Hi, My father was in a children's home from 1925 to 1934, I remember him saying it was near either Hornby or Wray in Lancashire but cant find any homes in that area, the nearest being in Lancaster, does anyone know of any in that area? Thank you
I was in rose cottage children’s home bulwell 1950 there were six cottages next to Highbury hospital bulwell any one else there at that time I remember Yvonne Holmes
I’m trying to find out why I was put in a children’s home and to find my mother and father their names are krischand Saharan and Margaret Saharan Maiden name Wade I have one Brother called Christian
I'm searching for information on summerlands exeter council reception home in the 1950s, my mother who passed away suddenly spent a few years there
My brother and I were taken to a children's home in Sevenoaks, Croydon when I was about 10 or 11.
I can't remember the name of the place but I do remember they had cottages all with names of trees. My brother was taken to Ash cottage while I was taken to Beech cottage, Beech cottage was run by 2 ladies ,twins called the Miss Carrols. This was way back in the late 50s.
We went to an outside school on the bus and I joined the brownies while I was there.
Just curious whether anyone else on here ever went there or knows the name of the home.
Please contact me through my Facebook page if u have any info. Tks.
hi it might be a long shot but im trying to locate my nans 2 sisters that might have been put into care somewhere in the staffordshire area
they went into care round about 1927 there names would be elsie thacker,garbett or turner she would have been around the age of 4-5 her sister ann thacker, garbett or tuner was put into care at the same time
if anyone could help that would great
I was at Whitewell children's home in the early 80s anyone else,?
Trying to find Tracy Traynor, she was a friend of my sisters Debbie coward back in the 80s, can remember going to sterrix lane children’s home. Would love to have a catch up
I'm looking for Kevin Forne. I was in Athol House from 1978-80. Would love to know how he's getting on. He had an older brother called Steven.
Hi wondered if anyone knew of an orphanage called Park Lee in Blackburn, in the 1930s ?
I'm looking for anyone that was in Wallis cottage Hornchurch homes 1965 I left 1970 my sister Audrey was also with me. If you can help me piece this together
Hi I was at Milton House in Bournemouth in 1989 with my sister Toni. Anyone else there at that time?
Hi all I am trying to get in touch with anyone who was in either Fountains Rainham Essex 1972 to 73 or anyone who was in Tennyson Lodge Harold Hill 1973 to 75.
Would love to know how you all are
Hi just seen a message from Michael Webb regarding Tennyson Lodge I was there with you mate
Signed on 11th January, 2020 by Anthony Davies

Hi Anthony, was it The George Mueller Home in Uphill? It was known by two names, The Grange and Wright House, as the home was split in two. I was there from 73 to 83. It is now a residential care home called Uphill Grange..
Hi I was in Nazareth House in Jesmond Newcastle upon Tyne between 1964 and 1970. Like many other children I was under the care of a nun called Sister Agnes. The only other child's name I can remember was David Williams or Williamson. Just wondering if there are any others that were there during the same time as I was?
Responding to comment from Yvonne Dawkins below, this would have been Wormley Hill House, Wormley, Broxbourne
I was in a childrens home in Hastings mid 1950's. I just remember a big double fronted house up a hill. Does it ring any bells with anyone? They took me to a barbers & had my long plaits cut off l remember being upset at my short hair. The school l went to was a walking distance (as everything was in 1950's) but l recall old red brick. Can anyone give a a clue as to where l was? Trying to lay my unhappy childhood to rest! X
Signed on 24th July, 2017 by Yvonne Dawkins
I lived at Fairlawn children’s home Allestree Derby from 69/73 . Anybody got any photographs of the house or indeed lived there and remember any staff that worked there
My name is Colin walker born in 1958 in Birmingham. I,M second youngest out of 5 only 3 of us were mixed race and 2 of English . My first time in a home was erdington cottage homes in 1959 my mother was single she did everything to bring us all up polite and caring . Although the state treated her like a leper . After having me she became really ill and us 4 children were removed from our home in b t b at the top of Irving street. We were taken to erdington cottage home. This was my first visit and I was only six months old so I do not remember a lot of this visit. But throughout the next 12 years I had 6 visits to erdington cottage aswell as below

Erdington cottage homes.
Panel ash orphanage.
The Hollies Smethwick
Foster care families a few .

