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Action for Children Homes


The Actors' Orphanage 


Alexandra Road, Farnborough (NCH)


Andover Children's Home, London


Ansell School, Birmingham NEW


Aston Union Cottage Homes


Asylum for Fatherless Children


Athelstan House, Birmingham NEW


Atkinson Home, Manchester





Bankfield Children's Home, Ainsworth


Banstead Cottage Homes


Barnardos Homes


Barnardos Village Homes, Barkingside


Barnardos: Gordon Ward, Stepney


Barnardos: The Babies' Castle, Hawkshead


Barnardos: Home for Incurable Children, Agra Mansions, Tunbridge Wells


Barnardos: Homes for Little Boys, Gorey, Jersey


Batesholme Children’s Convalescent Homes, Herne Bay NEW


Beech House, Manchester NEW


Beechholme, Banstead


Bell Cottage, Epsom


Bermerside Open Air School, Halifax


Bewick House, Gloucester


Birch's Orphanage, Manchester


Birds Nest & Grange House Convalescent Home for Children, Herne Bay NEW


Birley House Open Air School


Blackburn Orphanage


Bluecoat Schools


Blue Coat School, Birmingham


Blunham Cottage, Bedford


Bournbrook, Birmingham 


Bow Road Boys' Home


Boys’ and Girls’ Welfare Society, Manchester


Boys’ Convalescence Home, Ramsgate NEW


Bradford Cinderella Holiday Home


Braemar Childrens Home, Bexhill on Sea NEW


Braybrook House, Wednesfield


Brent Knoll Open Air School


Brentwood Orphanage


Bridgend Cottage Homes


Bridgwater Union Cottage Home


Broome House, Manchester


Bromfield Children’s Home, Surrey


Broomhayes Manor Nursery


Bryncoch Cottage Homes, Neath


Buckshaw House, Howell


Burnley Open Air School


Burton Latimer Cottage Homes





Cambridge House, Rochdale


Cannington Cottage Home


Carmel House, Leicester


Carnegie Infant Welfare Institute NEW


Chadwick's Orphanage, Bolton


Chelmsford Union Cottage Homes


Cheriton Cottage Homes, Kent 


Chetham's Hospital, Manchester


Children's Convalescent Home for Surrey, Bognor Regis NEW


Children's Society Homes


Chiswick Home for Motherless Children


Church Missionary Society, Limpsfield


Church Village Cottage Homes


Clacton on Sea Orphanage


Clent Remand Home


Clevedon House Children’s Convalescent Home NEW


Collington Manor Home, Bexhill on Sea NEW


Cosham Cottage Homes, Portsmouth


Cockett Cottage Homes, Swansea


Colne Cottage, Cromer


Convalescent Home for Children, Shooters Hill NEW


Convalescent Home of the Infant Orphan Asylum, Margate NEW


Cornbrook Orphanage, Manchester


Corvesgate, Swanage


Countesthorpe Cottage Homes, Leics


Crondall Cottage Home


Cropwood Open Air School


Crossley Orphanage, Halifax


Crowley’s Orphanage for Girls, Birmingham NEW


Culcheth Cottage Homes





Desford Industrial School, Market Bosworth


Dewsbury Cottage Homes


Doncaster Open Air School


Dr Garrett's Home


Duncroft Approved School, Staines





Easedale, Leeds


East London Industrial School for Boys


Eastry Cottage Homes, Kent


Eden's Orphanage, Bolton


Edgworth Children's Home, Bolton


Ellerslie, Skegness


Erdington Cottage Homes, Birmingham





Fairfield, Birmingham 


Fairthorn Convalescent Home


Farningham Homes for Little Boys, Kent


Father Berry's Homes, Liverpool


Fazakerley Cottage Homes, Liverpool


Field House, Clent


Florence Booth House, Dundee


Forest Hill Open Air School


The Foundling Hospital


Fulwood Cottage Homes, Sheffield


Fylde Union Cottage Homes / Kirkham Children's Home





Gem Street Industrial School, Birmingham


Glenside, Cardiff


Goldie Leigh Cottage Homes, Woolwich


Good Templar and Temperance Orphanage


Gracie Fields Children's Home


The Grange Convalescent Home, Harold Wood


Grove House, Harrogate


The Grove, Bromsgrove





Hackney Cottage Homes, Ongar


Haldene House, Bexhill on Sea


Harold Wood children's homes


Harris Orphanage, Preston


Haseley Hall Open Air School


Hazelbury Road Open Air School


Hereford Working Boys' Home


Hertfordshire Convalescent Home


Hessle Cottage Homes, Hull


Heswall Orphanage


Highcliffe Castle Convalescent Home, Dorset


Highgate Close, Birmingham


Hollins Cottage Homes, Farnworth, Lancs 


Holmeleigh at Horncastle


Holt Children’s Home. Leicester


