Am trying to get information about our Sister Irene Magaret Spires who was sent to Hayling island nun covent around 1948 - 1950. Covent run by Catholic nuns.We as children attended St Augutstins Catholic Church in Kliburn, as well ass attending the school also, All we know is very vauge information from our sister of her recolection of being sent to this place by our parents.The home address at this time was from memory was 37, Brondsbury Villas Kilburn.
Irenes memory of the events that sent her there are not clear, but has a memory of her stay as being one of the worst times of her life & treatment to her. Especially having her lovely long blond hair all shaved off as soon as she arrivedby the nuns.
Are there any records of the inmates attending this place & what was the reasoning behind being sent there that we could source/ review .Both our parents are deceased, & would not divulge any information to us about our sister Irene being sent there when challenged by my other sister Elaine Spires. If anyone can assit with our quest to find answers and bring closure to us all especially Irene. Would be greatful for any leads,documentation appertaining to her stay at this place, as from talking to her over many years when she was only a child this was a horrfic time of her life to be taken away from family for some time.
Arthur James Spires
Hi I was in a children's home in hessle I belive at the time i was 13 it's now a care home I'm trying to find anyone who remembers me
I was at Woodrough in Bramley from 1981-83 then The Elms in Farnham TIL 1985, would love to find anyone that was at either with me and would love to be able to read my daily notes on myself if anyone knows how to x
I believe my mother was born at the Styal hospital in1922 and moved into the cottages at age two with her siblings until she aged out. Is there any way to confirm this? I appreciate any help you can give me.
I was at Skilts Open Air School in the early 1970's and would like to know how to access my records from my time there. I would also like to contact any of the other people who were there at the same time and maybe locate some of the old photo's.
I am now living in Australia and can be contacted via email
Hi I am looking for information on North Walsham Orphanage around 1910 as I have just found out tha my granddad was sent there after his mother passed when he was 2yrs old
I am trying to find Dianne T Tailby born to Kathleen D Tailby 1947 mixed race possible black american father Leicester area, who was placed in a children's home at the age of about 2years old. Her half sister is looking for her Sue Thompson.
I'm looking for any information on Paul Roberts born in January 1950 to Gwyneth Roberts. Gwyneth was originally from Pontyclun in South Wales but was working in Gloucester at the time. Shortly after being born Paul was placed with St. Catherines childrens home in Berkeley Villas, Cheltenham.
hi I was placed into foster care in Stubbington..not sure if this wss a home or foster family It wss in 1960's Also sibling placed in another foster carer when aged 3 months who iv never met She was my half sibling..this was est. 1967/8 I have been informed of a older half brother born 1961 @ a Catholic mother & baby home in Bristol..he was adopted by catholic family To add my other half sister born 1966 who i met aged 7 years..& she was 5 yrs..we were placed together in childrens home..know as sisters tho different surnames..Mc Gailey & Chulk This sister passed away in other half sister born 1967 as above..fosterd at 3 months was this sistets full sibling/same mother & father..Mc Gailey & Chulk Any information or anything else related to my search would be very past is complex & confusing as only given fague details..i do not know who my birth father was..the name i was given could not be traced..even tho extensive search by s/ & Monaghan..also have poss relatives..Mc Gaileys in S.Ireland Thanks taking time to read..wid hope of closure
Turner Road Children’s home Norwich. My father Alfred Palmer was admitted into this home in 1924 and I am looking for a photograph of this home.
Thank you
My mother was placed in a Children's Home in Lisson Grove London after her mother died in the early 1920's. Does anyone have any information regarding this home? I know one of the guardians of the home was called Mr Sutcliffe.
Hi I am looking up family adoptions for 1948 at the Romford court ..the name Vioet Winifred Ware A and P Bond ( both diseased )..looking for adoption records and file ..also which Catholic Homes I was place with since birth thank you ..any help would be great ..I am coming up 77 in January ..birth number cas 203105/
Hi everyone... I have been reading your stories with interest...... my mother-in-law was in "Chase Farm School" 1922 she and her 3 sisters were placed there after the death of both parents in six months. They were all sent out to Canada in 1923 "British Home Children" I haven't found any relatives in England after years of research but I will keep looking. Their name was Blackledge and lived in Enfield. If you are a descendant looking for information on children sent to Canada from one of these homes may I suggest you research through " British Home Children Advocacy and Research" all the people that belong to this group are descendants of Home Children. When you look up details on these children it usually says that they emigrated.... they were sent from England
by agencies and most having terrible experiences... children were also sent to Australia ,America,
and New zealand. Good Luck to you all.
Well looks like there is nobody still alive who was at this home ?
