Looking for people who were in monks barn and courage house I'm the 1970s , Newbury and reading
My daddy was born in horncastle 1945 he was in a children's home from birth. Cantonese tell me how many children's homes where in the area at the time? And would they have anodes as to the names of them? Plus does Mrs nightingale ring any bells to anyone? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
in the early 1980s maybe 82 i was sent to a childrens home for reports by social services and the probation service.... all i can remember about the building is rebricked big square building with 3 sides and a courtyard as such, i remember it being in the country or was that just my memory bringing happy memories back to replace what i was experiencing? an archway at the begining of the drive somewhere in durham north east england.....maybe someone can shed some light on this as i am starting to think about this time in my life alot...........thanks for reading and if you can help then please do

searching for others who may have lived at the Southsea Portsmouth location in Hampshire 1950-1956. My mother was there and is looking for others who were and we are always seeking our relatives. Her name was Maria Spliner at the time she left at 6, mother Irmgaard Spliner. My mother had a pink leg half brace, from a birth injurty and infant surgery. Please email me at annekeks@hotmail.com - Portsmouth in the subject line.

Thank you.
Anyone in the sheilings in hurst street, kings heath , Birmingham ? I was therefrom 1983-1986. Would love to be in contact with anyone from that time.
Hi Norman my dad is Ted baldwin knows all your family from fazakerley
Hi. I'm looking for a Lorraine mackinter who was from down south. Went to kingsmoor children's home in the 70s. She was going to be adopted. But it fell through. She would be about 50 or 51 now . Had a younger brother. . I'm doing this search for someone else who very much loved to find her. I was also in that home.. My name was Lynne fisher (linda ) so if you remember me. I'd live to hear from you. But where did Lorraine end up?
My father edward baldwin remembers a lot of boys from the cottage homes fazakerley especially henry gordon
My aunt, Sherry Lynn-Howick died from chicken pox in a children's home somewhere in the country - home counties. I remember visiting her in the late 1950s. She was a beautiful girl aged 13, uprooted from her home in Hainult, Essex, and put in her home to all intents and purposes, because my grandmother at that time, suffered from 'nerves.' A cherry tree was planted in the school grounds after her death. I was about six when she died, and remember visiting the home, which was a grand house with a lot of land. Inside was very austere, like a hospital dormitory. Does anyone recall, if, during this time, letters home were censored? If so, in what way? Would the family receiving the letter see black lines drawn through censored words? Would it have been that obvious? If anyone anywhere remembers Sherry from such a long time ago, please contact me - nadiad@shaw.ca
We are trying to find anybody that can remember a lady called Gertrude Foster, who worked at John Groome Orphanage in Clacton as an assistant childrens nurse in 1939?

