I'm doing some research for a fictional story I'm writing and I would like to find out more about life in children's homes especially in the 1970s (one of the characters in my story lived in a children's home before she was adopted). If you are happy to share anything about everyday life, routines, education, facilities, friendships, adoptions, anything really, then please send me an email even anonymously. This is not an academic research, so no names or locations will be mentioned in my story. Email: thisispetrap@gmail.com
I am researching my grandmother's childhood, Sheila Clarke, born 1923. Placed in a home in South England, perhaps near Hayling Island or Broadstairs while her mother Hermina went to work on a cruiseliner. She would have been with her younger sister, Moira. I have possible photos of the home, but no name or address. Typical orphanage photos. Residential area, other buildings around. Brick walled garden. Multi facaded back of building.
Many thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction. HP
I just want to say how lovely it was at Shenley Fields Drive. I went when I was 4 years old ( in 1963) and I left at 16. It was the law then that you had to leave. They found me a flat.
We had wonderful bonfires and Christmases and Easters. All the people were lovely and we made loads of good friends.
The trouble was that when you had to leave you all mostly likely lost touch and they had not really prepared us to live independent lives.
The change was quite a shock.
All in all though I have only good memories. My dad came to see me nearly every Sunday but my mom rejected me as a baby really, maybe because she had already got too many children.
I would just like to say thank you so much to all the different House Mothers and their husbands and the Aunties who made my childhood as happy as they did.

I’m trying to find out which care home my mum would of been in with her brother, after her mum remarried, she is Linda May Henderson and her brother her was Terence Arthur Henderson, although we do believe that it says her father was Henderson but we are not sure if he was the father as he denied her all her life, she was born in Gosforth, Northumberland her mum was Stella Shaw, Henderson, Greeves, Thompson, any help at all would be greatly appreciated thank you Karen
I'm trying to find out if my nan Cecilia Hughes was ever at The Leys cottage homes in Manston Kent as a child? I vaguely remember her telling me she was at a childrens home in Manston, I wonder if anyone can tell me how I could find out?
Hi, My sister Jaqueline and I (Janet) nee Clifton were placed in St Christopher's Railway Orphanage in Derby in 1961, we were there til 1964 when we were adopted and lived in Derby for 2 years before emigrating to Australia. I was wondering if there is any way of obtaining photos other than the one of the building and how to access records if available. We met our birth father and half brothers and sisters 13 years ago, so we know about the circumstances of going to the orphanage but would like to see other photos and info if at all possible. My email is janetgordan50@hotmail.com. Thank you
I was in the Farningham and Swanley Boys Home from 1954 to 1958. I was in House #4 and later we were all moved to House #9. I remember taking tailoring classes and made my first pair of long pants and wore them at age 14. In 1959 I moved to Toronto Canada. I moved to Vancouver in 1966. I met my wife and we married in 1867. We have 2 daughters who are married and I now have 3 grandaughters and one grandson
My late father worked at Newsham Park Hospital, former Liverpool Seamans Orphanage from late 70s to early 90s when he retired, I now that when he did a young girl who lived in the Orphanage came home with him and know lives with me and I have seen her many times
Hi I was sent to a school during the 60's I was born in !954 and it would have been approx 1962/3 when I was sent there. I had chest problems so maybe bronchitis , funnily I suffered pneumonia in my 50s. I remember it was a big old building , possibly Victorian, in the afternoon's we all had to take an hour's nap. First thing in the morning we had to poo. How to teach a child how to lie!! You quickly learnt how to tell a lie as you were in the toilet for ages until you "had a poo" . God I look back at all my school's none of them good. First one as I was left handed I was kept in to copy calligraphic cards with my right hand (I almost became ambidextrous ) then to Cliftonville (as above I can't remember the name) I was introduced to valentines cards by a lovely girl there, name I can't remember. Then to another, I was back in London I was always the person to blame when there was any trouble even though 90% of the time it wasn't me. I wasn't an angel , but far from being a trouble maker, but always first port of call when there was any issue.
Does anyone remember a Mrs Mary R Thomas, she was in charge, I believe of Kelvedon house, Birchington (Spurgeon's orphanage) in Kent. Does anyone have photo's of Birchington from the early '60's.
My memories of the orphanage were of it being hard, but fair and we were treated kindly. Going to bed with with a slice of bread, a glass of water, when naughty. Lining up for the loo, and we 'had' to go, while the kids queued up in sight and yelled for us to hurry, when we couldn't go. Yet we were not allowed up till we'd gone. Standing in row to wash the sinks with ajax. Then all given a spoonful of olive oil or something like that.
