I went to woodlands children’s home in haslemere in late sixties to early sevenths, I remember Angelo , Angela , my sister is Ingrid, did anyone else go there when I was there
Answering Carl Trueman ..... I was in Melplash late 78 / 79.
I remember Peggy and John and their 2 kids ( another Donna but cant remember the boys' name ) ... also remember most of the staff, Val, Sherma, a hippy type guy called Nick and his blonde girlfriend ( forget her name though ... maybe Suzanne ).
i do remember a Carl , really nice lad, also Pam and Marie, and Sheena, 2 youngish black brothers cant remember their names though, i do remember the smoking shed though ... LOL.
I wonder if you remember a weekend trip organised by john, whereby we were all split into teams of 2 with 1 member of staff, and we had to hitch hike as far as we could go with no money, i was teamed with a carl and the house master john and we made it all the way to Belfast via Scotland ... spending a lot of time in the back of a lorry, i split my jeans getting out of the lorry on that trip and that night i used carl ( you ? ) to snuggle up as close as possible to shield me from what John tried to do ... hope you see this message and maybe get back in touch. :). xx
Hi I am looking for a person I met in a childrens home called Chris in 1994 to 96 in west yorkshire the home was called close lea it was in rastrick near brighouse I met him through a friend who was in the same home we would have been about 15 I think his last name began with an L I only new him for a short period of time but he was a lovely person and I would love to know how he got on in life,the mutual friend we had sadly passed away about 20 years ago,the home has now been knocked down and a care home has been built in its place,I know its a long shot but if anyone knows anything please get in touch thanks.
I am trying to locate families of the children who were sent to the Childrens Home at South Farm, Overton, West Overton, Marlborough, Wiltshire from as early as 1919 until 1923. My father was one of them, sent here to Western Australia aged 8 in 1927 to Fairbridge Farm. What happened to these kids? Some were moved to another institution in Buckinghamshire later, near Windsor, at Dorney Court in Dorney. I have been researching this information for many years so I have information on some of the children. They were mostly illegitimate and told they were orphans. Please, I hope I can hear from the descendants. It was a sad period for children who grew up not knowing who they were. Thank you in anticipation.
hello people, i am trying to find any information on a girls Remand school i went to 1973-1974 locating on Andover road Winchester. my son has recently found out that the Girls Remand home was opened in 1962 and then closed not long after in 1974. there are no pictures that i can find anywhere, but i would love to find any information, if its out there! thank you.
Hi my mum and auntie were in the LEYS childrens home manston Kent and also in st Winifred’s in nunnery road Canterbury ….my mums going to be 70 in March and I’m desperately wanting any pics of these care homes or anybody that was in them probably from 1960 for st Winifred’s and 2965-68 for the Leys thankyou in advance

Their names were
Susan Watson
Margaret Watson
I am looking for information about my mother who was in Nazareth house
lenton Nottingham from 1916 until 1922 any body has any details please advise
she was know as Katherine Stevens
Looking for information about Pauline Cavanagh. Born in 1938. Adopted by John and Lucy Cavanagh of Kent, England in 1944 I think.


Paula Dieste
her daughter
I am hoping to find out any information about my mother Pauline. She was adopted by John and Lucy Cavanagh of Kent, England. She was at the Sisters of St. Joseph in Gilliamham. I know very little of her time at the orphanage. Anyone have any information or how I may go about finding out information, please know my appreciation in advance.