Thanks Anna
I was interested to read Patricia Wickhams letter concerning a convalescent home in Littlehampton.
I too was sent here for two weeks and unlike Patricia I hated it. I was sent there as I had recurrent styes on my eyes and the clinic thought a change of air, away from Paddington, would help. It did!! I never had another stye. I think though that it was the fear of the home rather than the sea air that produced the cure. I remember the crocodile walks and the swing in the garden. I don't remember the date but I think it was possibly around 1959-60.
Hi. I was put into the children's home called Greenfields in the 60s. I remained in care until 1980 aged 16. Greenfields was a horrendous place, filled with neglected children who were mixed with troubled teens. Beatings were a daily routine, and so was mental, physical cruelty. Greenfields has stayed with me my whole life. I am now in my mid 50s but shall never forget the damage that this place did to me. The scars shall always remain. I find it strange how there are no photographs to be found, even on the mighty web, that has photos on just about anything and everywhere. Time is a healer so they say, but I cannot escape this hellhole. There was a mysterious fire many years ago which appropriately destroyed all the old files. So many children were hurt here and yet nothing whatsoever became of it. Kind thoughts to all who suffered
My mother Lesley margaret with her 2 brothers Edward George and Antony David mcblain were in Hartley Road children's orphanage in Nottingham and also beech wood and other homes in Nottingham from 1947 onwards when we try to find out anything all records are either burnt or missing does anyone know what we do from here any help appreciated
I was in a home with my two sisters in the late 1950 we don’t remember where it was or the name of it all we remember is two women who run it called auntie bee and auntie may can any remember these names many thanks
I was in a children's home with my sister at the end 1960's. It was run by Mr and Mrs Murphy. They had a son called Desmond. I remember there was a copse at the side of the house and could see school from ou back garden. I remember a Helen ( who had a sister there) and a Geoffrey. Would love to know where children's home was. And any info on children there with me Pam
I can be reached at pammypoops@hotmail.co.uk
I was in a children's home late 1960's. It was run by Mr and Mrs Murphy and had a son called Desmond. Me and my sister Catherine was there. I can remember Helen (she had a younger sister) Geoffrey. It was an end house with a little closer at the side and a school playing field at end of garden. I am trying to find the name and whereabouts of the children's home or any info on people that lived there
hi i would love to hear from any one that was in nazareth house middlesbrough in the 60s and 70s.you might remember myself my brother john ward and younger sisters mary and noreen.
I wrote on here a few years ago about Shirley Oaks home.
My grandfather was there between, 1934-1939 when the school was evacuated go Maidenhead.
Someone called Annette replied to my comment, but I have no means of contacting her..
If anyone knows about Shirley Oaks around this time, please email me and put Shirley Oaks as the Subject so I don't miss the email!
Hi I'm looking for people who were resident at alderden house walmer Kent between 1979 and 1982 I would love to hear from you thankyou Derek.
looking for anyone at eastry childrens home from 77 to 78
I’m looking for anyone that was in Carmel Children’s Home in Kirby muxloe back in the 80’s.it was run by nuns.would love to catch up with anyone that was there the time i was.my maiden name then was Mackness and I was there with my sister Denise Mackness.
I am trying to find out about The Basildons Childrens Home in Exeter. I stayed there in the early 1960's with my 2 sisters. I cant find any trace or records. Has anyone ever heard of it please? If you do know of it please email me, richard@southwestestateplanning.com Thankyou
I am looking to find two brothers named Michael and Joseph placed in St Josephs industrial school Tranent in 1940s/1950s
Mill house school coed eva cwmbran in 80 any information please from people who were there
i was raised at homeleigh horncastle from the age of 3 to the age of 15 with a few breaks and i would like to tell my story, the good side . how do i do this and the not so good. no name or recriminations.


Hi Barry
Please get in touch with me about telling your story hello@formerchildrenshomes.org.uk
Hi am looking on behalf of my Nana great aunt and great uncle. They spent some time in the 1940s in Styal Children's Home, just one the off chance if anybody remembers Ivy, Margaret and John Dale. Ivy being the oldest John being youngest. My great aunt Margaret put something on Facebook in 2015 but no response. Would be great if there was someone out there that remembers them in such a hard part of there childhood☺
Hi am looking on behalf of my Nana great aunt and great uncle. They spent some time in the 1940s in Styal Children's Home, just one the off chance if anybody remembers Ivy, Margaret and John Dale. Ivy being the oldest John being youngest. My great aunt Margaret put something on Facebook in 2015 but no response. Would be great if there was someone out there that remembers them in such a hard part of there childhood☺
I’m trying to find my cousin ...she was in a children’s home in the 1970’s through 1986 ...somewhere close to Bournville... she’s be 49.... and her sister about 52...Tracy Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy...
I'm looking for people who were at the bramley oaks centre and the Woking oaks centre I the 80's any help would be appreciated
I was in a children's convalescent home in Littlehampton , which I believe was Maltravers Drive, in the 50s. I have been trying to find out why for years. I lived in SE London and was about 9 or 10 yrs old.
I remember a lot of the children crying at night for their parents but I absolutely loved it. It was the first time I'd ever used toothpaste (Gibbs Dentifrice in a tin) wore pyjamas (always slept in vest and knickers at home) ate Marmite on toast (i ate everyone elses, as they hated it). I had schooling each day, which I found easy.
Acquired headlice and ended up on a swing on my own in the garden as the other kids avoided me . We went crocodile style to the nearby beach as I remember.
Would love to find out if I'm on any registers from that time.
would like to hear from any ex members of the childrens home in South Molton Devon1940s-1952
when it closed
I was in the children's home in South Molton (41 East Street) and would like to hear from any one who were there at the same time
I am looking for anything to do with 2 sisters who were put into a children’s home in the last 60s possibly 67 or 68.... their father was Andrew. Most likely in London. He was a builder and off working. Their mother possibly died or maybe another reason. I don’t have any surnames. The would have been under 12 I would think. Maybe real young. I am also his daughter. Please email racheldaynes1@gmail.com
I was in a chlidrens home called Duncan place kirkton Dundee,I'm looking for a worker who worked there I'm sure his name was William
Jacqeueline/Susan Anne Bryant - you posted this - Born susan Anne bryant at 44 lordswood rd and adopted. Was unaware of any full blood siblings only half sisters who I believe emigrated to Australia in 1953. Got any more detail?
Signed on 16th November, 2014 by Jacqueline pynor - pls contact a_barnes2@hotmail.com
Any one who was in the children's home from 1950 -1961 please contact me though face book or my address is 123north 9th st. Akron pa 17501
Looking for anyone who went to Roxburgh House in Cranbrook kents from 1959 onwards
Hi would like to get in contact with anybody who was in the Lea Homes at Scholes Holmfirth, we have a a facebook page called Lea homes scholes Holmfirth, It is always great to hear from former inmates of the home, we have photos mainly from the 60s-70s We are and will always be a special kind of family.
My mum did her nursing placement at a children's home in dorking Holmwood we think it's called IN 1950-56 she looked after a lovely little black girl called HOPE she has pictures of HOPE and would love to know how she got on in her life after the home mums 80 this year but still talks about HOPE does any one know HOPE
Back in what would have been the late 1950s I spent 3 weeks at a convalescent home on the south coast of England. I think Bognor Regis but if not possibly Bournemouth. I have a faint recollection of it being called something like “The house beautiful”. I haven’t been able to find any trace though. Can anybody help please?
My mother was adopted and she's only now found out the information from her original birth certificate. We are trying to find out the Children's home she was in for about three years before she was adopted, it would have been in the Burnley/Burnley East District in Lancashire from 1944-1947 does anyone know of any?