I'm trying to find someone who may have known my mother who was in Red house. Her name was Lisa Gilbert and she was born in 1972. Im trying to find information on my biological father and feel if anyone knew my mother around 1991/92 they may be able to help. My email is if anyone has any info. Thank you.
Hi to Yvonne Dawkins. I think that the home you were in was called Mount Hermon in Ashburnham Road, as you say 'up a hill'. It was part of 'The Children's Aid Society'. The school was called 'Clive Vale Junior' Hope that helps!
I was in the leys children home in manston kent between 1971-1976 if you were there message me please
I was in the leys children home in manston
Looking for former people who went to Uplands School Hereford around 1955 1959
Does anyone remember being placed in a convalescent home in Littlehampton in the 50s? I was sent there for 1 or 2 weeks due to recurrent poor health. Children were regularly force-fed in front of others, and beaten and intimidated by a nurse who wore 'cats-eye' (shape) glasses. I don't recall any sexual abuse or any other nurses participating in the abuse, but the names of two of the other children have remained with me all my life - Margaret who vomited into her dinner plate after being force-fed and then was locked in a room when she cried at night and Henry who was struck across the head with a hairbrush, so hard that the hairbrush cracked. On leaving the place, Nurse "CatsEyes" picked me up and told me what a good girl I had been. I started to cry and told her I was going to tell my Mum what she'd done to me and she told me "You're not going to tell anyone anything because if you do you'll stay here forever..." (or words to that effect). I often wonder why that woman went into pediatric nursing only to terrorize and hurt children - and why didn't anyone stop her?
Hi I'm trying to find info on Annie Maria Northfield from Cambridgeshire, born 1899. Her father died in 1907. Annie and her brother were put into care. I've found Charles in a home for waifs and strays in newquay in the 1911 census. Annie Maria just disappeared. Anyone got any tips how I can find her? We think her name was changed to Winifred Annie Maria at some point after leaving her mother. Annie's youngest sister Edith stayed with mum and they moved in with mum's grand parents.
Would anyone remember Hessel Cottage Homes for boys in Hull? My aunt and uncle who were Ivy and Ted Kirby were the caregivers there in the 1930's- 1950's. I as a little girl would go there with my parents and wander around the rooms, have dinner there, play games in the rec. room that had a stage. As a baby I would be put in a basket on this stage. My cousin also cared for children a few houses down from this particular one that I remember visiting. I know that when my aunt and uncle retired from the home they were remembered fondly with many gifts and cards of appreciation. I am in my 70's now and live in Canada. I would be interested to know if anyone remembers my relatives. Thank you
does anyone remember my uncles Twins JOHN EDWARD and ERNEST BUDGEN born 1935, They were sent to FARNINGHAM LITTLE BOYS HOME in kent, i we think in the late 1930's,after my granddad (their father) died in 1937 leaving my grandmother with 2 sets of twins age 2years and 6 years of age to bring up alone, .Ernest and my dads twin are still here and we are trying to piece together why John and Ernest were put into a home and my father and his twin stayed with their mother. ITS A LONG SHOT I KNOW BUT IF ANYONE REMEMBERS THEM PLEASE CONTACT ME Angie Bolton (nee Budgen)
Would love to hear from anyone who was in Rhyl homes in 1966 , I was there with my sister pearl .
I was in Style Cottage Homes from 1953 to 1955 with my two brothers Stephen and Jimmy. I was 3years old , Stephen was approx 6months old and Jimmey was was around 6yr. We have no papers on how we came to be hear and would dearly love to have some information. We spent are hole time in care untill we were 15yrs old when the manchester city council threw us out on our own as they had no duty of care to us. Anyone who has any info or who can direct me in the right direction to gain info i would be most grateful.
Looking for anyone who was in cottage homes Coopersale . I was there from late 1930 to 1950.
my father john o`loughlin was born in broughton salford 11th january 1935 at old eccles road which i presume is hope hospital his mother kathleen o`loughlin an unmarried mother gave him up for adoption from birth and he was then placed into an orphanage until the age of 5 and was adopted and became john smith. kathleen was a barmaid and lived at 13 the avenue broughton salford and that is all i know. looking for anybody who may have know her.
Hello Everyone, i was born in 1940 at St Saviours Home on Manor Road, in Northants, my mothers name was Margaret Irene Anderson, my birth name was Patrick Robert Anderson, does anyone remember my mother. thank you Peter.
Does anyone have any information on Turner Road Receiving Home, Turner Road, Norwich, Norfolk
especially 1958 or 1959 please
I was in a childrens home 71, Kingston Lane Teddington Middx If any of the people are still alive who were there would be nice to hear from you. There was also a childrens home next door to us 69, Kingston Lane if anybody from there is still alive would be nice to hear from you too.
