Im looking for one of my brothers that went into a childrens home in hornchurch maybe in 40s by the name of micheal spence/or bartlett would like to here from anyobe who remembers him to contact me please leave a email
Trying to find a lenard bartlett or spence that went to a childrens home i hornchurch possibly i the 40s after sadly losin there mother if you know anyone by that ame please in box me as your older sister is looking for you
I was in Pantasaph N Wales from 1953/1956 then went into the Church of Nazareth Birkenhead 1956/1958. Any help would be appreciated. I was born in Westmoreland 1952. Thanks.
My friend paid for 3 photos of Bonner road children home. i think they are fake photos.1/ Bonner road football team round 1900. 2/ Is Bonner road choir Large group of men at the back 2 rows of girls aged 14 15 area. And 2 rows of boys aged 8-10 year old. And one lady standing at the side age 50.
3/ a lady sitting in the front will boys around her. most boys have the large white coli but two-should not be in this photo.
I am researching a relative for an essay on 1930s and I know that she attended the Poor Sisters of Nazareth School in Birmingham (she was from Stoke on Trent) in the 1920s. I would love to hear from anyone who may have any information that may shed some light on her time there. Really looking for context etc. You can email me
I lived in St Cross Mede Nursery, Mead Road, Winchester and also Palm Hall Childrens Home, St Giles Hill in Winchester. Did anyone else live in these homes?
My mother Darlene Neilsen is writing a book about her stay at the Danish Lutheren Childern Home in Chicago from 1946 to 1949. Anyone with information about this time frame with names of others would be great.. Mother doesn't know what I'm doing to help her with her book..
Hi everyone, I was in Littlefold Children's home, waterloovile, hants, from 1981/82-86, I remember Jackie was the manager and her husband Ken was the deputy, and other kids or staff from that time remember me? Would love to hear from you! Previous to Littlefold, I was also in Darby or Kerr housen on Portsdown Park (can't remember which it was!) And prior to that, Yarborough Road children's home, again any one remember us, please get in touch.
Anyone Bridgend cottage homes 5+6 cottage? Mid 70 s? Crick house near caldicott? Late70s?Saint Francis house cotham /redland Bristol late 70s...Bryn y don approved school dinas powis near Barry late to early 60 s?
my father arthur white & his brothers leonard white & albert white were in Turner road in the 50s anyone remember them please
My four brother, Robert, Ernest, James and Thomas West were in Styal for a short time after our mother died. I think approximately 1943 to 1945. Does anyone remember them? Would like to hear of their experiences.
looking for children who where in lady marys convent home in Edinburgh I was ther in the 70s to end 70s I remember some people reggie Walton sister paula my house mother would love to here from anyone there at that time thank you
Has any one else have terrible memories of Malvern open air school,in the 50s/60s..
I wonder if anyone out there can help me...I’m trying to find information about Braemar former children’s convalescence home in De Le Ware Road, Bexhill on Sea circa 1947/1948. All I know is that it was run by a Miss Mumphie (may not be correct spelling). My mother, Irene Hazel Chesnick, as she was called then, was institutionalised there for a three month period during the above years. She suffered a lot of mental and physical abuse during her time there and lived with the scars for the rest of her life (she died 10years ago aged 64). She never found out the circumstances in which she was sent there, despite trying for many years. I am now doing some research about her life and would dearly love to be able to try to piece the fragments together on her behalf. My mother was a tortured soul who never found peace - maybe in some small way I could help to finally lay her spirit to rest with whatever information might be out there.
If by some coincidence you remember Braemar, or attended, or by some miracle remember my mother, please contact me on
Thank you.
I would like to hear from anybody who was in St Catherine's or sandrien Lodge in 1950s
i was in eastry childrens home in the late 60s and early 70s ,then was moved to the lees childrens home manston ,and then howard house maidstone ,which i left in 77 and then joined the army ,i was split from my other brother and two sisters whilst we was at the lees ,jayne parsons .terry parsons ,and paul parsons , would like to here from anybody in those homes at the same time
Please can you help:
I am looking for Raymond St Ledger/Petford born 1933 at 77 Dudley Rd Birmongham then later put in the Endington Cottage Homes, Fentham Rd Birmingham.
He was still there in 1939 as an inmate.

His Mother was Ada St Ledger/Petford/Callow born 1896

thank you
I'm looking for information about Raymond Petford/St Ledger.

Born 1933 at 77 Dudley Rd then moved to Endington Cottage Homes, Fentham Rd Birmingham.