my email: mpdieste27@gmail.com
Has anyone ever heard of the Basildons Childrens Home in Exeter , 1960 to 1963. If so do let me know. revansifa@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
Re:Message from Kevin Robert on 9 Sept. 2019.
The House parents names are for the year 1962.
The names of the cottages at Hornchurch Cottage Homes were:- on the the right side of the drive past the supers office - Hawthorn Cottage(Miss Mutters), Wallis Cottage(Miss Frank), Woodbine Cottage(Mr & Mrs Weatherall) [ then the Stores, swimming baths, shoe repairs and engineers office]. Next came Nelson(Mr & Mrs Turner), Wellington(Mr & Mrs Vincent), Napier( became a staff house) then the hospital (Dr. Milford and sister Smith). The last two on the right were Ivy(?) and Forbes(Mr & Mrs Grant) cottages.
On the left of the drive it was Rose(Miss Coughlan) , Myrtle cottage(Mr & Mrs Keane) then a block including hall, needle room, laundry, drill hall/gymnasium and the church. Then came Laurel cottage(Mr & Mrs Craven), Milton(Mr & Mrs Jones) and finally Landseer (Mr & Mrs Leveridge).
Together with my 2 sisters I stayed in the Basildons Childrens Home in Exeter in 1961. Our father was in the navy away & mother was seriously ill. We lived in Budleigh Salterton. We spent about 2 months in Basildon, it really wasnt a great experience. However I would very much like to see if the original building is still there as I now live not too far away and just want to put the memeroy into context. I have tried everything to locate it or find any information. Can anyone help? many thanks, Richard
I’m looking for anyone in Batesholme children’s home Herne Bay1970-1978……Also Woodlands Children’s Home Canterbury 1978…….Alderden House Childrens Home Wallmer Deal 1979……..Eastry Children’s Home. 1979-1980…….Mark Cole my email……….Coleark14@gmail.com
My great grandfather, William Kent, was born around 1889 in Hertfordshire area. Supposedly something happened with his family (William and Mary Kent) and he either went straight into an orphanage or first lived with an aunt and then went to the orphanage. In 1905 he came to Canada. We do not know anything else and got this information from his marriage certificate. The immigration records are not accurate (we cannot find someone his age coming to Canada in 1905) and we don't know where else to go for assistance. We cannot find records of him with his parents (that match our information). HELP?
Hi My late mum and her siblngs were in a Cottage home at Dewsbury ( Crows Nest Park ), This was around 1943/44. Could anyone advise how to start to gather information.
I was at Heathercoombe brake in 1972 for three weeks with my sister, I was 9 at that time and my sister 11. We stayed for about three weeks although it seemed much longer. Our parents had divorced and clearly it affected us both greatly. We were told that we could go on holiday to Devon? This was our first ever holiday, with the exception of some day trips to Walton on the Naze ,which the local church organised. We got to the station and were picked up in a Morris Minor traveller I believe. It struggled up the steep hill and around the hairpin bend at the top was Heathercoombe. I remember plenty of outdoor playing and bible readings, not forgetting the trips to the coast at Torbay and Paignton. It took us out of the miserable time at home and some of the other kids were a little boisterous to say the least, although now I know just why we were sent there, it makes much more sense. I`ll not forget the great time I had away from home, and when I got back I wished I had stayed there.. I was lucky enough to get a place at a fantastic boarding school in 1975 and spent 5 happy years there. Another memory of the trips to the coast was packed lunch usually consisting of peanut butter sandwiches and Bowyers sausage roll washed down with a tub of squash and an apple for afters.. Halcyon days when I think back. The sense of freedom was immense and the kindness of the staff refreshing. Along with the mists, bracken and rain (often) was a calm and happiness that I have sort at every opportunity ever since. The trips to the school at the foot of the hill on a Sunday was a little scary, it was a school for what was then termed a handicapped school. But on reflection through the years I suspect they were just as frightened of being invaded by strangers too.
My memories are strong and positive of my time there and I wonder if anyone remembers me? I remember a strapping and very vocal guy called Malcolm, I was only about 4ft then and he towered above all of us.. I`ve caught up now!
Hi I'm looking for Amanda or Wendy ward Mary moses Theresa Malone Peter Beales all good friends I grew up with in aldermen house walker 79 to 1980 love to hear from you derek.ifieldderek@gmail.com
i was at eastry childrens home '77 to 78. known as griff or ginger.
also at southborough assessment centre a couple of times in 76. the only people i remember there were 2 girls one called gina and the other julie small.
i was also at spurgeons in birchington in the early 60's for about 2 or 3 years but i was very young so don't remember any specific person
i would like to hear from anyone who knew me (even if you didn't like me :-) )

