Hi. Absolute long shot but I’m trying to find the name of a children’s convalescent home (I think it was all girls but unsure) which was operating in Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland in the early 1970s?
I was sent there from Glasgow in 1973 due to issues within the family and stayed for 6 weeks.
I can only remember a little West Highland White Terrier called Kirsty, a rather severe teacher/staff member called Miss Corbett. There were several girls per dormitory and my main memories are LONG walks each day, an old film (on projector) on Saturday nights and playing records in the recreation room some evenings. There was also a tiny room, almost like a cupboard, which was used as a tuck shop on Saturdays. I don’t expect anyone to recognise this but if you don’t ask….thank you!
Hi I'm trying to find information on the time I spent in Baskerville open air school i was there for some months in the late 1940s any info would be fantastic any records would also be great. Photos maybe. Cheers
Hello, I was in The Cygnets, Shelley House and Barrowgate Road children's homes (London Borough of Hounslow) between 1986 and 1988. Would love to hear from anyone who was at any of these during that time. tracy-nutrition@outlook.com
I’m trying to find information on a Childrens Home I was in from 1980 for around 4/5 years, it was in Mandale Road Bournemouth and was at the time called Mandale Road Observation and Assessment Centre. It’s like it never existed and is not even in the list of Dorset childrens homes.
I’d be very grateful for any information anyone has.

Carmen January 2023
Hi looking for anyone who lived or has information about Brondeg, 320 Stoke Poges Lane, Slough.
Looking for anyone that was at Riverside Assessment Centre or Starfield between 1982 and 1985. Specifically with Riverside, information about one of the staff there called Gordon. I was also at Cleeve House from 1984 until it closed, am in touch with a few people from there and would love to hear from others.
My mum Joyce Hetherington and her younger sister, Barbara Hetherington were in Fulwood Cottage Homes, Lodge Moor, Sheffield in the late 1930s until the early 1940s. I would like to hear from anyone who knew either of them. My mum told me bits and pieces about her experiences in the homes but she has died now and I would like to find out more. Thank you.
I was at Warleigh Manor from 1988 until 1994 and there are some great memories and have friends from there today. However I was physically and sexually abused over a 4 year period. If any other warleigh boy suffered the way I did please contact me as I am putting a case together...
This was not Les Alderman who was a Saint of a man a only wanted to help children lost in a system....

I'm trying to find out some information about an Open Air school that my Mum went to. I believe it was in Whitegate, Cheshire. My Aunty referred to it as Marstons but I don't know what the actual name was and I cannot find anything referring to it. My Mum's maiden name was Mary Badger and I believe she was prefect for some time. Her date of birth was 8/4/32 and I understand that she attended the school perhaps in the early 40's. I understand that she really enjoyed her time there but when she was alive, she didn't really ever talk about it. I'd be really grateful if anyone can help with any other information, if not about my Mum, just about the school itself.

Thanks in advance


Dawn Boyle
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i was in the beeches leicester mid 70s not nice but justice pravailed in the end rip my old mate simon
I am looking for anyone who would have been at Colinton ( Woodfield Hall) from 1951 to about 1965. My mom, Frances Henderson, was there during that time span. She the joined the RAF and married an American serviceman. I have a few pictures of her from when she was there and would love to meet any old friends of hers
I Lived At 74 Aldersbrook Road London E12 In The 1970s It Were A Childrens Home Then Would Be Great To Catch Up With Anyone From That Time.
Hi I'm trying to find info on a children's home 1950s in / near Hornby & Wray Lancashire. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe it could have been council run. The building is now in flats I think.
Daughter of James Needham (Jim).
My Interest is the enquiry by David Howard 2020
My mum was in Lochgarry children's home and I know she is desperate to find out some information about herself when she was there. The place closed down in the 90s and I was wondering if there was anyone else that attended in the 60s/70s or anyone that knew where we could find out information?
Hello, I am looking for anyone who was in Broomlands and/or Parkend children's home in the 1960/70s. I and my siblings were there for almost 10 years. Jean & Neville Carrick (both deceased now) were the houseparents in Parkend and I recall Miss Cones from Broomlands.
I don't want to embarrass anyone on here by naming all the kids who were in at the same time as me and my family. If you know of anyone who was in the home at this time, please email me at jaa140854@gmail.com. Thanks heaps and it would be wonderful to hear from anyone in either of these homes who knew us. Many thanks J
Hi Julia - any existing records are held by Birmingham Archives & Heritage at the Library of Birmingham - https://www.familytreeresources.com/birmingham-archives-and-heritage-service.html
They should be able to tell you if they can help.

