I lived harris orphanage preston with my 2 brother adrain and darren mather we lived ther from 76 until 81 some great times i live in the house near the barn next to the swing if anybody remembers me get in touch
I am looking for information about my mother, Kathleen Ellen Radbourne (Oct 8, 1917). She is going to be 100 years old this year and is trying to find out any information about her birth parents. She was raised in an orphanage in London her entire life. Once she left the orphanage she went to nursing school. She was a nurse in London during WWII. She knew a lawyer, Alex Tee and his wife. I think she may have stayed with them. He told her once that is best to leave some things alone. I think he had information about her birth. I would love to give her something before she passes. email me at wwilliams3@comcast.net
I am looking for anyone that may have known Kathleen Ellen Radbourne, born 10-8-1917. She was raised in a London orphanage run by the Sisters of the Church. She will be 100 years this year and we have been trying to find out anything about her childhood or birth parents. After she left the orphanage she went to nursing school and lived in London. In her adult years she knew a lawyer, Alex Tee and his wife, and I believe he had information regarding her parents. He told her once it is best to leave some things alone. Any information can be sent to me at my email address: wwilliams3@comcast.net
Searching for a home where the 5 young sons of William (a cooper on the Liverpool docks) and Mary HILL may have been cared for after their parents death in 1816.
Ambrose age 12
Henry age 7
William Henry age 5
Thomas age 4
George age 2
They lived in Frederick St, St James, Liverpool where William was a cooper.
Does anyone recall a nurse by the name of Mary Wynne working there between 1945 and 1950?
looking for information on Peter Kingston born newbury berkshire. mothers maiden name of pearce. date of birth 3/6/1945 and either adopted straight out or placed in a children's home? stories are scarce and he was possible born blind or partially sighted, my father heard he may have been his twin brother but he was born 23/4/1946 although both births are registered in the same register on the same page?
if anyone knows of his where about's please contact me donna_mtclf@yahoo.co.uk
Thank you.
I have seen Ella's post dated 14th December 2016. I did work at this home for a short period, and you can contact me on the above E Mail address.
I was in the sunshine home in the 50's in shoeburyness cannot remember much but always remember putting out on the balcony in my bed together with other children in their beds no matter what the weather was like. I remember all I could see from my place on the balcony was the hut where people sheltered near the beach.I did not like it there but it did me good healthwise.Sorry cannot remember names etc
Hi trying to find anyone who was in 35/35a Lancaster road London se 25 in the earlly60s myself and 3sisters Jill/Susan/Francis all stayed there anyone help
I would like to know of anyone who stayed at Duncan,s place orphanage,Dundee around 1956/1958
Kirkton of Culsalmond,children,s home,Aberdeen shire,around 1954/1956.
My name is Susan I was in Kyer park with T B in the 50 I would just like to no if there is some one out there that can reamber me I am now 69 years old my name than was Susan Beare thank you
Hi I am looking for anyone who was in a cottage home around 1953 not sure where it was but I know we used to go the beach and we us d to have a balcony where we used to sing Take me back to the Black Hills. They used to make you eat the skin on a rice pudding I was sent there for about 6 months as my mum had just given birth to my sister and couldn't cope with us both.

24/4 2017
MARY HOGAN, are you there? I read you message of September 2016 about a Mill Hill children's home run by Catholic nuns. How do I contact you?
i was at maryland childrens home in basingstoke back in the 1960s my sir name was different dryzstek or drystek i went to fairfields junior school the then to chrles chute secondry mod school it would be nice to contact anyone who new me
My grandfather and his siblings (the Manaton children) became orphans when there parents both died within 8 months of each other in Chittlehampton, Devon, in 1920. They were all admitted to the South Molton Union and later transferred to the Children's home, possibly 41 East Street, South Molton.
Does anyone have any knowledge or details about either?
Riverside assessment centre salisbury 1975 +
Kingsmoor children's home the ley box corsham Wiltshire 1970s
Starfield assessment centre Trowbridge 1970s
Ashleigh house Trowbridge 1976 +
Mr and Mrs penman foster parents from Swindon.
Was anyone at these children's homes or foster home in the 70s or early 80s .
Please contact me .. You might have information that I need...
Thank you....
Is there anyone on here that was at kingsmoor children's home box near corsham in the 1970s..... If so, would love to hear from you....
Does anyone remember my mum Dorothea (Usually know as Dorothy or Dot) Doyle? She was house mother for Willow at The Hollies, Lamorbey, Sidcup. I know she worked there in 1955 as I have an envelope with a postmark for that year from a letter sent to her. She loved her time working there and came to form such an attachment with the children in her care. When I was a child I loved hearing her stories about the children and, even now, hope they have gone on to have a good life.
Hi June Rankine. My sister and I were in a home in Lenzie and Milgavnie in the fifties as our mother was ill. I have been back to Lenzie to look for the house and checked with a local realtor. No one seemed to remember it. Do you have any other information. I couldn't remember the name.
hi to people who may have been in nazareth house in sneyd park in bristol in the 50s and 60s.I was there i think in 1954 or 56 with my sister and my brother, if there is anyone reading this who was there during this time please send me a message on here,also i will leave my email address
annadye_34@msn.com if anyone would like to email me.many thanks
anna x
Both my parents worked for Dr Barnardos from 1960 through to 1980's.
They were houseparents at "Glasclune" North Berwick, Scotland.
Superintendant and Matron at 23 Winton Drive, Glasgow - 1960's to 1972.
As above, Gordon Terrace, Plymouth, 1972 to 1975.
Deputy and House Mother at Glandare House, Bettws, Newport. 1975 to 1982.