Lesley mccooey and Dave. I spent some years in the children's home in Horncastle.
The name of the place you talk about was Holmeleigh. The superintendent was Mr NR Vardy who was a very genuine, kind and friendly person. Sadly he passed some years ago but I am happy I have these memories.
Trying to find Ron Shaw who was at Holt Children’s Home Birstal Leicester around 1954/1955
I lived in three ways about 1975 , remember it not being nice can remember a girl called liz had fits and they would push ice cubes in her mouth and down her top ,, anyone else there at this time ?
has anyone from Holmleigh childrens home in Horncastle appeared on here
I was in a home when I was about 4/5. I’ve a feeling it was called Hearts Sleep. From memory it was run by Nuns (who I liked)
I am looking for information regarding my father John (aka Jack) Barton and his three sisters Alice, Lilian and Edith who were all placed in the Padgate Cottage Homes (previously called the Padgate Industrial School) 1924 to 28 after their father was badly injured in a railway accident, any information would be most welcome. Thank you, Alan.
Hi Tracey, which sunnyside was u at . Apparently there was one in Bath. I was at long ashton.. Mr Mrs ryder was who run the home my time there from 1974 to 1978 . Paul
Hi Im trying to find out about my late father Francis Antony gear also know as frank. If anyone knew him please get in contact . many thanks karl my email is kellyt198411@gmail.com

I lived in a children's home just off garret lane in earlsfield tooting .1978 if anyone was there at that time .then I moved to 4 North drive tooting bec 79 to 81 .be great to hear from anyone
Attention of Mike Moffat:

Hi Mike,
I am sorry that I have not replied to your message earlier like I said, I am struggling to find it tbh. I checked my email and it’s nowhere to be found, I am sincerely sorry as unsure to what has happened to it. Could you possibly resend to my email address please? Kind regards Rosemary 🤣
This message is for Mike Moffat was Michael Webb:

Hi Mike,
I am sorry that I have not replied to your message earlier like I said, I am struggling to find it tbh. I checked my email and it’s nowhere to be found, I am sincerely sorry as unsure to what has happened to it. Could you possibly resend to my email address please? Kind regards Rosemary 🤣
hi to everyone,
i am researching my family tree, i have found that my grandfather (albert david little 1925-1996) and possibly his brother (Ernest fredrick little 1927-1995) were at shenley fields cottage homes in 1939 (census record).
if anyone remembers them or has photos or just memories i would love to hear them.
or if anyone needs help with research im happy to help if i can.
thank you
I was in Writtlewick Nursery childrens home in Chelmsford in 1975.
I was in Alva Children's Home, Larchgrove and then then finished off in Lochgarry Children's Home in the 1980's ...... I am a survivor of child abuse in these Children's Homes ..... and it led to my life being ruined for over 20+ years.

I turned to alcohol to block out the issues from a young teenager in care until I was given 6 months life expectancy in March 2005.

Prior to being an adult, I had many suicide attempts .... which I am so happy I was never successful ..... as my life has now completely changed.

I left Glasgow as a teenager to escape the memories of abuse .....

I now am 16 years alcohol free, in recovery from alcohol addiction.

In process of setting up a charity in Glasgow, Scotland for Male Adult Survivors of Child Abuse ...... where we will be looking to support other males who were abused in children's homes..

I am making a massive decision and returning to GLASGOW after 30+ years, since fleeing the memories of abuse.

I also am the Founder of a small non profit organisation supporting individuals in recovery from alcohol addiction.

If I can be off any help OR maybe you know me from these Children's homes back in the 1980's .... please feel free to contact me in private.

Any chats will be confidential

Email : FingerprintsRecovery@gmail.com


Brian Morrison

I was in a home in Eastbourne from 1975 till 1977..with my brother and sister........was you there to.....I can not remember the name of it at this time thow .....
I lived in sunny side children’s home from 1969 till 1985 any one on this site would love to hear from u
Looking for any information regarding a little girl from 1957/9 Carol June Mitchell. was in The Threeways childrens home, Bath. Parent/Gardian John L V Mitchell /Mitchley. Attended St Marks School.
I was placed at Sunnyside, Box, Near Bath until adopted in 1955 as a baby. A Miss Phillips was matron at the time.
I have various letters with headed note paper.
I was at the Mount Hermon children's home in Hastings at 34 Ashburnham Road for a while in and about 1957. Do any photographs etc. exist for that place or surrounding area from that time ? I have just photograph with me and a couple of the other children taken in the garden so there may be others. Contactable at dave.tribe@ ntlworld.com
This message is for Michael Webb who attended Tennyson Lodge 1970 onwards:

Hi Michael,
Talk about a blast from the past lol, do you remember my sister Christine and me I wonder! We was at Tennyson Lodge from 69/70 for a while during school holidays as we was at boarding school after our mum passed away so Dad could continue to work.
I have wondered what happened to you after Cheviots in Hornchurch and moving on into adulthood.