This has not made me bitter as my moms biggest problems were her parents . They were of Irish descent and they told her if she kept her brown children she is dismissed from there family. They never seen there 3 brown skinned children . But my aunts would collect my white brother and sister and take them to see there grandparent occasionally. They refused to help my mom between 1954 until there death in 1981. I have lost contact with my white sister and brother since 2014 as they started to act similar to there grandparents. My brown skinned brother and sister have both passed away . My daughter has grown up in a totally loved and different environment to mine in the 1950s and 60s.
Was there an orphanage in Rhyl in 1943
“Does anyone know of a convalescent home in Walton on Thames back in the 1950's? I stayed at one but can find nothing about it.
Signed on 9th July, 2016 by Bob Jope”

This was the Belgrave Recovery Home in West Grove, Hersham (Walton on Thames), affiliated to the Belgrave Children’s Hospital in London.
I am looking for any information or knowledge of my grandma and a few of her siblings growing up in a catholic convent run by nuns. She was born 1935. Her mother passed in 1940 of TB and her father already passed in 1939. I heard they were sent to a scatter home in Formby area? Someone in the family said Freshfields? Her brother was separated from them with boys. My grandma and her 3 sisters stayed together for some time in the convent until some of them were old enough to leave, finally when My grandma was 16 when she left. We found records for her brother from Father Hudson's.
One story my grandma told me was : on Christmas morning the girls and boys all lined up across from each other with a Christmas tree in the middle and each girl one by one would go get a doll or something and the boys would go get a ball and they were allowed to play with it but had to put it back after for the children next year. She remembers learning and becoming fluent in saying the prayer in Latin. Someone said maybe St Joseph's? I was told they were in the Southport and Liverpool area, but then another family recalls moving to a home in Preston?
Anything helps?
Homes in around that area from 1940-1950?
How do we find records or photos or admissions into these homes?
Does anyone around that time recall a Priscilla (Phyliss) Young or Kathleen Young or Alice/Elizabeth Young.
You can email me at kyla.civi@gmail.com or reply here!
Looking for ANY information regarding the United Services Fund Children's Home, 83 Park Side, Wimbledon Common. My father and his sister were there around 1925.
Please contact jrw44044@gmail.com
I’m looking for details and pictures of a children’s home in Westcliff on sea essex. I was there as a new born in 1969. It could be called town house but not sure?
Any information would be appreciated.
Looking for a childrens home/ orphanage in Bristol?
I was born 1968, adopted in 1969 age 6 months, mother or father possibly eastern european.. no idea!
I lived in trowbridge house around 1972 73 anyone who lived there find me on facebook
My sisters and I are looking for the home we were in. We were there in 1968- 1969. The home we think was called St Winifreds House. We have no idea where it was. I do remember it being a girls and boys home, and in the sleeping dormatory there was a big murial of Cinderella getting out of her coach. Please can anyone help us. Thank you
Hi, my name was Michael Webb for part of the time I was in care because it was my foster parents name. I'm looking for anyone who was in any of the following care homes that I was in between about 1970 and 1978
Tennyson Lodge - Harold Hill Essex

St Domonics - Godalming Surrey
Redhill assessment center - Redhill Surrey
Walden Way (Cheviots) - 3 Walden Way Hornchurch Essex
Hargrave House - Cambridge Rd Stanstead Mountfitchet Essex
Chafford School - Ramsay nr Dovercourt
This is in response to Dermot Pearson (McCormack). I remember you and Paddy (Patrick), your older brother. My name is Mark Austin (Nicholas) and I was at the Children's Home at 97 Woodcock Hill in the late 1970s. My best friend there was Owen Tulloch, and we were inseparable. I was adopted by an American family, and we moved to the United States in 1980. Hopefully you see this comment. If you remember who I am, I can be reached at this email address: tonyaustin812@yahoo.com
Nazareth House Children's Home Southend - Facebook Group for those who once lived there

link above - come along and say hello and maybe meet some others you remember! :)
I was in Selworthy childrens home and spring cottage possibly 81. 82 would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time
I was placed into a children’s home in Richmond around 1980-1985 run by Catholic nuns. I must have been about 5 years old. I’m a twin we were both there Mike and Greg I can’t remember the name but we all went to Church on Sundays and one of the workers was called Helen. There was a huge garden and piano room. That’s all I remember gregmckenzie1@yahoo.co.Uk
HADRESHAM OR SCATHEBURY children’s homes in HOLBROOK LANE, CHISELHURST KENT. These were 2 large white fronted houses at the end of the lane. I was placed here in the 1960’s with my sister for a couple of years. The 2 women running the home were MISS HEWITT &/ MiSS BAKER. If anyone has any recollections about these county council run homes or any photos I would very much appreciate a response. evieeve54@gmail.com
Looking for anyone at Northwood children's home, South norwood, especially Mathew Woodgate, there mid 80's, can't find anything out, home seems to have vanished,
Signed Jason songhurst
Hiya looking for anyone who was at mattock lane Ealing care home in the 60s-70s , if you was there or have any information please email me thank you