Would like to hear from anyone that was in above homes and remembers them.
I am trying to get information of my stay in Styal Homes. Styal Village .Cheshire. Manchester City Council who have will not allow me to view them.
I was in Styal From Feb 1946 to Oct 1947 I am now 76 years of age and can't ans my family questions.

EDITOR: please contact the Care Leavers Association - www.careleavers.com - who will be able to help you. You have a right to see the records that any City Council has about you.
i am looking for anyone who remembers mary thompson she remembers being at fulwood cottage homes from around 1939
I’m trying to find out what happened to three ancestors who were admitted to Newington Workhouse, Westmoreland Road, Walworth, London in 1922. They were discharged on the same day to either ‘RC Homes’ or ‘R Homes’ – I’ve seen two different people’s handwriting but still can’t make out exactly what it says.
Does anyone know which homes it means that they’ve been sent to, please? christinebessey@yahoo.co.uk

EDITOR: Roman Catholic Homes perhaps? CofE children and RC children were often sent to different homes.
I was at Lower Bullingham and Croft from 1934 1945. I'd like contact. RJH.
hello, I am wondering if anyone would have any information on Orphanages and how i could find out which one my Dad was in in 1946 in Bristol. He wasnt there very long as he was lucky enough to be adopted by a loving family. He was born in Jan 1946 and we think his name on birth was francis Williams.
My 2 brothers and I were in Crondall Lodge in 1966 and I went to Crondall Primary School. Anyone else remember being in the home at this time?
I'm searching for anybody who can tell me about Nazareth House, Plymouth, late 1940's. I'm writing a story and finding this information a little tricky to locate. I'd love somebody to describe what it looked like inside ( I've seen photos of the outside) , and how it was to live there as a child.

Happy for you to contact me at cathoff3@hotmail.com.

Kind regards

Cat Whelan
did anyone go to lane cottage childrens home walton on naze in the 1950s
hello i was there from 1957 to 1966 want to know if anyone remembers me and my 2 sisters
Does anybody know anything about a residential school that my 82 year old mother attended, that she refers to as "Penylan training home Cardiff". She was taken from her home in Mid-Devon to reside at this facility sometime between 1935 - 1950.
Hi, I'm looking for any records available about my late uncl Peter g Marshment born in Swansea 1928 he was orphaned in 1933/5 and seems to have disappeared almost, until I found a marriage for him in 1950 thanks in advance for any help
My Mother, has told me about a place she calls "Penylan training home Cardiff". She recalls that she went there before she started primary school, so this would be sometime around 1938. However, she is now 82 and a bit forgetful, and may be getting her dates wrong, but never forgets the same name of the establsihment. She could have been there any time between birth and aged 16, so 1935 - 1951. I have not been able to trace the premises, but have found an area called penylan at Cardiff.
Hello on researching my family tree came across a family member we knew nothing about. He is the illigetimate son of my grandmother on my father's side. We do know that he went into care in 1939 to the cottage home in Wolverhampton. My interest is where he was before this have a bit of information saying he was admitted to home number 1 from Smethwick, but where in Smethwick was there a cottage home there? Ant ideas anyone.