I hope life is treating you well. Well not too sure about your age now but Chrissy and I are both in our early 60’s so many years have passed and so much happened too.
Thank you for mentioning Aunt Laura and Uncle Ted as sadly I had forgotten their names, never their kindness though and the love and care given to us all. Do you remember the day trips they took us all on to Clacton, their beach hut too and the awesome holiday to Combe Martin. Are you married with children and grandchildren now!
Tennyson Lodge and our youth seem so far away now don’t they… I hope this finds you well and happy. If you would like to make contact my email is: Rosemary.singleton10@yahoo.com take care kind regards Rosemary and Christine
Hi, this is in response to Larry Flewers message dated 16th Feb 2021:

My younger sister Christine and I went to Tennyson Lodge in Harold Hill I believe from 1969 during school holidays. I remember spending at least one Christmas there and every one of us getting a sack full of presents which was amazing in those days. I still recall some of my gifts to this day. I knew Michael Webb lol. I am not wholly sure how long we was at the home because my sister stayed longer than me as I was returned home. I recall we went on trips to clacton but sadly I can’t recall the names of those in charge at that time anymore. I remember us all going on holiday to Combe Martin and sleeping in iron bunk beds in an old church hall, such a great time was had by us all. I didn’t know this site existed until a few minutes ago, thank you for placing a message, as I was searching for the name of the home. I hope life is treating you well, are you still in Essex? Kind regards, Rosemary 😊
Looking for the book. The Story of Davison Family Home by Heather Mather. It's about Danby Home
I was also in Broomlands in Middlesbrough and Park End.
Hi I'm looking for info about Barnardo's on Hayling Island in the 1920s. I have a few photos and need to identify them. Many thanks, HP
I am trying to trace my family on my dads side and have found a little bit of information and was looking for more information, his name was George William Roddis he was born in penge bromley in 1952 but moved to Ramsgate area with his half brother Peter roddis and their father William Albert Roddis and understand that he might have attended newington infants school and then gone on to hereson boys school in ramsgate. if any one has any information no matter how big or small i would be extremely grateful f you could contact me you can contact me on facebook at Laura louise roddis reffold or my email is laurareffold@gmail.com
thank you
Re Chris Harland - Park Lee, Blackburn - did you get any answers? I'm looking for a relative put into an orphanage in Blackburn in 1921 and it doesn't seem to be the big well known one that is now CANW.
I’m looking to find anyone who remembers me who lived at Sunnyside Children’s home, Fenswood Road Long Ashton, Bristol. Between 1982-1983. I have some good memories whilst living there, ok and some bad !!! Please contact me if you remember me at janeeyoung@hotmail.co.uk

I was in elmswood children home in tge 1970s, looking fo anyone who was in the home the same time as me. They can contact me via my email address which is vlongstaff67@gmail.com thank you

My uncles were evacuated from Dover to Blaenavon in 1940 and after ww2 went back to Dover. Unfortunately my grandparents split up and so my uncles were in a foster/hostel/children’s accommodation. I wonder if there are any records of these homes in Dover?
Anyone know a Vincent Hunt or Hunte late 1960 early 1970s in children's home near Leicester? He is my half brother So thankful for any info lorrettahunte@ yahoo.com
Hi everyone,
I was in Redding House, Children's Home, Scotland. 1971-75. I was 10yrs old in 1975( I was also known as McCarroll)
Has anyone heard of "Downs Syndrome / Children's Homes Swaps"?
Where "No Paper Work" was required to take any Kid they wanted out of Homes and placed their own Kids in Institutions such as Lanark and Bellsdyke(RSNH).
Medical Records lost and no Records (shredded) to prove abuse suffered, before and during 'incarceration'.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I am looking for anyone who may have lived at Eastry children’s home when my mum stayed there. Unfortunately my mum is no long with us but I am doing research on her life for our family tree.
Her name was Margaret Ann Holliday but preferred to be called Maggie. Her brother Pat stayed there also. I’m guessing it was around 1967-1974. Any details of her life there, her friends and relationships would be gratefully received. Thank you
I am trying to find anyone who knew Caroline Cecelia Colbourne and a relative of hers that may have spent time in a children’s home durin 1910. Onwards