I have records showing he was there in 1939 as an inmate.
Mothers Name was Ada Callow/Petford/St Ledger born 1896 & Died 1984.

thank you.
my email:
Hello, I wonder if anyone can help? I’m looking for information about a Little sisters of Nazareth home for destitute or abandoned children & the aged poor in West Derby, Liverpool. My Nana (I think) was there in 1911, her name was Margaret Hamilton Lindsay born 1903. Does anyone know where the records would be kept as Liverpool was in Lancashire then, Merseyside now. Any help advice would be great fully received. Thanks Diane
I'm looking for Anthony Barton. (Maybe Edwards). He was resident at Nazareth House, Heaton Park, Manchester during the forties and fifties. He would be in his seventies now. He's my uncle.
I'm looking for information regarding my Mother who was admitted to the Chipping Ongar Home in June 1926, aged around 8. She was apparently transferred there from Homerton Children's Home but I'm unable to find out anything about the Homerton C.H. Is anyone able to help me out please?
Also it seems her Mother was at the Hackney Central Institution , before seemingly in service in London - however I cannot find anything out about the Hackney C.I., either so any help would be much appreciated.
Mum was later discharged into service in 1932.
Many thanks, Christine
Eastry Children's Home FaceBook Page - If you were at Eastry Children's Home please feel free to join the group.
I was in a childrens home first i went to lower wick house in worcester when mr and mrs holeburn where in charge then in july 1972 i was moved to the childrens home in pershore 48 station road pershore worcestershire and i was there fr6 july 1972 to 22nd december 1979 when i left
I am trying to find out about a children's home called Brandon children's home in Durham county council.
My half brother Ian William Kell had a time there in the middle 70s.
Some one out there would hopefully know the home.
Apparently it has been knocked down and houses are built on the site x

I am writing a book about Muller's Orphanage, using stories from former residents, starting with my great grandfather! If you were there and have a story to tell please contact me: All material will be treated confidentially. Thank you! Kate
Replying to Yvonne Dawkins:

I'm afraid I can't help too much, except to say that my late father also lived in a children's home in Hastings in the 50s/60s. He described it as being on a hill, or perhaps even up in the cliffs, and that the carers were known as 'auntie' and 'uncle'. He also remembered having his hair cut (although being a boy, I think it was probably less upsetting for him!) and being taken out to buy new shoes and get ice cream. If you or anyone knows more about this place, then I would love to hear/exchange information!
With regard to the comment by Christopher Baker about the Penylan orphanage his mother mentioned
I trained at Edward Nicholl House to be an N.N.E.B. Nursery nurse with the then Church of England Childrens Society.It was situated in the Pen-Y-Lan district of Cardiff.I went there in 1958 .There are a few more details on Google.
I am looking to find any information on the Stables family who were resident at the Shotley Cottage Homes circa 1941 to 1946. Any information would be welcome. Thanks
I'm looking for any housemates at eastry children's home from 1976 to 1979 or from housemates at alderden house walmer 1979 to 1981 thanks
To Hev Dyson: I believe GREEN LODGE is now TISLEY HOUSE CARE HOME, 14 Clarence Road, Weston Super Mare
I was in SEVERAL Children’s homes of BRENT SOCIAL SERVICES Middlesex NW London during the mid 1970’s, I’m 47 now and sometimes feel guilty at the increasing reminiscing that I do but have a very strong desire to find out more about my childhood.

One of the children’s homes I was in was 80 Wembley Park drive- Aunty Freda was the main lady and I was looked after so well. She was so kind

Also 97 Woodcock hill Kenton Harrow with my brother Patrick.

I also stayed at Warleigh Manor Bathford (near bath) which was a boarding school run by Les Alderman who I remember as a lovely man hellbent on helping youngsters recover from disadvantaged childhoods.

Live laugh cry smile love

I wish somehow I could find anyone who was in any of these or knew any info that might help me piece together those early years of my life.
Life can be cruel and harsh sometimes but beautiful too

I know I’m not alone in yearning to find my past and I wish love and peace to any now grown ups who went or children who that still go through the care system today.
hi im looking to find an angela mcdonald who was in a care home with me in the 1960s,at north drive tooting bec streatham south london
i was in a council run childrens home between 1962 to 1965 at 5 north drive tooting bec south london i was hoping to contact anyone who was their about this time, some names i remember,angela mcdonald, jack joslin & his sister carol,have some good memories of this place,before this home i was in care at a church home in lewisham which was a night mare,i am 67 years old so thats about the age group.thank you
I have details of a "Private Home for Children" in Pierremont Ave, Broadstairs. It was run by a lady called Blanche Rose Penley between 1909 and 1919. It was a 10 room building with about six children, at the time of the 1911 census, 2 were males and 4 were females. Two of the children gave their birth place as Melbourne, Australia and Bombay, India.