I am lookibg for information regarding my grandfather William John Wiggins who was placed according to the 1911 census in the Aberlour orphanage with his brother Hugh and sisters Elizabeth and Sarah, not sure how long they were there?
Please contact me at
Run by the church army st winifreds 1 nunnery rd Canterbury kent I belive the home was pulled down then I went to hope lodge nightingale rd Guildford surrey also ran by church army I need to find my records was in these homes in the 40 and 50
Hi I'm looking for people who worked or stayed at holmeleigh children's home Oxford around 2005 .
I have been aware that my late Aunt was a bit of a 'wayward child' and gave birth to a son sometime in the 40's or very early 50's. She was unwed. She gave birth in a 'Correction Centre' (?) or similar either in or near West Kirby on the Wirral. That is all I know. Any pointers as to the name or location of any places I could start looking?
Do these names ring a bell with anyone? Mrs J. Wallen, A. Wheatly, E. Taylor, D. Stanmore, "Mother"? I think they are staff members at a home but don't know where during 1930-1934. I have an autograph book belonging to my Grandmother with lovely verses in from the people above. Do you have a relative with any of the above names who possibly worked in a home somewhere, or do you have a relation who was put into a home/institution where these people worked? I would love to hear from you. Kind regards, Julie.

EDIT: Please email and I will pass messages onto Julie.
Hi, my aunt,Sheila Dickinson, was born in 1925 in Errol, outside Dundee and her mother, my Gran died when she was born and with 5 other siblings, my Grandfather had a difficult choice to make and I think my Aunt was placed in an orphanage but I am having difficulty finding out which one. She was never adopted, that I know and she was never married, and died aged 66 yrs in a vehicular collision in 1990 and was living in Dundee and I knew nothing about her. I was born in 1948 and years later when I asked where my name came from, I was told by my parents that my Dad had sister and I was named after her. I assumed that I was named in memory of her but in fact she was alive until 1990 I am anxious to find out her early start in life. If anyone can help, it is most appreciated, Sheila Dickinson Jones
I am responding to a message posted by Ella on 14-12-16 regarding 33 Etchingham Park Road. I worked there as a volunteer in 1973 if this of any interest.
My bother was called john Bradley from Glasgow born around 1953/54 mixed race mother Agnes Bradley. she abandoned him and he was brought up by my grandparents until he was seven and then he was put into The orphanage in Glasgow Nazareth can anyone tell me what happened to him.
Hello to June Rankine & Helena Trey Feretti, I just wanted to say that I too stayed at Lenzie in the late 50's while my mother was in hospital. Thinking of the place these past couple of years I tried to Google it and could find nothing. I do remember having to in a circle with these so called sun lamps from time to time. It's as though it's disappeared.
St Mary's home of compassion for girls Beckenham Kent
I was in this home from 1946 to 1958 if anyone has any information or how I can access records from this time would be very grateful
Trying to find out which Home/Orphanage my Aunt was placed in Dundee & Angus. This would be in 1924/1925 Her name is Sheila Dickinson, I was named after her. Her mother, my Gran, died when she was born and I was never told anything about her. Can this information be found out?
Trying to find out which Home/Orphanage my Aunt was placed in Dundee & Angus. Her name is Sheila Dickinson, I was named after her. Her mother, my Gran, died when she was born and I was never told anything about her. Can this information be found out?
Hi my sister had polio in the early fifties and was sent to a girls convalescent home in Biddeford Devon it was an all girls with blue green and pink dorms. They had limited education and at the moment Webbery is looking an option can anybody shed any light for me or pics maybe that I could pass onto her as she would really like to find out many thanks in advance Mandy rice
was in preswylfa from 1955 to 1960 was a great place to be anyone know the name was in cottage number 3
Anyone who was at meadowcroft c.h.e. I. The 1980s . also any staff. Especially miss black. Or miss Sutherland xxx
I was in Windmill Lane Castlecroft Wolverhampton 1970>77 - also Braybrook House Wednesfield - 65>70

Would love to hear from anyone
I am looking for the sunshine children's home that my mum was placed in about1933 it could be in Hertfordshire she has no adoption papers her mother was Charlotte liversage but I think my mum was born in Hounslow
looking for Lorraine Povey from cobridge stoke on trent adopted
Hi, I and my brother were in the Derby Borough Childrens Homes in both Clarence Rd and Porter Rd between 1954 and 1958. I remember all the names of those in with me during that time and would like to hear from any of you that are still out there. Please leave a message on this site if you would like to reflect on those years.
Harry Hanshaw
I am trying to locate my grandmothers sisters named Dorren or doreen and dorothy who were in penkull homes born in the late 1920s 0r early 1930s

thank you