridge preston in the 1970s but l cant remember the name of the home l was about 7 years old and l was with my sister joan she was about 10 my sister wont talk about it so l hope someone can help our maiden name was Mc Guinness and we came from kirkby in liverpool l cant remember how long we was their for but l remember having a birthday their but not much more l also remember a boy called steven solloman not sure if its spellet like that if any one can remember us please can you send any information about the home. thank you
Hi rinaldo, so pleased to read your message. Ian was there from 1942 to 1952. Left to find work in London.Was at Abbey Rd school. Sister Monica has a lot to answer for. Please e mail me.
Hello I was at st Vincent's in mill hill from 1958-63 with my 5brothers and sisters, Helen, Christine, Dermot, John and Katy carrot. Maiden name was Cullinane. I remember going to Dimchurch on holiday and blue Peter coming to visit. The girls were in Holy Angels and the boys were in Sorta House. Would love to hear from anyone there at the same time as me. I remember Norreen, Avril and Molly and lovely sister Veronica. Feel free to email me if you were there annmarsham62@Gmail.com
North Lancashire Reformatory (Bleasdale House). My 2x grandfather was 'staying' here for some time in 1901 aged 12. No records were kept and I have gathered what information there is available on the web. I am now just chancing my arm that someone might have some more information about the facility!
Re post 351 I can only tell of the existence of two children's homes in Hessle;

Hesslewood House which which, in 1920, was purchased by the Hull Seamen’s and General Orphanage to provide accommodation for the orphan children of seafarers. The children visited the House in 1920 and the girls moved in January 1921 with the boys following in February. Some changes to the building were made but the main central block of the house remained intact and still is. However, the house proved costly to run and keep in good repair thus proving to be too expensive for the organisation and was closed in 1985. Hesslewood House is now a care home.

Hessle Cottage Homes were opened in 1897 on Hull Road, Hessle and were run as the children’s home of the Sculcoates Poor Law Union. They received ‘all children between the ages of 3 and 16 to whom the guardians grant Institutional Relief.’ Unfortunately records of residents have not survived. However, within the Hull History Centre there is a collection of letters relating to incidents at the homes, entitled Hessle Cottage Homes, at L.362.73 which can be accessed in the centre’s searchroom. It appears they closed prior to 1966
I am looking for information for my mother who was adopted from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1952. Her mother was called Louise Piper who lived at Pitville Lawns, Cheltenham as far as we can gather from census records. I have recently discovered that there was a mother and baby home on this street after a bit of research. Does anyone have any info on this home or info on how the women lived? Regards, Maria
I moved to Lane Cottage (walton on naze) in 1999 then as it shut down we all moved to The Lodge (Little clacton) in 2002, Does any one remember Su Tarini (manager lane cottage) or Pat Hayley (Manager the lodge) would love to hear from anyone that was staying there when I was there!!
328 I was in mill hill orphanage 1958/1963 plus my 5 brothers and sisters.went to church in the holidays. Blue Peter came to the home .max braves came one year.my maiden name is culminate.sister Gabriela used to call us the complainants . Would love to hear from anyone that can remember us.
I am looking for a childrens home in the Birmingham area in the 1880s or 1890s. My mothers step-grandfather was there. Apparently it was run by nuns.
please could you tell me of any childrens homes in hessle as I was in one in august 1966
My brother and I were placed into Barnardo's in about 1958. We were lucky that we stayed together and, eventually, were even adopted together. However, our sister Kay was placed elsewhere. Unlike Barnardo's, which has an excellent policy of providing historic records, the privately run home into which Kay was placed has proved pretty much untraceable.

Kay knows that it was a fee-paying home, and that it was situated in or near Hockley in Essex. She believes she might have heard that the house itself was burned down or demolished some time ago, and that housing has been built in what were the grounds.