Holy Cross Open Air School, Broadstairs


Holy Cross Convalescent Home, Broadstairs NEW


Hornchurch Cottage Homes, Essex


Hornchurch Children’s Home


Hornsea Convalescent Home for Children NEW


Horwood's School, Barnstaple


Hospital for Sick Children’s convalescent home, Highgate NEW


The Hostel, Birmingham


Hunters Hill Open Air School





Industrial Schools


Ipswich scattered homes


Ivo Cottage, Spalding





John Grooms, Clacton on Sea


John Pound Ragged School


Josiah Mason's Orphanage, Birmingham


Julian Hodge Children's Home, Cowbridge





Keighley Cottage Homes


Kingston Open Air School 


Kinton, Woking


Knowl View, Rochdale


Kyre Park Hospital, Tenbury Wells 





Lamorbey Cottage (Children's) Homes, Sidcup


Langley Hall


Lane House Community Home for Children, Walton on the Naze


Lanthorne Home for Children, Broadstairs NEW


Lavant Cottage Home


Leamington Spa


The Leas, Holmfirth


Leeds Central Children's Home


Leicester Children's Holiday Home


Lewisham Industrial School for Boys


Limpsfield Grange


Linen Street, Warwick


Lingfield Approach, Leeds


Little Folks Home, Little Common, Bexhill on Sea NEW


Liverpool Catholic Children's Protection Society


London Orphan Asylum


Lordswood Nursery, Birmingham NEW


Luton Home for sick and convalescent children


Lynton Children's Convalescent Home





Maes-y-Coed Children's Home, Pontypridd


Malsbury House Children's Home NEW


Manchester & Salford Boys' and Girls' Refuges


Manchester Police Orphanage


Manston Cottage Homes, Ramsgate


Marshfield Children's Home


Marsh Hill Open Air School


Marston Green Cottage Homes, Birmingham


Maryvale Roman Catholic Orphanage, Birmingham NEW


Mason's Orphanage, Birmingham


Meanwood Children's Convalescent Home


Meriden Cottage Home, Coventry


Metropolitan Convalescent Home, Broadstairs


Middlemore Emigration Homes


Middlemore House, Birmingham


Midland Truant School for Boys, Lichfield


Milton Grange, Birmingham


Mounton House, South Wales


Mrs Hampson's Memorial Home, London NEW


Muller Convalescent Homes, Broadstairs


Muller Orphanage, Bristol


Myton Hamlet Children, Warwick





Naldera, Broadstairs


National Waifs Association 


The Naval Orphanage, Gillingham


Nazareth House Hammersmith

Other Nazareth Houses


Nelson Cottage, Dorking


The Nest, London


New Orphan Asylum, Town Moor


Newland Cottage Homes, Hull 


Newport Open Air Schools


Newton Street Remand Home, Birmingham NEW


North Surrey District Schools Convalescent Home, Broadstairs NEW


Northern Police Orphanage


Norton Training School for Boys, Birmingham NEW


Norwood Asylum





Oak Bank House, Gloucester


Oak Bank Open Air School, Sevenoaks 


Oakfield, Witney


Ongar Cottage Homes, Essex


Open Air Schools


Ormerod Convalescent Home





Padgate Cottage Homes, Warrington


Palmers Green Boys’ Home


Parklands Children's Home, Gloucestershire


Penkhull Cottage Homes, Stoke on Trent


Pentlands, Mitcham


Pilgrim’s Way, Maidstone


Pinehurst, Camberley


Ponteland Cottage Homes, Northumbria


Pontypridd Cottage Homes, Glamorgan


Princess Alice Orphanage


Princess Mary’s Village Homes for Little Girls





Quarry Mount, Ormskirk





Railway (Webb) Orphanage, Crewe 


The Railway Orphanage, Derby


The Railway Orphanage, Woking


RAOB Aldridge Orphanage


Red House Nursery, Birmingham NEW


Reedham Orphanage


Reform Schools


Regents Park Open Air School


Rhyl Homes


Ride Children's Home, London NEW


Riversdale Hostel, Birmingham NEW


Rochdale Cottage Homes, Wardle


Rose Hill Open Air School, Worcester


The Royal Albert Orphanage, Worcester


Royal Liverpool Seamen's Orphanage


The Royal Merchant Seamen's Orphanage


The Royal Orphanage, Wolverhampton


Royston Home for Little Girls


Rusland Hall, Cumbria





Salford Cottage Homes


Salvation Army


Service Girls' homes


Shawbury Approved School


Shelleys, Burgess Hill


Shenley Fields Cottage Homes, Birmingham


Shoeburyness Sunshine Homes NEW


Shotley Bridge Cottage Homes, Gateshead


Shustoke Industrial School




Sir Philip Neri's Orphanage


Sir William Stevenson Emigration Home


Skilts Open Air School