im looking for information about shenley fields cottage homes in northfield in or around the 1930-1940 mark.
I have a record putting my ancestor in the cottages around 1939, I know his mother died at a young age in 1930 and i presume his father could not afford to keep the children himself.
Albert david little 1925-1996 would have been around 5 years old when his mother passed away.
im not sure if his siblings followed the same route as him.
He is listed as " at school" if anyone could put a name to the school that would be great.
thank you
Fairfield House is the name of the Broadstairs open air school.
Wren's Warren was at Coleman's Hatch, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex and moved to Laleham School, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent in the early 50's
I'm trying to find the care home that I was in in Rochester Kent Borstal area in 1970's
Does anyone remember a Kenneth Harry Humphreys (Tue) he was put in a home for a time in the 1970's.
Love to know if anyone has photos from 1930s. We’ve never seen photos of our dad as a child as he was in Erdington Cottage homes from 1927 to 1937. His name Anthony (Tony) White. He was boarding out to Ellen Murray of Weoley Castke.
Im trying to find details about a childrens care home in the 60s - run by nuns i believe - in beech road,hastings.
Any info much appreciated
I was in Whinnybanks family group in the eighty’s and also in broomlands assessment centre just wondering if anybody on here was in these homes who I may know
Can anyone help if they can remember a home named the Thomas danbey orphanage ? Trying to locate history to where my grandfather originated from
I'm trying to trace my uncle Edward Joseph Davidson who was in homes in London until he was 18. Born around 1943 and given up. He was born with cleft lip and pallet and had years of operations. As an adult he was in the merchant navy. He was on the Baltic ferry in 1983. His mums name was Helen Davidson and his half sister is Eileen Davidson, bith from Fife Scotland. My email is ah66@hotmail.co.uk
Anyone who was in carsewood house please contact me Katie Jimmy Michelle helen
In relation to Clint Turner dtd 2nd Jan 2019.
I was in Monks Barn around the age of 7ish (1966 ish). I was in with my siblings being 3 girls and myself. Naturally, as with most sagas of the times, being In & Out of the "Care" system from my age of 3 1/2yrs until the Army in 1976, these are the names of the houses that I remember.
I personally remember Care homes as, Monks Barn Reading, Wessex Way Maidenhead, Greenfield House Maidenhead, Courage or (Curridge) House, Murray House Wokingham, Suffolk Lodge also in Wokingham. Some of these I revisited and stayed more than once. Initially the family fell apart when living in Grove.
Starfields holt road in about 1965. My brother and i spent a short while here
There we family issues at home so we stayed here for a short while We had the time of our lives, we both loved being there ,the staff were adressed as Auntie or Uncle great fond memories of Uncle George and Aunt OE.
Uncle George bet me a weeks pocket money that i could not stop taking sugar in my tea . Next pocket money day i got double!. Not taken sugar since.
I can envisage the layout of the house in my mind. Through the front door on the left was the dining room on the right the day nursery for the little ones.straight ahead the office on the right before the office was the stairs up to the bedrooms.
I used to love helping in the kitchen when we had creamcheese for tea. I wish i could remember how it was made! We were always well feed , clean and tidy.
When mum came to get us to go home with her i was given a beautiful doll all in hand made clothes.
Happy memories we made at Starfields

Does anyone know of a children's home that was in Regent's Park in the late 1950s to early 1960s?
Hello trying to find some information about a Childrens home in York North Yorkshire around 1960/1970. My dad was there and would love to find some old friends he grew up with, his name is Stephen Jackson
I was in Nazareth house Jesmond Dean Newcastle late 70s just be interested to know of anyone who was in at that time !
I'm looking for anyone who stayed in or knew of the RIVERSIDE CHILDREN'S HOME, in SALISBURY WILTS in the 1980's.
This may have also been known as RIVERSIDE ASSESSMENT CENTRE.
I was placed there in approx 1984 for a short period of time, however all records seem to have disappeared of it ever existing as a children's home during this time period. If anyone had ever stayed here or knows of this home please contact me, thankyou
Im looking for any information on a childrens home in Slough called Manor Lodge.
If anyone was there or knows anything please contact me sallahrakha@aol.com
I am looking for information on a childrens home in Slough called Manor Lodge, if anyone was there or has any info please contact me at sallahrakha@aol.com
i was in a hornchurch cottage home for children in the late 40s i cant remeber the name of it but we used to sing a song on bus trips we are the hornchurch boys we never make a noise we are respected where ever we go can any one please help thank you bill
my email is billday 2022@g.mail.com
Does anyone here remember manor lodge home in slough
Regarding my previous post if there is anyone who remembers me from Shelly,s I would love to hear from you, email is gwenwarr@hotmail.co.uk
I am helping my grandfather track down his care records. He was in a care home at 2-4 Eastfield Gardens, Monkseaton in around 1943 stayed for around 10 years. If any knows anything about this care home it would be great to hear from you :)