The tiny pet lizard in the terrarium.
Looking for anyone that was in a children’s home in London called lapworth court in the 1970s , I’m pretty sure that was the name of the home I spent a few years in as a child , there was also a girl named Beverly in there who had a missing arm I would love to find her a d see how her life turned out
Hi. Does anyone remember lower wick children's home Worcester. I was there 1976ish..I remember Godfrey the goat..a lad of mixed race who I would love to hear from..We were both at Don road too.. please contact me 07984734176...I have fond memories of the care system in Worcester. If you remember the places or me I would love to speak to you.
Hi everyone , l was wondering if anyone was in a care home in chelsea ,London on the worlds end estate around 1984 l think it was called whistler walk care home ..lm trying to trace someone who l knew was there and would love to make contact with them..l actually wasn't in the home but my friend was..
helo, I'm asking for someone I know who was born at St Luke's Guildford but mum and bub resided at the Guildford Moral Welfare Girls’ Home . The year was 1959. Does anyone have any records form that year or photos? Mum's name was Pat Love nee Bartlett. Thank you for your time.
Hi I was in 42 Windsor Rd Stockton-on-Tees 1961/62 miss mckinnly
And miss Green. Looked after us.i remember
Olwin jones. Her brother ivoror ..cannot remember any other kids.freddy archer was in the home next to me and olwin. Be interested to hear of anyone from then. I.amJackie Corner. From Newcastle..jackiecorner1@gmail.com
I'm looking for information on a Children's Home called Redwood in Kent, possibly Canterbury. My brother spent some time there in about 1979/1980. Can't find any trace of it online. Does anyone remember it?
I am trying to find information about a little girl called Sylvia Boffin or Jones who was in Eagles Nest Nursery, Hampstead at the beginning of the war. It was one of Anna Freud's War time Nurseries. Were babies adopted from this nursery?
Trying to locate a children's home in late 1950's early 60's that would have housed children who Attended St Lawrence primary school in Hurstpierpoint. Thank you.
I worked at.85 Mattock Lane in the 1970s. It was a Childrens Home for younger Children .
I worked at St Marys Nursery in Cold Ash. Nr Thatcham.

I worked at Holy Child Nursery. Waldern Road. Chilsehurst . Kent in the 1970s

I worked at Barretts Green Nursery. In Harlesden. in the 1970s as well
hi Angela, there was a home in mcr that possibly could be where your sister was, it was called BURFORD whalley range+ they did mother+ babies.
I was in Sandon Lodge children's home in Grantham for almost 8 years, I have nothing but praise for all the staff that looked after me and all the other lost souls. Sandon Lodge was a big part of my life, and I would love to get into contact with anyone who was their in or around the 1980's When I was their I went by the name Shawn Taylor - but am now Shawn Harrison, I went to St Hughes School.
I was in Sandon Lodge children's home for almost 7 years in Grantham Lincolnshire, this was a major part of my life and will always be eternally grateful for all the love and support I received whilst there. I am looking for anyone who was at Sandon Lodge around the 1980's. My name at the time was Shawn Taylor but later was changed to Shawn Harrison. Please feel frr to email me should you wish to reach out...
My two sisters and I were at a children’s home called Roxburgh House in Stroud Gloucestershire from September 1950.
The Home has since been pulled down and I believe a Sports Hall is now on the site.
I remember a Nurse Danby, a small woman who wore a surgical boot for her limp.
Can anyone else remember Roxburgh House I wonder?

Hi I was born in 1962, in Elmswood, North Mossley Hill Road, Liverpool. My birth mother was from Clitheroe, my father who I don't know is from a travelling fairground who is Irish....I am the eldest of 6, but was the only one adopted, I met my birth mother 20 years ago but would only tell me what she wanted me to know... I am now trying to trace my siblings ..Cherie, James, Thomas and Paul.. Diane who is my youngest I have met her and we are in touch...… any info gilliehall380@googlemail.com
I live at Grange Cottage at the foot of Uphill Grange, I’m looking for any archive photos or information about the children’s home ?
I was at the Mount Hermon children's home from about 1946 to 1951, but then it was 34 Ashburnham Road, at the time my name was Colin Jessop, I remember Miss Hannah the Matron and her Dog Paddy, who went for your ankles if you were naughty, then there was Miss Sparrow the cook, I still remember some of other children, even after all these years.
Hi Larry, your name does ring a vague bell. It would be great to chat about aunty Laura and uncle Ted. Yeah, I remember a lad called James Tomes as well. please do get in touch if you like.