South Metropolitan School District Convalescent Home, Herne Bay  NEW


The Spinning Walk, Shere


Springwell House Open Air School


St Andrews, Eastoke


St Andrew's Reformatory, Milburne


St Anne’s Convalescent Home, Herne Bay


St Anne’s, Ormskirk


St Bridget's, Manchester


St Brigid’s Hostel for Working Girls, Birmingham NEW


St Charles School, Brentwood


St Christopher's Orphanage


St David’s Home, Broadstairs NEW


St Dominic’s Open Air School


St Edward’s Orphanage, Liverpool


St George’s House, Harrogate


St John’s, Birmingham NEW


St Joseph's Orphanage for Boys, Manchester


St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Home, Birmingham NEW


St Joseph's Convent, Southall


St Mary’s Home for Women and Girls, Birmingham NEW


St Mary's Orphanage for Girls


St Mary's Convalescent Home


St Patrick's Open Air School, Hayling Island


St Patrick's Orphanage for Girls, Manchester


St Peter’s Orphan and Convalescent Home, Broadstairs NEW


St Philips Roman Catholic Orphanage, Birmingham NEW


St Philip's Home for Street Trading Boys, Liverpool


St Vincent's industrial schools


St Vincent's orphanages and homes


St Vincent's Orphanage, Hampstead


St Vincent’s Home for Working Boys, Birmingham NEW


St. Vincent's Home, Liverpool


Stockwell Orphanage


Stonepound House, Hassocks


Strawberry Field


Sturge House, London


Styal Cottage Homes, Wilmslow 


Summerdale House, Shotley Bridge


Summer Hill Receiving Home, Birmingham NEW


Sycamore House, Birmingham 





Temperance Orphanage


Tilsley House, Weston Super Mare


Torpenhow Open Air School


Trafalgar House, Manchester





Uffculme Open Air School, Birmingham


Uplands, Birmingham NEW





Vauxhall House


Victoria Hospital Convalescent Home, Broadstairs NEW


Victoria Hospital Convalescent Home, Margate NEW


Virgo Fidelis Orphanage





Waifs and Strays Homes


Wallingford Cottage Homes, Berks / Oxfordshire


Wavertree Cottage Homes, Liverpool


Webb Orphanage, Crewe


Webbery Manor Convalescent Home


Weston Super Mare Convalescent Home


West of England and South Wales Industrial School for Catholic Boys


Wharf Street Receiving Home, Warwick


Whitewell Boys' Home, Frome


Winifred House Invalid Children's Convalescent Home, Barnet NEW


Wolverhampton Union Cottage Homes, Wednesfield


Woodfields, Wigan


Woodrough, Guildford


Worcester Cottage Homes


Working Boys' Homes


Wrexham Cottage Homes





Yarrow Convalescent Home, Broadstairs NEW


Yiewsley Cottage home



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All these are Birmingham homes:


Acorn Grove

Adams Hill

Admington Road

Allenscroft Road

Alvechurch Road

Appledore, Serpentine Road


Beaufort Road service girls’ home


Bicknell Croft

The Briars, Weeford Road

Bridgeburn Road

Brooklands, Selly Wick Road


Caerynwch Residential Nursery

Canal Boat Hostel

Chaddesley Residential Nursery

Chattock Close

112 Church Lane

150 Church Lane

City Road

Clopton Road

Copeley Hill Hostel

Copeley House, Frankfort Street


Duchess Road


East View House


Field House, Clent

Fircroft Remand Home

Flint Green Residential Nursery

Forhill House


Garth Residential Nursery

Glenthorne, Kingbury Road


Hawthorne House Residential Nursery

Highgate Close

Hillmount Close

Hospital Street

Howard House, Villa Walk

Hyperion Road


Ipstones Avenue

Ipswich Walk

Irwin Avenue


Kings Residential Nursery


Lea Hall Road

The Limes, Bristol Road

Longmeadow Crescent

Ludford Road


Manningford Road

Martineau House

Meadway Residential Nursery

Merrishaw Road

Middleton Hall Road

Middleway View

Milton Grange

Moseley Road Service Girls’ Home


Nicholls Street

Norton Approved School


Oakhill House, Meadow Road

Oaklands Receiving Home

Oaklands Residential Nursery


Packington Avenue

Perry Villa, Church Road

Pype Hayes Hall Children’s Home


Rednal Road

Reynoldstown Road

Roundlea Road


St Athan Croft

Selly Wick Road

Shelfield Road

Sheridan Walk

Stevens Avenue

18 Sunderton Road

196 Sunderton Road

Sutton Road



Tile Cross Road

Triumph Walk

Tunnel Lane


Valencia Croft


Wassell Grove Residential Nursery

Wychbury Residential Nursery


Yatesbury Avenue