Many thanks
Hi, I'm looking for anyone who might have any memories of my uncle Peter Marshment,I believe he was put in a children's home in the early 1930's I'd dearly love to hear from anyone with any information. Thank you
Anyone remember my mum who was House mother at the Cottage Homes - Marston Green, Birmingham in the early 1930's. Her maiden name then was Beatrice G. Gittins. When the homes closed in 1933 she moved to be House mother at a boys home in Basingstoke, together with my father who was House master. Mums married name was Craig. Many thanks maggie@thefosse.co.uk
I am trying to find out about the care homes I went to as a child.How would I do That? Also I know of one a big house in Lenzie in Scotland.. But there were other homes we went to.
Hi, Im responding to a message dated 14-12-2016 re- Violet Palmer, who was @ Kyre Park Hospital the mid' 1950s, the same sort of time i was there. Is there any contact details for her - email address , or any other contact details..Please feel free to pass on 'my' details if requested. Im sure i know of things that would be of interest to her. Kind regards Tony Pearsall..
Please could you tell me if my mother was transferred here in 1936 as a baby,her name was mavis ann myers.parents mable and john henry myers ? Id be so gratefulbfor any information my mother was in orphanage till she was 12 yrs.
My name is James Mclaurin. I along side my 4 brothers where placed in Countesthorpe Cottage homes Leicestershire from 1953 to 1963. I was placed in Cottage 5 then I went to cottage no 1 when Aunt Kathleen took over from where I stayed for 7 years.
I would like to hear from any other person who may have remembered my brothers as well as myself. Brothers Errol/Raymond/Gerry/myself and younger brother Derek
I have photos and strong memory's of how it was like through the 50s and early 60s.
Hi trying to find out more about my late father he was in the st josephs home and was sent to canada in the 1900's his name was arther timothy O'sullivan and was from canterbury he was botn 1908 I am his youngest daughter susan alexander.
As a census record shows, my ancestor George Monk, lived in Oblique Cottage, St. Andrews Road, Southampton. He and his wife ran a school there with a few children. I can find no record of this on your website, does this mean that this not one of your listed homes?
I was a resident at St. Leonard's Childrens Home in Hornchurch during the late 1940s early 1950s.I am trying to piece together my personal history and am finding it difficult to complete this part.
My memories of the place were not nice, however I was not subject to the abuse more recent residents suffered. In fact I think the staff were very patient with a kid who was frightend to walk down a dark dormatory at night and therefore was prone to regularly wet his bed.
As I recall the lady in charge of the house I was in was called Miss Polly. If anyonehas any information or advice how I might proceed. I would be grateful. my email address is bmwalcroft@gmail.com
Whilst researching my family history I remembered an 'aunt' we had who was a close friend of my grandmother. She wasn't a relative but spent a lot of time with my family and was considered a proper aunt. Her name was Maude Cooper and we knew that she had been in service and was born in 1900. She didn't have a family of her own and lived in Cressida Road in Upper Holloway.
I decided to try and trace her and found her in the 1911 census, living in the Children's Home in Nether Street, Finchley. Her actual name was Ethel Maude Cooper but she preferred to be called Maude. As I was one of six children I think she had a great time being part of our family and was always present at family events.
Just though someone might be interested.
I was in orchadside children's home fentham rd erdington birmingham u .k.
If any one remembers me drop me a line.
I was in Countesthorpe Cottage Homes Leicestershire from 1953 to 1964 being in cottages 5 4 2 and 1 with Aunt Kath.
I had 4 brothers who also spent time in various cottages.
Would love to hear from anyone
My name is David Barrett and I am 60 years old . my mother is Joan Mary Barrett (later became Joan Dorrington) Joan was put in a children's home in Shillingford as a baby 1935 and she believes Her mother Hilda Barrett went into a home herself because when my mum was 13 years old they bought Hilda to see my mum. Back in the 1980s I managed to find an address for the home Hilda was in and contacted them. They said Hilda Died 1978 (I believe).They said she was an out patient for her last four years. unfortunately after many moves I have lost the paperwork so I am working from memory. My mum now has dementia and is my only family other than my wife. I would love to find out anything I can regarding these two ladies
i was in MELPLASH at 8 Shenley fields cottage homes around 1978 / 79 . At that time John and Peggy i think surname was Smithy were the home " leaders " , although my own stay there was not long i have some fond memories of the place and have been back a few times although i never knocked at the door of my old home or kept in touch with anyone from the home i remember a few residents and staff from that time of my life and was sad to see Melplash empty and fire damaged on one of my last visits to the area before all the homes were demolished and new residential houses were built there.
I wish anyone who was there there the very best
Hi, I wonder if anyone remembers me?

I was in Shirley Oaks Homes, Croydon, Surrey with my sister Pat. Our surname at the time was SHARP. We were in Beech House but I cannot remember the dates. It was sometime between 1951-1953 and I know we spent one Christmas there. My sister was very outgoing and would talk to anyone and made friends easily. She had blonde hair and was very forward for her age. I was the opposite, very shy and quiet and kept myself to myself until I got to know people. I had red hair and might have worn a ribbon tied in a bow on the right side of my head and I always wore long socks. I was a real tom-boy and I remember getting into trouble once because I was caught showing the other children how to get out of a locked toilet cubicle by climbing over the top of the door. I think I was about six years old at the time and my sister was nine. We had two house mothers but I cannot remember their names. Being in the home was one of the worst times of my life but the one thing I do remember, and loved, was being given a large spoonful of malt just before bedtime. There was one boy at the home whom I really liked and wanted my mum to adopt but, unfortunately, I cannot remember his name.

I would be so grateful if anyone remembers me and my sister and could give me any information regarding the time stated above in this home. I have written to Lambeth Council for my records but their information does not go back as far as the 1950's.

Keeping my fingers crossed someone remembers me.