I have found out that I was born in 1952 at New End Hospital, Hampstead, London while my mother was a resident of Loreto House, 17 Pembridge Villas, Kensington, London. This is all I know apart from her name Julia Collins. Anybody who has any additional information, I would be very grateful.
hi , i was located at sunnyside fenswood Rd long ashton between 75- 79 . My name is Paul. Lots people friends i still think about how they are if ok. Many memories there some good times sometimes bad . Any how if someone reads this sees it Remember me welcome to contact me . Contact details pw152017@gmail.com.
I’m looking for people who was in care in the 1980s, in Wiltshire.
Starfield Assessment Centre, Trowbridge.
Riverside Assessment Centre, Salisbury.
Mr & Mrs Swindells, Swindon. (Fosterparents)
Red Gables, Purton, nr Swindon.
Kingsmoor Childrens Home, Box, Wiltshire.
I would to hear any experiences you encountered whilst in care, good or bad! I went to all those homes above from 1979-1984.


Hi i am asking for my friend Simon who went to the paddocks children's home in 1991-1992 and he had a best friend called Jessica who went to sea house at ruffly the same time he didn't know her last name and has been trying to find her for years now if you could help me in any way I would be so grateful x
I’m looking for a mother and baby home. 1965
In littlehampton. I think it’s in. Rustington
I was born there and from what I can make out we stayed there for a bit. Missing so much info
I’m also looking for my birth father
I would any old pictures of lower wick children’s home where I lived in the 70,s
Hi, I'm looking for someone who was at Sunnyside Children's Home at Box near Bath from 1970/1972 to around 1976-1977. Her name was Janet Gough and we both went to Atworth Primary school together for a while. Janet was adopted by two people called Jan & Jen who worked at Bath Royal United hospital at the time I think. The matron of the children's home was called Mrs Phillips and I remember a couple of care staff called Janice and Angela who I believe we're sisters. Any information would be much appreciated. My email is lisajayneholloway@outlook.com
I was born in kenya 1968 15 may ..my mum marjorie martha vandermerwe took me on ship to england..i ended up in a home till age of 3.then my father wilhemus jacobus killian brought me to south africa..i want to know if anyone knows my mother..and in what home i was in..i was baptized christine.my mother was born in kenya..her parents died in kitale ..i have given my husband email as my wont take..christinekillian1505@gmail.com
I’m looking for information on a children’s home in Nottingham my Mum may have been in the 1940s she moved up to Nottingham from a home in Hertfordshire back to we think her adopted parents that had moved up to Nottingham the history is very vague.
Birth name Daphne Winifred Mussared or adopted name Daphne Joan Hart

I am looking for my sister! Mixed race! Not sure of her name now.. Maybe Camille! Was placed in a care home in the early 70's in BRADFORD Our father was Alan Saidy! She will be about 48years old now!
Hi, I am looking for anyone who was in Parkend Childrens Home, Middlesbrough Cleveland from approximately 1960 to 1971?.
During our 10 years there was Tony Naughton, The Parry Family, The Allen family, The Muntinga Family and we were the Naylor Family. House-parents were Jean and Neville Carrick (both now deceased) who had a Son John, and a daughter Janet.
If you know any of these families or people, I would love to hear from you at this address jaa140854@gmail.com
Kindest Regards,

Jacqueline Austin (Nee Naylor)
Hello. Eastry Children’s Home 1961 - 1967
Matron Aunty Betty, superintendent Jeffrey Adams, Local Vicar Cooper (St.Mary’s)
Eastry Headmaster named appropriately ‘Mr. Fright’ we kids were hated.. remember ?

Life moves on now at end stage due to Cancer in California USA.

We shall remember- goodnight x
Looking for info on the Tavistock Villa Cottage Home in Yiewsley from around 1903 to 1913. My grandmother was in the on the 1911 census. Has anyone found any records anywhere?
hi am looking to try and find a childrens home in manchester. my sister who has sadly passed away went in to a childrens home in the early 1970s for 5 years she was in there for. it has came to lite she may have had a baby while in this home. does any one know if she would have had the child in the childrens home or would she have been moved some where else to have the baby and then back to the childrens home any information would be a great help her name was angela robinson dont know what home she was in.

Note from the editor: it is really difficult to say where she might have been when the baby was born without knowing what sort of home she was in. Is it possible to get the birth certificate of the baby which might give mum's details? Perhaps try to contact Manchester Council to see if they can help (these are the details I would usually suggest to people trying to find out information about themselves...) Write to: Information Compliance, Democratic Services Legal Team, Legal Services, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester M60 2LA or email informationcompliance@manchester.gov.uk Let us know how you get on.