Grateful if anyone, who knows of this place and has further details, could make contact with me as I am writing a feature and I would really welcome some help. Thank you
Hi, My name is Christina and I have been working on finding where my family went in 1910. Orville Lewis Barnett would have been 9 years old and his brother Harold would have been about 4 years old. I am trying to find documents showing where they were taken in 1910. I found a newspaper clipping stating they were taken to the Knightsville Orphans Home/ Clay County Orphans Home in Indiana. Does anyone know where I can find this information? Thanks for any help.
Christina Barnett Tolbert
i am just looking to try and find some information for my grandad. he was brought up in a childrens home in the years of 1951-1960 at a place called St Vincents De-Paul in Newcastle what was run by the Sisters of charity. i am just wondering have you got any information or know where i can find some information about this place and is the building still standing to this day, as he would love to go back and visit and show me the place he grew up.
My mother was born July 1923, named LOUISE FAUSTE. Her mother Mary McCabe had her illegitimately in a home (in France we're told) where she left the baby. Mary McCabe died 1968 in a Sisters of Nazareth home to which she left most of her estate. My mother's enduring memory was of wetting the bed and having to put the sheets over her head. Is or was there a Sister's of Nazareth catholic home in northern France? She was adopted by Mary's brother in 1933 and her name changed. Can anyone help please, with ANY info.? I've been working on this for years ...
I just posted a comment without putting my own name on it- I am Bernice Pearson, also known as Bunny, Thanks.
I'm trying a long shot on contacting anybody who may have spent time at Winifred House in Barnet 1960-1961. I remember Sister Ansell and Sister North (I think) i had friends there Linda, Debbie, Edna, Philip Baskerville, Carol, the Parker twins, Raymond and Virginia, who was older than me (6) and we tried to run away together! There are many others whose names (even first names) I have forgotten.
I recall it as a happy time
We was at SHIRLY OAKS 62/65 MUSK COTTAGE,Angela,Linda,Michael,Kim Stephen.would like to hear from anybody who was there at this time,have not got much memory from this time.
I would like to get in touch with kids and staff that were at thornchase grove road merrow surrey boarding school I was there from when I was 7 till I was 13 Mr and Mrs baron ran it there was a lady called Mary and Ruth that worked there too .
Has anyone got history and pictures of free ways childrens home from 1970 + please
Hi Anne Laurence,
I was in The Holt, Birstal, with my sister for two short periods in 1955 and 1956. For not eating my meal I would be made to stand in the large hallway facing the corner for hours on end. I worked out by twiddling my toes it prevented me from feinting.
At night I used to be taken from a large dormitory to the bedroom of the man in charge of the establishment, I can't remember his name but I have never forgotten what he did to me.
Hi, Is there anyone who went to the Gracie Fields Home in Peacehaven? It was run by Elsie Cooper and her ghastly husband, known as 'Uncle'! It would be nice to hear from anyone who was there. I was there in the early 1950's and went to school in Newhaven. I was known as Adele Shires.
Hello, my grandfather was Albert Edward Carpenter who I believe to have been born Jan 1, 1900. He came to Canada through one of the homes in 1914. I know he had a brother Thomas who lived in Kidderminister. I am hoping to find him again and find out more about my grandfather. Thank you for any assistance.
My mum is Christine Diane Townsend and she sadly had to give her baby boy up for adoption. We have a medical card dared ni 1963
She called him Anthony..
Any information would be great
Hi im looking for information on my nanna june gertrude thompson and her brother george arthur thompson they went into the pickering garth home in hull in 1953. George was 9 years old and my nanna june was 14 years old i believe my nanna came out of the home in 1957. George got adopted out not long after he went in the home in 1953. Thankyou for any help
Trying to find out about my time in care from late 1950's until 1969, and the circumstances of my being in care. I was at Moorfield reception centre in Swinton Manchester, then Oaklands children's home Lowton, Leigh, followed by 24, Hala Grove Lancaster (a family group home). From there I went to several foster parents before returning to Oaklands, then more foster parents. Preston tell me they don't have any information on my time in care. There seems to be no medical records of my time in care either.I was made a ward of court, but there doesn't seem to be any records of that either. Need help in obtaining any kind of information on my childhood both in care and before. Anyone who can help please contact me at:-
Hi im researchin my nanna june gertrude thompson born 16th june 1939 that was in the pickering garth girls home in 1953 and her brother george arthur thompson who i believe was born in 1944 im not sure though as he was adopted out of the home. My nanna was 14years old when she went in the home and my grandads sister adopted her out in 1957. She went in the home with her broter as her mother sarah anne appleton died 4th november 1953. Any help would be appreciated thankyou. Regards junes grand daughter katrina
Hi Ella - thank you for your comment about 33 Etchingham Park Road. I would be grateful to talk with you about this My friend Geraldine lived there and wants to find out more. I can put you in contact after we make contact. My email is I have emailed Peter too. If anyone else has lived at 33 Etchingham Par Road I would be grateful for an email from you. Thank you very much.