I was there at the children's home for many years, from 7 years old to 9 ... I went back and forth from there. I'm deaf so mperhaps you know me? I remember the spiral stairs ... message me if you remember me. helen@brand-jam.com. :-)
My father and his two sisters were sent to separate orphanages around 1917 in the Darlington area which I believe were either Church of England or possibly Quaker - he could quote huge chunks of the Bible that he learnt while there. Does anyone know of orphanages in that area or advice on how I can find where they were sent. I'm hoping for some insight when the 1921 census is released. Thanks.
Email: jo.mcgovern@gmail.com
I'm looking for friends and one in particular Henry Wilcomis excuse the surname as it was relayed by someone who doesn't speak Polish neither do I only the Christmas Carol he taught me to sing in Polish. We were in Bledlow Children's home Buckinghamshire in the late 50's early 60'sI know his father lived in Slough
you can contact me by email at tony7holbr@yahoo.co.uk
Hi, I'm trying to find the Children's Home in Crosby, Southport, Lancashire where my father and his brother lived for a time in the mid 1920's. I'm thinking that it was Nazareth, but there may have been somewhere else.
Any information about how I could check the records would be much appreciated.
Many thanks
Hi all I was in dr barnardos in Shipley Westyorkshire in 80s anyone else
My grandfather was orphaned on the ship from Spain. He and his brothers and sisters were placed in an Catholic orphanage in Pensacola, florida He was born in Spain in 1853. His parents died on the ship coming to USA. He and several siblings were placed in Orphanage in Pensacola.
His name was James T. Roberts, brother was J. C. Roberts.reidd229@gmail.com
Hi, My father was in a children's home from 1925 to 1934, I remember him saying it was near either Hornby or Wray in Lancashire but cant find any homes in that area, the nearest being in Lancaster, does anyone know of any in that area? Thank you
I was in rose cottage children’s home bulwell 1950 there were six cottages next to Highbury hospital bulwell any one else there at that time I remember Yvonne Holmes
I’m trying to find out why I was put in a children’s home and to find my mother and father their names are krischand Saharan and Margaret Saharan Maiden name Wade I have one Brother called Christian
I'm searching for information on summerlands exeter council reception home in the 1950s, my mother who passed away suddenly spent a few years there
My brother and I were taken to a children's home in Sevenoaks, Croydon when I was about 10 or 11.
I can't remember the name of the place but I do remember they had cottages all with names of trees. My brother was taken to Ash cottage while I was taken to Beech cottage, Beech cottage was run by 2 ladies ,twins called the Miss Carrols. This was way back in the late 50s.
We went to an outside school on the bus and I joined the brownies while I was there.
Just curious whether anyone else on here ever went there or knows the name of the home.
Please contact me through my Facebook page if u have any info. Tks.
hi it might be a long shot but im trying to locate my nans 2 sisters that might have been put into care somewhere in the staffordshire area
they went into care round about 1927 there names would be elsie thacker,garbett or turner she would have been around the age of 4-5 her sister ann thacker, garbett or tuner was put into care at the same time
if anyone could help that would great
I was at Whitewell children's home in the early 80s anyone else,?
Trying to find Tracy Traynor, she was a friend of my sisters Debbie coward back in the 80s, can remember going to sterrix lane children’s home. Would love to have a catch up
I'm looking for Kevin Forne. I was in Athol House from 1978-80. Would love to know how he's getting on. He had an older brother called Steven.
Hi wondered if anyone knew of an orphanage called Park Lee in Blackburn, in the 1930s ?
I'm looking for anyone that was in Wallis cottage Hornchurch homes 1965 I left 1970 my sister Audrey was also with me. If you can help me piece this together
Hi I was at Milton House in Bournemouth in 1989 with my sister Toni. Anyone else there at that time?
Hi all I am trying to get in touch with anyone who was in either Fountains Rainham Essex 1972 to 73 or anyone who was in Tennyson Lodge Harold Hill 1973 to 75.
Would love to know how you all are
Hi just seen a message from Michael Webb regarding Tennyson Lodge I was there with you mate
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Hi Anthony, was it The George Mueller Home in Uphill? It was known by two names, The Grange and Wright House, as the home was split in two. I was there from 73 to 83. It is now a residential care home called Uphill Grange..
Hi I was in Nazareth House in Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne between 1964 and 1970. Like many other children I was under the care of a nun called Sister Agnes. The only other child's name I can remember was David Williams or Williamson. Just wondering if there are any others that were there during the same time as I was?