Grateful for any information. Thanks Eliza
I am trying to find out for a friend that was in Salisburys Children's home on Bishopdown estate in 1960 to 1970 he wants to hopefully find the the lady that used to run and look after home .
If anyone can help that would be great
My great aunt Matilda Adelaide Hirons was matron of the boys home from about 1910 until about 1914.she accompanied the children to Canada.her son Harry lived with her at the school and is remembered in their letters home.she was a widow with teaching experience so the occupation suited her experience and situation.benfore that she was a house mother at kings Norton college homes.
I am looking for residents of RIVERSIDE CHILDREN'S HOME SALISBURY from the 1980's and or anyone who was fostered by JOHN COLE of salisbury. also anyone who has or knew GLYN STAGG DOB 1971.
My grandfather’s brother was in an orphanage in Scotland his name was Thomas Hamilton. His mothers name is Mary Hamilton his brother James and sister Margery, they used to live at Forth Street North Berwick. If anyone has any information about Thomas contact me thanks.
Trying to find information on a children’s hospital I was placed in during the early 1970’s by Hounslow social services. I have no idea on its location but vividly recall the exterior having wooden balconies and the staff lived on site and were called “nanny” followed by their name. I remember living in mixed wards and getting up early to strip the beds and make slides out of the plastic mattresses 😊 anything would be helpful thanks. Smiffyevans@icloud.com
Replying to Yvonne Dawkins: I think it was in Ashburnham Road. I think one of the people in charge was called Miss Sparrow.
Does anyone remember being in a Convalescent Home that was in Grange Over Sands in the 1960's. I was sent from Liverpool after having my tonsils out for 2-3 weeks and my brother was ill. It was very close to a beach and we used to go on a weekend and sit next to a wall. I recall it was a large house like building and had high wire fencing around at the back, and a wall at the front. I also recall meeting up with two nurses who took me on a visit to Mill Rd Hospital after I came home. Does anyone have any recollection of any this to help me try to find out where it was??? Many thanks
I would love to know about Melrose Special open air School;, Balby, Doncaster, Yorkshire. I worked there in the 1970s as a classroom assistant, If anyone knows the history of it please reply to me.
Heather Graham
I am looking for records or details on my Uncle's life, his name is Ronald Desmond Pottinger born 1931 in Reading UK. He was placed in a children's home in Cambridgeshire in either 1939 or 1940. I am hoping someone may remember him or can tell me which Children's Homes where operational in 1940.

Thanks somuch