Emma - esykes26@yahoo.co.uk
I am looking for any information on the White Heather childrens home in Conway I was sent there at the age of 6 1960 I would love to have any information about my stay at White Heather I stayed there for about 6 weeks TIA
My parents were social aunt and uncle to a little girl called Kimberley Ford. She was about 8 in about 1965? and she was at Beecholme. I would love to get in touch with her kathydpidgeon@hotmail.co.uk
I am replying to Charlotte Beckham who was looking for people st Mattock Lane,Ealing children's home in the 60s or 70s. I worked there for a short time in 1974.
I've just found this site in my search for children's home situated in Bolton Le Sands. I was placed in the children's home in the village in 1966/67. All I can recall is that it was located opposite a church and newsagents ( I think). It was also near a bus stop. At the opposite end of the village by a bridge was The Packet Inn. The lady in charge of the home was known to all the children as Aunty Josie.
I'm hoping someone might be able to help with the name of the home, or may have known Aunty Josie.... or have any information regarding a girl called Jose Sambrook ( otherwise known as Susan Carhart) or a girl of that year called Bernadette of Irish extraction. Or possibly any of the local boys who were called John Woodhouse ( known as "shed") who lived on Churchbrow Bolton le Sands. There was also two boys one a village boy known as Ian a local farmer's son. And Micheal also a resident of the children's home in 1966/7.
All info grateful received please contact me on suemeredith28@gmail.com
Thank you
Hi there,

I am looking for anyone who has information on Nazareth House - Newcastle Upon Tyne in the 1900's my Great Aunt Elsie (Clark) lived there as a child and I believe stayed there a long time. I've tried to look for records but have had no luck!

Any advice would be appreciated.
I was in eagle house in bath in late 70s I remember being thee youngest there my last name was stenner then , any staff remember me , I cannot remember much of my younger years
Carol Edwards. 1975. Field house remand centre. I'm looking for anyone that was there the night she set fire to the bedroom. Please feel free to message back I am her niece.

My Dad, Edward Terry, was in Eastry cottage homes when he was little, maybe seven or eight years old. Around 1960 I believe. Three of his younger brothers - Andrew, Douglas and Malcolm - and their younger sister Claire also lived there.
Dad didn’t share very much about his time in care, only that his parents would visit every weekend even though they had to travel on multiple buses to get there.
He would often have flashbacks to that time, complaining of the abuse that he suffered - being locked in a bathroom all night without food or water, only wearing pyjamas and having to sleep on the cold tiles. Male staff were sexually abusive.
Can anyone confirm that they were also abused?
I’m sure many of those “men” have since died which means justice cannot be carried out.
Dad passed away in June 2021, he had recently been diagnosed with leukaemia and he then contracted a chest infection while in hospital.
Responding to a comment from Colin Norwood (Jessop), March 2021.
I too was at Mount Hermon Children's Home in Hastings between 1946 to 1951. I remember your name and the others that you mention. Do you remember me?!
I moved to Aberdare House and stayed there till I was 16yrs old.
I would be very interested to hear from you at: brucelivall@hotmal.com
Hi there, My grandmother and her brother was in Bledlow childrens home Buckinghamshire from 1940 - 1950. I’m trying to find out any information or images on Bledlow childrens home at this time. If someone can give me any information/images please email victoriahenson208@hotmail.co.uk it would be very much appreciated.
I am looking for anyone who was in 'Three Ways Children's Home, at Odd Down, Bath in the early sixties. if there is anyone please contact me on nikkide@me.com
Thank you

Hi, my mum was born in 1919 and was bought up in both Ongar cottage homes (Hackney Union) and Brentwood home, do any of you have any ancestors that may have been in the Ongar homes at that time , especially a Rose Brown