Does anyone have any memory or knowledge of the children's home Kay was with? There are some years of her life which are simply missing, and of which she has only a few scattered memories. Any help would be most welcome!
hi, my grandad was in nazareth house lasswade for many years until he got married in 1938. There has been much secrecy within the family about it. What i wondered though is, i am baffled by the fact that that took him to the age of 28yrs old when he got married. Why would he stay in their care until that age? Was that the norm back then for care homes if someone wasnt yet married then they would remain there?? i would appreciate any opinions that give me a better insight as to why that would be or how the system worked back then please? would sisters of nazareth still hold information from the 1920's and 30's??
would love to find my friends from the harris x
Looking for anyone that may have memories of my great aunt, Sister Mary Bosco, she taught at St Patricks open air school at Hayling Island from 1939 to 1960.
lane cottage/ house, walton on the naze. anyone remember willsher family 1961-1964 or mrs. bray who ran the home?
ime looking for any information on a building on Sussex street ls9 8np it has an inlaid stone that says perseverence building I am thinking perhaps it was an old ragged school because of the lay out four floors which include the basemen! it's a very basic building no Victorian features at all?
i have a collection of photos and some people are taking them off sites i put them on and puting there names on them. ie bands from saint edwards orphanage.i don't mind them doing it but they must let the orphans have copies of them.

I am searching for a photograph of Aberdare House, West Wickham (was Kent, now LB Bromley). My grandad was placed there in the 30s or 40s and remained there for some time and he would like a picture.

Ken (post 254), I note you have a picture. If there is any way that you could assist, I would be extremely grateful.
st martins girls home herefordshire, for unmarried mothers. trying to trace any info .family history searcher ,my mother was there in 1944-1960. 100 year seceacy order hereford local history informs. have 1 photo of home. anything would be great, my mother has much to say about this home? sadly hereford has hidden this part of its history . many thanks . pam smith
Looking for contact with people who lived at St Catherine's Convent aka Druids Cross Liverpool UK, run by the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent De Paul, at the same time as I was there, (1959 - 1965) Love to hear how you are doing!....email jezerah124@gmail.com
Many happy days spent at Penkhull cottage homes and holidays spent at Southport.
I was in there from 1943 until 1951 as an orphan.
Would like to make contact with former resident
Born susan Anne bryant at 44 lordswood rd and adopted. Was unaware of any full blood siblings only half sisters who I believe emigrated to Australia in 1953. Got any more detail?

About 1963 to 1964 i only have vague memories of the school rather like pieces of jigsaw? i suppose it was because i was only seven at the time, I remember playing football, going swimming and the school that i attended looked more like a green-house on stilts oh and by the way that`s gone now, and I also remember the moles in the fields that were hung up by the caretaker? I also recall three names of the dormitories, they were rose, thistle and butterfly,I can only recall one of the nurses names which was staff nurse parry, Does anybody know any other members of staff at this period of time? and am also right in thinking that there is a school song which began at first we come to torpenhow to the music of the happy wanderer? Can anybody help me by filling in these gaps.
About 1963 to 1964 i only have vague memories of the school rather like pieces of jigsaw? i suppose it was because i was only seven at the time, I remember playing football, going swimming and the school that i attended looked more like a green-house on stilts oh and by the way that`s gone now, and I also remember the moles in the fields that were hung up by the caretaker? I also recall three names of the dormitories, they were rose, thistle and butterfly,I can only recall one of the nurses names which was staff nurse parry, Does anybody know any other members of staff at this period of time? and am also right in thinking that there is a school song which began at first we come to torpenhow to the music of the happy wanderer? Can anybody help me by filling in these gaps.
Looking for information on my father who was put into care around 1945 his name was Stuart Bright ,he was from beckenham in kent ,before he went into care he had been in hospital for sometime ,does anyone know of a name list for children admitted to home ,I would be most gratefull if anyone has any advice on how to search.
i was in shirley oaks
from 1960 to 1966 and looking for old freinds
from that period
If someone was in Medomsley Cottage home and was infant school age around 1953, where would they have gone to school? or was they educated at the home? if you can help please can you let me know :) thanks
I too, and my brother, were in St Vincent's Catholic orphanage, Torquay, but after WW2, from about 1952-1954. We were not orphans, but our parents were temporarily separated at the time.

Earlier (1946-1948) we were both at St Marist's orphanage near Stroud. I can find no record that this place ever existed. Where can I look to find information on WW2 Catholic orphanages?
Hi I was born at loreto house bembridge villas bayswater Kensington London. Run by the nuns looking to contact birth mother. Or any one who was in that mother and baby home . I was there in 1957 thanks
Hi I am looking for a girl I met at Torpenhow Liverpool late 60 early 70s her name Tina R we wrote to each other a few times I thought it was an hospital I was visiting at the time have only recently realised it was a childrens home any info tinaspeed@live.co.uk
Hi, I am trying to contact Ann H who was living in Nazareth House, Northampton about 55 years ago. If anyone has any information about Ann or where she may be I would be very grateful. At that time my family lived in a little village called Clay Coton in Northamptonshire and we had the village pub there, The Fox and Hounds. We used to visit Nazareth House frequently and at one time Ann came to stay with us. We lost contact when she left Northampton and I often think about her. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Maureen
I am desperately trying to locate a childrens home/Home for troubled girls possibly run by Nuns circa 1930-1960? Possibly in the Cramner Street area of St Annes Nottingham? Or Anyone who may remember a Sister Green? 1940-1960 Nottingham. PLEASE can anyone help me??
Anybody out there who went to ST VINCENT'S ORPHANAGE, MILL HILL, LONDON 1959-1965?
My husband will be 70 next March and he is curious to find out more about a period of his life in the late 50s when he was sent away to a convalescent home in Cheshire called Great Morton Hall. We have tried to find out more about Great Morton Hall at this time, but the only information we can access is its family history. We went on your site, but Morton Hall is not listed there either. Perhaps some former residents may have some information, or if someone could give us some advice on how to find out more information.
Brilliant concept. Our CC denied the past existance of the home and until I visited the hall their records made no mention of its past use. Now they have updated their records. Positive result for me. Found out why I was put in home. Found and made contact with sister after 55 years and am in contact with 4 other recently rediscovered half bros/sis. Even got photo of birth mother. I've no bad memories and life is good. I had the best adopted parents anyone could hope for. But more help is needed when people try to trace their roots after having made sure that they have a realistic view on possible outcomes. Personally , I found the search and discoveries quite amusing what with a double bigamous marriage and the family secrets.
hello i lived in stevenson house in 1971 ish, at edgeworth in bolton, i remeber some freinds and the teachers that where there at the time i was,
Freinds i remember are : stephen m
: robert s
: patric s
: neil w
head teacher : mrs saddler
teachers : sister janet
: miss gainer
: mr breverton sports teacher
the names might be spelt wrong.
if you remeber please comment or contact me on my daughter email: kazy2005@hotmail.com
My Great Aunt worked at a home for unmarried mothers in Wales, possibly Swansea between 1920 and 1930 I am trying to find out more about her. Her name was Janet Dorcas Rhodes
I am looking for people who was in nazareth house from 1977 to 1979 I was there with my brother and to sisters maria Michelle and Kevin hopefully to here from you soon
Trying to find the home that Robert Melia [deceased]was placed in when his mother Sarah Melia died in 1933 in Liverpool. I know that it wasn`t Barnardos. Robert was born in 1922 in Woodchurch, The Wirral.
My grandmother had a nanny to look after her 4 children. I believe the nanny who stayed with the family until she died in 1975, long after the children had grown up. She became my grandmother's housekeeper and later companion. She died 16th Jan 1975 in Exmouth, Devon.
The nanny was ELSIE JOHNSON born 5 th March either 1892 or 1893 in Birmingham. I believe she had a brother who became a sailor and I believe she came from a Barnardos Home.
Obviously because I am not a direct relative, although she was so much part of the family, I cannot obtain information from Barnardos. So any info would be great. My family would love to be able to find out more about Elsie who was such an important person in our family.